The camera in the childrens room is a thorn in the relationship between parents and children

 The camera in the childrens room is a thorn in the relationship between parents and children

Whats more suffocating is that there are thousands of comments at the bottom of this video. Everyone says, my house has it, its the same as my family, my parents have also installed it

Using cameras to monitor children, I used to think that this kind of thing only existed in the network, but I didnt expect there were such wonderful parents around me.

You can feel how terrible it is to be monitored 360 degrees.

Just want to read an idle book, suddenly came from the camera roar, just want to turn on the TV to watch a cartoon, the soul roar instantly online, this can be more frightening than the horror film.

When I was a child, I was caught by my parents who suddenly came back from TV. My heart beat could accelerate to shiver all over my body. This is still in the premise of psychological preparation.

When reading novels in class, I was noticed by the teacher in charge of the class. The eyes that appeared on the glass of the classroom door are the shadow of childhood in retrospect.

Now that technology has been upgraded, so has the way adults monitor their children.

In the past, we rely on the eyes, now we rely on the camera. We can input the keyword of camera + child in a certain treasure, and the products of various specifications can appear in the list: some can talk, some can detect movement, and some can see at night. Some businesses even put forward the concept of cloud reading with the slogan of understand the childrens every move at home.

Its no longer creative to call surveillance a companion.

Its impossible to say that children have no complaints.

There was a 14-year-old boy in Nanjing who reported to the police directly because his father wanted to install monitoring in his room. The father said that the boy was addicted to games and installed monitoring to urge him to learn. He also asked the child, how much privacy do you have?

You see, thats what most parents think. They think theyre doing all this for the good of their children. Theyre not other people. Theyre not invading privacy.

In the name of supervision, it is all for control.

If the boss installed a camera on their work station and monitored their work status 360 degrees without dead angle, it is estimated that they would have collapsed. However, it is reasonable to transfer this role to children. Children should obey the discipline of their parents. Moreover, they feel that this method is effective.

Once a child realizes that his every move is under the eyes of others, his nerves will always be in a tense state, which is like a spring. If it is too tight, it will be easy to break.

They may subconsciously cooperate with you and perform for you, but on the surface of obedience, they are also brewing more intense rebellious emotions. When they are young, they are not enough to compete with adults, but they will become more and more fierce when they grow up.

Discipline and surveillance are two completely different concepts, the former is based on respect and trust, and good communication with children, while the latter is derived from parents desire to control, so that children completely obey themselves.

There is a drama called your child is not your child. One of the unit stories is mothers remote control, which is about the despair of a child controlled by his mother.

In the face of his mothers high pressure, Xiao Wei wants to resist and commit suicide several times. However, he is pushed back to the starting point by the remote control every time. Under the extremely distorted parent-child relationship, Xiao Wei grows into what his mother expected.

At the end of the story, Xiao Wei grabs his remote control under the encouragement of his friends, but his relationship with his mother will never return to the normal track.

The name of the play comes from Gibrans poem of the same name:

Your child is not your child. They are the children born of lifes desire for itself. They came here with your help, but not because of you. They are by your side, but they dont belong to you. You can give them your love, not your thoughts. Because they have their own ideas.

Parents who try to discipline their children with cameras are just carving their children according to their own ideas and molds. They just ignore the point that you can give them your love, not your idea.

This love and trust is the armor to protect childrens growth.

Dont let the camera installed in the childs room become the deepest thorn in the parent-child relationship.