Why cant the high-profile Taiwan visit of the Czech Senate President be stopped? Cause exposure

 Why cant the high-profile Taiwan visit of the Czech Senate President be stopped? Cause exposure

This move made the DPP members standing up and applauding, and they almost shed tears.

Czech president of the Senate, westerkir (source: Agence France Presse)


Kitsch comes from Milan Kunderas novel unbearable lightness in life. On the Internet, the word kitsch is used to describe the affectations in life that moved me and disgusted others.

The answer is self-evident as to who westkill wants to oppose. However, the speakers recent actions not only disgust China, but also a lot of politicians and people in Czech Republic.

Before the Taiwan visit plan was finalized, Czech President Zeman and Prime Minister barbish expressed their opposition on many occasions. Zeman also issued a special statement, saying: the president of the Czech Republic, the speaker of the house of Representatives, the prime minister and the foreign minister of the Czech Republic do not recommend that the president of the Senate visit Taiwan.

A spokesman for the Czech president has previously criticized the trip as systematically undermining national interests.. Jiri kobuza, a former Czech diplomat and member of the parliamentary freedom and direct democratic party, told the media that westchells operation was hypocritical and unfair because he was actually destroying the existing relationship with China.

It can be seen that the Czech government and some political figures are very clear that westkills visit to Taiwan will damage the long-standing friendly relations between China and Czech, and is an act that damages the interests of the Czech Republic.

So the question is, why can westkill still make it, and no one else can stop it?

Foreign ministry meets Czech ambassador to China and makes solemn representations


As a small country with a population of about 10 million in central and Eastern Europe, the Czech political system is quite complex. From a political point of view, the Czech Republic is a semi presidential bicameral parliamentary country. The Czech president is directly elected, but has no real power. The Czech Prime Minister is the head of government with real power and is elected by the parties with a majority in the house of Representatives.

To complicate matters, from the political spectrum, the ano2011 party belongs to the left, while the citizens democratic party belongs to the right. In other words, the current Czech government (the house of Representatives) and the Senate are in a hostile relationship.

In the fierce political struggle in the Czech political arena, the cross-Strait issues on China have unexpectedly become the new focus of the struggle between the two parties. As the Czech ruling party, ano2011 strictly abides by the one China principle, while the citizens Democratic Party, as an opposition party, has to fight against it and engage in Anti China. Therefore, they have privately linked up with Taiwans DPP.

Among the 89 people who visited Taiwan this time, there is also a prominent figure, that is, the mayor of Prague, Czech capital. Shortly after taking office in January last year, he publicly questioned the one China clause in the friendly city agreement between Prague and Beijing. In the end, the relationship between the two cities was terminated, and then Prague established a friendly city relationship with Taibei.

Horeps party is called the Pirate Party, which belongs to the opposition party as well as the citizens Democratic Party. This time, he became the liaison between the Czech Senate President and the Democratic Progressive Party. He himself has a deep relationship with Taiwan. He came to Taiwan for exchange when he was in University. He also interned in Taiwans Hospital for one month. After working, he went to Taiwan many times.

In addition to the internal reasons of Czech Republic, we can see a shadow of US Secretary of state pompeio behind westkills party.

Just before westkills visit to Taiwan, pompeio visited Czech Republic on August 11. While in Prague, pompeio did not give much encouragement to Czech Anti China sentiment. On August 12, pompeio specially delivered a speech to the Czech Senate, attacking China several times on the topics of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, and publicly supported westkills visit to Taiwan.

Pompeio visits Czech Republic (source: Associated Press)

During the visit to Taiwan, the DPP also arranged for them to participate in the forum to be held by the American Association in Taiwan on September 4. It goes without saying what the American Association in Taiwan wants to discuss at that time.

Zhao Minghao, a researcher at Fudan Universitys Center for American studies, told uncle Dao that one of the characteristics of the current US governments recent China policy is to try to fight in groups. Therefore, we can see that pompeio is soliciting people to join his anti China camp. Specifically, in the Czech incident, the United States valued the Czech pro Taiwan forces and wanted to connect some anti china forces of central and Eastern European countries.

Wang Yi, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Germany on September 1, gave a stern warning about the practice of the Czech Senate President and his delegation. Wang Yi said that it is an open provocation for the Czech Senate President to visit Taiwan in spite of the opposition of the Chinese side and the Czech government, openly flaunts the Taiwan independence forces, and even incites other countries to follow suit.

Wang Yi said that the Chinese side must tell the Czech Senate President: you have crossed the line!