You have to be strong enough for your principles and bottom line to be respected

 You have to be strong enough for your principles and bottom line to be respected

To describe the cry of a bird, we say chirp, while to describe the call of a tiger, we say awe inspiring mountain forest. This is similar to human society. Only when a person makes himself stronger, others will care about your ideas.


My colleague Xiao Ma, a Jie, came to the city a few days ago to look for a job. He said that there are many job opportunities in big cities. In order to save some accommodation fees, he will live there for the time being. The apartment rented by pony is not too big. It seems a little crowded for two people.

Ma and Ajie have not been in touch for a long time, but after all, they grew up together, and their feelings are still there. Moreover, Ajie is generous and easy-going, but after a few days together, contradictions begin to emerge.

On weekends, pony is used to playing songs at home. When working or reading books, he likes some background music, but Ajie doesnt like it. He says he is confused and turns it off. A small house, the sofa is close to the bed, Ajie sleeps on the sofa, but he doesnt like to tidy up. When Ma made his bed, he also cleaned up ah Jies, but he was not happy. He said that he didnt like other people to move his things. He hoped that pony would respect him.

Pony is puzzled. Is this a principle? This is at most a habit, or a morbid habit! Every time the pony says something about him, he says that he hopes the pony will respect him.

Half a month later, Ajie hasnt found a job yet. Seeing Ajie playing games with his legs up, Ma is a little impatient. Ma says that Ajie, you can come to me to show that you trust me. Im really happy, but can you restrain yourself a little bit. If you want to be respected by others, you should rely on your own strength instead of cheekiness.


When pony said these words, the friendship that grew up together had been broken, and the two people broke up. In fact, losing such a friend is not a bad thing, but it makes your life cleaner.

One cant rely on his thick skin to let others give way to his principles, so that others dare not exceed their own bottom line. Respect is not a matter of letting you do what you say, but a feeling of awe in the bottom of my heart. As long as you have enough strength, it is natural to be respected.

Peach is a child of an ordinary family. When he goes to a big city to study, he goes shopping with his roommates. Every time he enters a shop, the shop assistant will warmly greet his roommates, but he will turn a blind eye to the peach. Whats more, he will give him a contemptuous glance. Peach knows that this is very normal, because her roommate and she can clearly tell who has more gold in his pocket from her appearance and dress.

When I was shopping, a shopping guide bumped peaches with his elbow to attract his roommates. He went to his roommates and began to flatter them. Peach couldnt bear to stand it and quarreled with the man on the spot.


Peach said, how can you use your elbow to fight people? This is a matter of principle, too much. The shopping guide said, you stand there is in the way, what principle is not principle, still have to let me ask you out?

From then on Peach understood that you must have enough strength, your principle will be respected. A few years later, peach made great achievements in her studies. She worked as an executive in a company. She went to the store again. Unexpectedly, the shopping guide was still there.

Peach is not what it used to be. When she saw the peach, she immediately welcomed her, but the peach deliberately bumped her with her elbow. The shopping guide was stunned. Peach said, you did the same to me a few years ago! And then a scornful smile. Shopping guide quickly piled up a smile, said what eyes do not know Taishan, please dont put it on the heart and so on.

Born as human beings, we all hope to develop an independent personality and be respected by others. Respect is the most basic attitude to human psychology. It is very basic, but it is very difficult for people to respect everyone. Whats more, it is difficult to get respect from everyone.

We are not children. If you respect others, others will naturally respect you. If you respect others, you cant believe everything. Sometimes respect is mutual, but if you experience more, you will understand that it is not easy for a person to get respect from others.


Look at the people around you. Everyone who is respected by others has profound knowledge or high reputation. But there are also many people who insist on their own principles all day long and refuse to bow down for the rice. On the other hand, they refuse to make efforts to change their decadent status quo. On the one hand, they are hypocritical and despise those who have achieved success through struggle.

You talk about the principle and the bottom line, but no one cares, because you are not strong enough. Being looked down upon by others should be a driving force to urge you to grow up and make yourself strong. When you hold up your own day one day in the future, your principles can naturally become your flag and be respected by others.

In this world, everyone adheres to a certain principle. For love, work, friends or ideals, you are willing to live in your own way and live in the most comfortable way. And your principle is like the fence of ideal life. It protects your life from derailment and from becoming a nuisance.

Your principle is just a quality of your own heart, which may be nothing to others. Reality will not give way to a nobodys principle, but when you become strong, when you have enough strength to fight the world, naturally someone will make way for your principle, and will sacrifice their own interests to fulfill your principle.

Its no use shouting principles all the time. Slogans are not equal to strength. If you have enough strength, others will respect your principles.