He won the Hundred Flowers Award at the age of 9, and was nominated for the Golden Horse Award at the age of 17!

 He won the Hundred Flowers Award at the age of 9, and was nominated for the Golden Horse Award at the age of 17!

A pair of story eyes, smile like the moon, implicit and clear. Despite her 18-year-old age, she is an old actor in the entertainment industry.

At the age of 9, she was the youngest winner of the popular film Hundred Flowers Award for her role in Tangshan earthquake.

At the age of 17, she played two roles in Hello, China, which perfectly distinguished the young girls Hua and SA ran. The two roles could be easily switched, and finally she was nominated for the Golden Horse Award.


Become famous at a young age and grow up alone

Zhang Zifeng was born in an ordinary family in Henan Province. Her father works in a local power supply company, while her mother works as a clerk in a trading company.

In 2006, only 5-year-old Zifeng was discovered by a female director of Beijing Film Academy. At the suggestion of the female director, Zhangs mother took 5-year-old Zifeng to start Beipiao life.

At the age of only five, she made advertising films such as China Telecom and Haier computer, leaving a deep impression on many audiences.

In addition to missing his father, little Zifeng will worry about his father, and wrote on the card: Dad, you should eat less meat and more vegetables. You should pay attention to your body and exercise more, so that you can be healthy. Perhaps the separation from her father when she was young caused her quiet and mature character.

What really makes Zhang Zifengs name a household name is the movie Tangshan earthquake. This epic film based on the real events has completely let the audience all over the country remember Zhang Zifeng. In the film, she plays a little girl, the little girl Fangdeng who is under the ruins.

When Xu Fengfan talked about her job, she was in tears when she was in the eyes of the director.

She has solid acting skills at a young age, so she has a lot of plays. In yearning for life, teacher Song Dandan asked about the Games her peers like to play in the chat with Zhang Zifeng. She said with a smile, I dont know. we cant help feeling that her childhood and youth have been spent in the drama group.

He became famous when he was young. He went back and forth between the school and the crew. He grew up alone but not alone. He was less carefree of his peers, but he was lucky to know where his love was.


Both talent and effort

In filming, Zhang Zifeng has a strong ability of empathy, she chooses to believe in the role unconditionally.

Director Feng Xiaogang once asked Zhang Zifeng, do you know what an earthquake is?? Unable to answer with geographical knowledge, she replied, what I know is that the earthquake will make many children or adults lose their homes and relatives -- and she cried.

It is with this emotional empathy that she sincerely deduces Fangdengs various emotions, such as fear, sadness and confusion.

In the TV series the happy life of Gu Le family, he and Zhang Guoqiang played a father and daughter. Although on the set, the father often taught his daughter to act, but in the interview later, he said that Xiao Fengs performance was very real, and he did not always follow the routine. He would be tired if he set up his own play, and said with a smile that he could not play his daughter.

If the performance before 10 years old depends on talent, then after 10 years old it depends on hard work.

In the production of Hello, China, the director gave her a lot of space, without restrictions, and allowed her to perform freely in the room, largely because she believed in her interpretation of the role. The result also proved the directors wisdom of letting go. The young girls in different eras were in a state of serenity, and Zifengs interpretation was just right.

She has a notebook, which records her understanding of the role and many emotions in her life, such as quarreling with her mother and chatting with friends. The emotions she experiences are constantly observing and thinking about life.

For example, when she heard the news that she was shortlisted for the Golden Horse Prize, she was really excited for a moment, and then immediately thought, oh, the original emotional state of excitement is like this. In the future, it can be performed like this. Most people will think of who to tell the news at the first time.

For example, the director Xu lost her time in the classic drama, and those roles did not come back.

Snow, the mysterious girl with black belly in the investigation of Chinatown, her evil charm smile makes many people feel creepy and impressive.

In little farewell, Fang Duoduo, a senior high school student who faces all kinds of troubles and small thoughts in her adolescence, has a nickname Zhang Yitiao no matter what she plays.

Unconditionally, without hesitation to believe in her role, coupled with a careful understanding of every detail of the role, combined with their own observation of life, she has a perfect performance again and again.

