When the man was killed by the traffic police, the tachograph was missing for 23 seconds

 When the man was killed by the traffic police, the tachograph was missing for 23 seconds

Why is Feng Mou who has normal alcohol test results out of control suddenly?

As for why Feng suddenly drove into a car when he was tested for drunk driving, Sihong police told reporters that because Feng had died, his inner thoughts when punching the car could not be verified.

According to the video provided by the police, on the night of May 17, Fengs wife came to the scene and said she had drunk at noon that day.

Hes timid. Ill tell you the truth. He has one or two (drinks) at noon. Ill tell you one or two. He has five money.

Family members denied that Feng drank at noon that day, and said that Fengs wife could not confirm whether Feng drank at noon.

Sihong police provided witness records show that: on the evening of May 17, Feng talked to his colleagues about his drinking at noon at dinner, and expressed his worry that he would be found drunk driving and let him drive in front of himself.

Sihong police officer in charge told reporters that at 20:00 on May 17, 2020, the first squadron of traffic police brigade of Sihong County Public Security Bureau organized police force, divided into two groups in the east gate section of Shuian Chengbang community, wetland Avenue, Sihong County City, and carried out a centralized investigation and treatment of drunk driving of vehicles passing from north to south.

At 21:15, when Fengs black Buick was driving along wetland Avenue from south to north to about 20 meters south of the east gate of Shuian City, the traffic police on duty signaled that he would stop and turn off the engine for alcohol breath screening.

Later, when the on duty traffic police asked him to show his driving license and driving license so as to check the information of personnel and vehicles, Feng suddenly started the vehicle, increased the gas speed and drove northward to break through the card.

Police said that night during the drunk driving inspection, the driver behind Fengs car also confirmed that Fengs black car stopped for breath inspection, and then the black car suddenly started and the vehicle accelerated to break through the card.

The person in charge of blocking the vehicle at the north side of the card point quickly pulled up the blocking barrier after finding a car forced to break through the card. However, Feng drove his car through the blocking barrier and damaged the left front tire. He continued to drive north for more than 100 meters and abandoned his car to run into the Bianhe scenic belt on the east side of the road.

According to the polices response, according to the investigation, the real situation of the scene has been fully confirmed by witness testimony and other audio and video materials: during the on-site duty, the traffic police on duty only conducted alcohol breath screening on Feng, and asked him to show his driving license and driving license, and there was no words and deeds unrelated to law enforcement duty.

Through the law enforcement supervision of Suqian City and Sihong County procuratorial organs, no malfeasance has been found in the traffic police of Sihong County Public Security Bureau.

On the issue that the law enforcement recorder was not opened, the police said: this is a law enforcement flaw. The use of law enforcement recorder by police is an internal regulation of the public security organs. There is no rigid requirement in law: law enforcement recorder is to prove whether the law enforcement process of public security organs is standardized, and it is one of the internal supervision measures of public security organs.

About this,

According to the police, the traffic police on duty at the scene were in the process of alcohol screening for passing vehicles

If the law enforcement recorder is not opened, it will not affect the objective facts of the scene.

Dongfang.com.profile news reporters inquired about the Regulations on video and audio recording of law enforcement by public security organs and opinions of the Ministry of public security on establishing and improving the whole process recording mechanism of law enforcement by public security organs. They noticed that they were facing interrogation and inspection on the spot, as well as violations of public security management, entry-exit management, fire management, road traffic safety management and other illegal and criminal acts and roads found in daily work When dealing with traffic accidents on the spot and punishing them on the spot, the public security organ shall record the video and audio frequency of law enforcement on the spot.

Article 6 of Chapter II of Regulations on video and audio recording of law enforcement at the scene of public security organs stipulates that: when carrying out video and audio recording of law enforcement on the spot, the whole process of law enforcement shall be recorded continuously, starting from the time of arriving at the scene to carrying out law enforcement activities and stopping at the end of law enforcement activities; if the criminal suspect is brought back from the scene, it shall be recorded until the criminal suspect is brought into public security It shall stop when the case handling area of the law enforcement and case handling place of the organ.

Why is the content of dash cam missing for 23 seconds?

Sihong police told the longitudinal news that Feng found that after setting up a chuck for inspection at the temporary inspection office that night, he had the behavior of leaning aside. According to the regulations of the Ministry of public security on investigating and dealing with drunk driving in accordance with the code for law enforcement of traffic police on road duty issued by the Ministry of public security, when investigating and dealing with the illegal behavior of drunk driving, the motor vehicle driver should be instructed to stop by the roadside immediately, turn off the engine, and accept Check and ask the motor vehicle driver to show his driving license and driving license.

With regard to the problem of missing tachograph video of Fengs driving vehicle reflected by his family, the police responded that since May 29, 2020, Sihong Public Security Bureau has repeatedly informed Fengs family that they can apply for identification of the tachograph and related video storage documents.

On the afternoon of September 2, the reporter asked the family members for confirmation and learned that up to now, the family members have not applied for identification of the tachograph and related video storage documents. After Feng fell into the water, did the police fulfill the corresponding rescue obligations?

About the previous family said that Fengs wife arrived at the scene and found the Buick LaCrosse driven by Feng stopped at the side of the road about 20 meters away from the river bank, and the traffic police said Feng was still in the river. When the family asked why the police did not rescue them, they were told: they cant swim.

In an interview, the police denied the claim and said

(scene search and rescue pictures provided by police)

According to the police briefing, after Feng abandoned his car and ran into the Bianhe scenic belt, a group of police force walked to Fengs parking place to check the situation of the vehicles, and immediately searched the surrounding areas; another group of police forces drove the police car to the front of Fengs car, and then got off to quickly carry out the search.

