Non routine party tries to open ahead of time

 Non routine party tries to open ahead of time

According to the cloud party theme of the 9 party company pilot business, the nine members of The9 are divided into three departments in a group of three. Among them, Liu Yuxin, Liu Yuxin, Xie keyin, Xie keyin, and Kong Xueer, the golden salesman who swept the companys employee awards, formed the sales department; Xu Jiaqi, an honorary employee of the customer service department, and Xu Jiaqi, the honorary employee of the customer service department, and Yu Shuxin, Yu Shuxin, the atmosphere of the planning department, an Qi, and the logic output wizard, were the representatives of the customer service department Zhao Xiaotang.

The contrast version of The9 dance style to attack, grab Mai Qingchang, netizens call it amazing

The game interaction of the cloud party was concentrated and revised based on the challenge link of the formal party. Three game challenges were used to test the ability of employees to plan the party, control the party atmosphere and work together.

In the first link of gold medal planning shining moment, the staff of each department performed the unconventional versions of Sphinx and yes! OK! according to different party themes and contrasting Music: Xie keyin & Kong Xueer, Xu Jiaqi & Yu Yan presented the sexy and charming version of Sphinx, while Yu Shuxin & Anqi challenged the wild hip -Yes! OK! by hop style, while Liu Yuxin and Zhao Xiaotang, the employees of the same department, gave an interesting explanation. In the second link, employees sang songs with relevant atmosphere around the common key words of the party, showing their music library ability and strong desire to win or lose. Yu Shuxins childrens voice singing Xiaobai boat also made fans shout So cute! Yu Yan Qingchangs our memory astonished the audience, and Xie keyins Sichuan version of fire made people want to eat hot pot. In the final great test of teamwork, the employees of the three departments need to compete for the best team cooperation tacit understanding group by challenging the number of hands and feet, and distinguishing the true and false CEO. After several rounds of fierce confrontation, Yu Shuxin finally won the competition The planning department composed of Anqi, Zhao Xiaotang won.

Cloud party activities convey the happy atmosphere of the party through concentrated interactive links, and also convey the party spirit of what do you want to do in non daily party. Of course, in addition to the appetizers in front of the cloud party, there will be subsequent hilarious big meals in the future, such as Liu Yuxin and Zhang Guoweis hilarious dance, Zhang Yujian and Yu Shuxins joyous friends at the table, Xu Jiaqis allegorical sisterhood staged the story of a large ceiling, and so on.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020