A 16-year-old girl in Guangzhou has been missing for 17 days. Surveillance shows she left by car with an unknown man

 A 16-year-old girl in Guangzhou has been missing for 17 days. Surveillance shows she left by car with an unknown man

At 10 a.m. on August 17, Qingqing packed several clothes and a mobile phone charging cable and left home alone, according to family members. At dinner in the evening, the family did not see the sun or shine. They searched for no fruit near their home and immediately called the police. Qingqings family members said that the local police station transferred monitoring and found that Qingqing left home and entered the subway entrance D of Conghua passenger station and disappeared.

It was not until August 28 that Mr. Zeng saw the surveillance video again on the morning of 17 at Conghua Jiangpu police station that his daughter left home and walked to the subway station of Conghua passenger station. A man wearing a mask suddenly appeared at exit D of the subway. He put his arm on Qingqings shoulder and took her away from the street. The man is tall and thin. He looks at his age and is older than me. Mr. Zeng told reporters.

Alarm receipt and monitoring screen after missing

On August 28, we learned that she didnt take the subway at all that day. According to Mr. Zeng, the surveillance video shows that Qingqing and the unknown man entered exit D of the subway station, and then walked out from exit A. they changed to take Didi, then took a motorcycle and entered Longtan new village in Conghua district. Mr. Zeng said that the police had found the motorcyclist who had carried Qingqing and a man, but the inquiry failed. The trace of his daughter was broken in the area of Longtan new village

Ms. Zhang, Qingqings mother, said that her QQ account had shown Wi Fi online status after her daughter disappeared on August 17. Ms. Zhang has been calling Qingqing several QQ calls and leaving messages every day since the 17th, but Qingqings QQ account has no reply, where are you, baby daughter? Come back quickly. How can you ignore your mother?

She has just finished her third year in Guancun middle school and is going to study in vocational high school in Conghua. I have paid all the tuition fees. Mr. Zeng, Qingqings father, told reporters that Qingqing, who had just graduated from junior high school, did not do well in her studies. She had met some people in the society on wechat, and her wechat account had been blocked.

September 3, the 17th day of Qingqings disappearance, Mr. Zeng and his wife are still anxiously searching for the whereabouts of their daughter.