Never break two things in ones life

 Never break two things in ones life

Trust is like water, but turbid water is hard to clear; truth is like a mirror, but broken mirror is hard to round. Therefore, peoples life, never easily break these two things.


It is often said that trust is the foundation of all feelings.

In life, we are always used to giving our heart to the people we trust most. Because we believe, because we are reliable, we open our hearts and expose our weaknesses.

But what we fear most is that we are often deceived and used by trusted people.

When you take out a true heart, what you get is heartless deceit; when you give a frank, you hear lies.

This kind of deception, even if the pro love again deep, who will finally cold heart.

Just like the man in the TV series I am Yu huanshui, he lost everything because of his good work and happy family.

Forgetting to buy milk, he lied to his wife that the supermarket had sold out of milk; no one was willing to talk to him about business, he told his apprentice that the phone was busy; in order to support the scene, he bought 78 yuan cheap red wine online, saying that it was a high-grade imported red wine of 2000 yuan issued by the company.

Time after time the lie was exposed, others were disappointed with him.

A broken heart cannot be warmed; a lost trust cannot be found.

Trust is like a piece of white paper, crumpled, even if smoothed, it can not be restored to its original state.

I remember Tonghua said in his book song in the clouds:

I used to think that as long as I treat people well, people will treat me well. If I treat people with sincerity, people will treat me sincerely. But later I know that it is not. Peoples hearts in this world are very complicated. There are deceit, suspicion, betrayal and harm. Im not going to cheat, but I dont trust anyone anymore

Its not easy to believe in a person, but to be trusted by others should be cherished.

Therefore, whether it is family love or friendship, the long-term solution to keep fresh is to be a trustworthy person.

Speak with faith, do things from beginning to end, be open and aboveboard, exchange sincerity for sincerity, warmth for warmth, trust for trust.


The writer qijinnian said:

Unfortunately, we often ignore their concern, forget to cherish, regard care as nagging, boil expectation into disappointment, and turn joy into despair and leave the scene.

In the movie forgive him 77 times, the woman loves the man deeply, but he is ignored and hurt by the man again and again.

Accumulated enough disappointment, the bottom of my heart of joy slowly withered, the true feelings are also consumed, even if there is no give up, but it is no longer worth looking back.

There is a sentence in Netease cloud hot comment:

If you like me, I will take off my guard to meet your love; if you dont like me so much, I will put on my protective shell again.

The feelings between people are always mutual.

Those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them.

When people communicate with each other, they will gain the true feelings only if they pay their sincerity.

People live a lifetime, only when people who care about us do not neglect, those who accompany us are not indifferent, those who are good to us, do not forget gratitude, give and receive response, and sincerely and properly treasure them, can the true love last forever.

There is only one heart, dont take indifference and comprehensiveness;

True feelings only once, dont take false perfunctory.

Life comes and goes, may we be honest with each other, without cheating and calculation, can be self-evident;

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