The scenic belt is distributed along Bianhe River, with a width of about 46 meters. There is also a walking path inside. The light conditions are poor at night. The police officers did not find any trace of Feng in the green belt. Considering that the green belt is close to Bianhe River, the searchers searched the Bianhe river with flashlight, and no trace of Feng was found. At the same time, the police immediately contacted Sihong County fire rescue brigade for reinforcement.

According to the attendance record of Sihong County Fire Rescue Brigade, at 21:26 that day, Sihong County fire rescue brigade arrived at the scene to search together after receiving the alarm, and organized two groups of search groups and one group of security sentry to carry out the search. Two groups of search teams carried life jackets, floating ropes, strong light flashlight, radio and other equipment from the East and West banks of Bianhe River along the Sizhou bridge to the south water area respectively, and the security sentry investigated the situation in the middle of Bianhe river. At about 22:00, the search personnel did not find any abnormal conditions on the river surface and the river bank, nor did they find any trace of Feng.

At the same time, Sihong County Public Security Bureau mobilized personnel from Qiaonan police station, patrol special police team and police dog management team, and carried police dogs to the scene to reinforce the search. Up to 2:00 am on May 18, the scene disposal personnel did not find Fengs trace. During this period, Fengs wife arrived at the scene and reported that he had drinking behavior at noon. Fengs family members have been informed of the search and other work.

After checking and reading the monitoring video around the scene, at 21:16:57, a person appeared and ran to the Bianhe river through the greening, and no one was behind him; at 21:17:01, the man jumped into the Bianhe River and swam to the east bank; at 21:18:16, because the monitoring probe was blocked by trees, the people in the middle of the water disappeared in the picture. At 21:20:19, a flashlight was used to search for the green belt on the West Bank of Bianhe river.

At about 13:00 on May 18, Fengs body was found in Bianhe river. After preliminary examination, no obvious injury was found on the cadaveric surface, which was consistent with the characteristics of drowning death.

Why are the family members required to provide monitoring? Why are they covered after 30 days?

Sihong police responded that after the incident, Sihong County Public Security Bureau immediately retrieved and searched the surveillance videos around the scene, and found that Fengs image was recorded in the pictures of three monitoring points, and no trace of Feng was recorded in the monitoring of other locations. Subsequently, the public security organs will keep the relevant surveillance images, and will be able to reflect the trace of Fengs entire monitoring screen to Fengs relatives.

In the follow-up disposal, the family members asked the public security organs to check the surveillance videos of other parts around the scene, which were provided by Sihong Public Security Bureau.

Later, on June 23, 2020, Fengs family asked the procuratorial organ to view another surveillance video (the monitoring scope could not cover the scene of the incident), but it was more than 30 days away from the day of the incident (May 17, 2020), which exceeded the self coverage standard time (30 days) of the video storage,

The monitoring screen on the day of the incident has been covered by the monitoring storage device itself.

Why did the family send friends to look for witnesses afterwards, and the police station ordered it to be deleted?

Prior to the family members said that after the incident, they sent friends circle and jitter to find witnesses on the scene to assist the police investigation, but the circle of solicitation was not released long enough, and the local police station was ordered to delete it tiktok.

A telephone recording obtained by the Oriental News reporter told tiktok, May 21st, the director of the local police station called the family members to request that they delete the jitter and friends circle about the contents of the eyewitness. This will cause you trouble and it will be handled well after you have removed it. You will certainly have some influence and trouble if you do not withdraw.

In response, Sihong police responded that the public security organ did not make a sound to the public before the procuratorial organ intervened in the supervision of the incident, but there was no conclusion. However, the family members released the pictures and pictures of the circle of friends of looking for witnesses in the whole city, and used Sihong County traffic police team During the inspection, a car owner fell into the water and died... With photos of their minor children,

The police think it is very inappropriate, and advise them not to make improper remarks according to law, so as not to mislead the public and bring about adverse effects on their children.

The reporter noted that Sihong County Public Security Bureau said in the brief introduction of Fengs abnormal death event: on May 19, 22 and 29, the public security organ interviewed Fengs relatives three times and released relevant video materials to inform the relevant situation. After the family members of the deceased filed a complaint with the procuratorate, on June 5, our bureau submitted the relevant monitoring video data and information to the procuratorial organ.

On the afternoon of May 29, Sihong County Joint Office for letters and visits led to hold a meeting for Fengs family members to communicate with each other. Four people, including Fengs parents, wife and elder brother, the person in charge of Fengs living unit and relevant personnel from Sihong Countys Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, Chengtou Township and other units attended. The scene introduced the incident again, released relevant evidence, and informed his relatives that if they had doubts, they could report to the procuratorial organ according to law Rights and obligations such as appeal.

Later, according to the application of the family members, on July 8, our bureau contacted the county procuratorate and informed the family members of the deceased that the forensic medicine would be organized on the morning of July 9 to do the autopsy of Feng, and the procuratorial organ was requested to send personnel to the scene for supervision. On the morning of July 9, the municipal procuratorate sent two comrades to the scene for supervision. Three representatives of the family members of the deceased were present at the scene, and the family members were waiting outside. The forensic examination concluded that there was no obvious injury. The municipal procuratorate explained the doubts of the deceaseds family members about the corpse table on the spot, and the family members of the deceased did not raise any objection at the scene.

On August 10, 2020, the Suqian peoples Procuratorate replied to the family members in the form of a written reply letter (Sujian sibufzi [2020] No. 3): you reflect the situation that the traffic police of Sihong County Public Security Bureau are suspected of dereliction of duty in the centralized investigation and punishment of drunk driving on May 17, 2020.