In her heart, her own role is not perfect, but they are precious gifts given by life.


Ghost horse girl, surprise everyday

When she was 9 years old, she filmed Tangshan earthquake. It was October. The weather was cold and the effect of heavy rain on the scene made all the actors shiver. She was filming in the mud in the rain with a small vest. The crew sent her warm stickers to her, and she gave all the performances to the Standing Group.

Personality on screen is changeable, but in private?

She is very quiet. She likes to draw and record her life with her camera.

She likes wood and woodcarving, which makes her feel down-to-earth. If its a good piece of wood, it can be delicate or rough. It needs a good person to polish it.

Zhang Zifeng, who looks very clever, is a strange girl in the eyes of her friends.

Usually like to stay at home, she must go out, she ran to climb Xiangshan.

A person caught up with the morning peak in Beijing. She first crowded the bus and then took the subway. On the way, she found that she had chosen the steepest and most difficult way to go. On top of her head, a cable car passed by one by one, which was hopeless. She gave her mother a video and then climbed up.

When she got to the top of the mountain, she had no strength to enjoy the scenery. She felt I have to go, so she immediately bought a cable car ticket and went down the mountain. Asked her how can I think of climbing Xiangshan alone? she said, I dont know, I will have such a thing, and then she was happy.

In the face of the interview, she also has a little humor.

She has played father and daughter with many male stars. For example, when she cooperated with Wang Baoqiang in my father is a bench, she attracted Wang Baoqiangs praise with her solid performance foundation, and her feelings inside and outside the play were particularly good.

After playing father and daughter with so many old actors, she was asked which father was the best. She laughed and said, Im not a professional judge, so I cant evaluate it..

When she was asked to say some hard core words of encouragement, she said, encourage, Im the number one counsellor..

She seldom goes on variety shows. In yearning for life, Huang Lei and he Jiong dote on her. She didnt have a sense of variety, and she carelessly soaked the wheat in the water.

In the Buddha in the Department of quiet, she hopes to be seen in private.

Zhang Zifeng, a quiet and clever girl, is actually a charming ghost horse spirit in private. She has her own unique hobbies, ways of doing things and life style.

It seems indifferent, but it is her belief that she focuses on herself. She wants to build her own small world.


Gifted girls, also have anxiety

Since she was a child star, she has been admitted to the Beijing Film Academy with excellent results. It is the children of other peoples family. Is Zhang Zifeng, such an excellent child, not anxious?

In fact, she was labeled as a gifted actress when she was a child, and she would be afraid that she would not play or love acting one day. Of course, she would be in a bad mood.

She made her mood better way is very strange, that is to read the script, optimistic script. And a kid born for acting.

Another way is to travel by bus.

When shes OK, she likes to take the bus and observe everyones life.

She thought this picture was particularly dramatic. It was like two old friends looking at each other slowly, but the car was driving so fast, it was very interesting..

Third, when she goes out, she likes to take the small jewelry she bought from all over the country, but she never wears it, so she feels at ease.

In fact, she understood that, to deal with anxiety, the first thing is to face up to her own anxiety. She is also afraid that too much thinking will make her not enjoy the acting process as she used to be, and will be consumed only by her love and accumulated experience since childhood.

It has to be said that these anxiety relief methods are also very unique.

Someone once hoped that she could talk about the happiness of actors, but what she thought was a kind of loneliness.

As an actor, whenever he breaks away from the role of day and night and faces life with his own shell, he always feels that he has lost his richness and his life is empty. It seems that he has done a lot of things and seems to have done nothing..

In the eyes of the public, the gifted girl, like every ordinary adolescent girl, has her anxiety, confusion, loneliness that others cant understand, and at the same time, she has determination, pleasure and happiness.

As for the current situation, she said: my pace is not very fast, and its a good rhythm for me to go forward bit by bit..

As for life, she said, its interesting for us to live so long and enrich our life a little bit.

After removing the aura of her performing arts, Zhang Zifeng is such a gentle and clever girl who makes people feel like a spring breeze. She will look like a 17-year-old girl.

The girls smile, like the wind blowing through the hair, rain washed the air, clean and pure, you can feel the light in her eyes and love in her heart.


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