Ive tried it for you. Its what its like to click on the micro blog all the time.

 Ive tried it for you. Its what its like to click on the micro blog all the time.

But in a wide variety of microblog ads, there is always a kind of advertising, only with a few words, can directly hit my soul, let me cant help to open the details, that is, novel advertising.

The seemingly simple and funny synopsis above conflicts strongly with the words in the pictures. This dramatic development is the most eye-catching point of the novel advertisement.

According to incomplete statistics, the most common types of novel advertisements are domineering president, shuangwen and xiaohuangwen. They are all sent in the form of long pictures, and a picture will be added at the front of the text.

The former is aimed at women, the latter is aimed at hot-blooded youth, and Xiao Huang Wen is the final attack on the secret door called taboo. People of all ages will be hit.

In the end, the Trinity has completed the precision attack on most users.

There are obvious differences between novel advertisement and ordinary advertisement, or there are some strange points.

First, there are some differences between the way novels appear and ordinary advertisements. They often dont carry the label of advertisement. They look like a very common forwarding.

But in fact, after careful observation, you will find that you have not paid attention to this person, and the retweeter is often a big size with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans, and the previous posts are very normal content.

If you enter his homepage, you can see that he is tirelessly forwarding the small yellow advertisement, which is also mixed with the normal content of the article, so there is no claim that the number has been stolen.

There is only one truth: These are typical marketing numbers. Hundreds of thousands of fans are zombie fans, and there is no interaction at all. Although I have not paid attention to him, he should be able to expose them by buying headlines and so on.

Second, we all know that the censorship of pictures on various platforms is very strict. Other types of novels can say that the beginning of the little yellow text cant move. I have to make a half picture size mosaic. How can this kind of picture deceive microblog?

When I was saving the content materials, I found that the picture looked like a long picture, but it was actually a moving picture, and it could not be sent through wechat.

Later, after I sent the file to the computer, I found that it was only 1.6Mb in size, which obviously did not exceed the limit of the size of moving pictures that can be sent by wechat.

Maybe thats the key to avoiding microblogging censorship.

Third, this kind of novel advertisement often only puts a wonderful chapter in the picture. When you read it with great interest, you will find that the plot stops abruptly at the end. At this time, the ultimate goal of this kind of novel advertisement is drainage.

I followed the instructions in the picture to find out the following, but I found the official account was very strange.

On the surface, it looks like a seller. Its official account is only a commodity centre, and it can be clicked. There are really many snacks and so on. But I didnt dare to buy them.

Actually, this is not the right way to open up. It also needs to be told before the official account is back to me.

After multiple jumps from micro-blog to official account to web link, I came to an unknown website, and I actually found micro-blogs long story in Chinese.

After flipping down casually, I finally saw its pattern. It used this small yellow language to attract traffic, and only released a few free chapters. These contents were basically finished in the long picture, and the rest needed to be paid.

If you want to continue reading, you have to recharge. 50 Book currency is almost equal to 50 cents.

50 cents to read the content of a chapter, which itself has been more expensive than the original novel website, and these novel chapters are very short, most of them are 700 words a chapter, the charge is six or seven times that of the original novel website. Moreover, these pornographic novels are directly available on the Internet, and they will be put in a normal novel name.

Theres going to be krypton gold in this TM?

According to a friend of Xiaofas (launched by a friend of no middle school!) He knew a man who had done this kind of business before. This kind of business not only has krypton gold, but also has a profit of more than 100000 yuan a year.

We should find that there is a bad advertising chain behind these novels.

The source of this kind of novel advertising is still back to wechat.

Once we could easily find a service number on WeChat, these official account will send some very provocative headlines to the user every day, which will entice users to click and watch.

After entering the article, the routine is the same as those of long picture advertisements. At last, it will say that due to the space limitation, you have to click to read the original text before you can see the following content. Then you will jump to the relevant novel website, and then as long as someone recharges, you can get income.

However, the volume of this article is not high enough. In fact, the official account is only one of the distributors of its novel website. Similar official account numbers may be more than a dozen, and the total traffic volume is very considerable.

In addition, the novel website also has Pai Dan, agent mode, suitable for a large number of active friends.

The distribution mode is relatively simple. As long as an individual forwards the novel to the circle of friends, just like issuing a gym flyer, the revenue generated is generally 82% of that of the novel website, and 80% for the distributor. The novel website will set up a backstage to monitor the consumption generated by the click of the dispatchers link.

The agent is based on the former. If someone in the circle of friends is interested in this method of making money, he becomes the next door of the order giver.

Its like I feel too tired to hand out flyers, so I take out a stack of flyers and send them to Zhang San. I also help him as a backstage. Someone consumes 100 yuan, Zhang San can get 72 yuan of income, and I can get 8 yuan. I dont have to do anything in the process.

At present, though there are occasional official account numbers, the websites behind these official account are mostly authorised by their own novels, and the content is not related to pornography, so they can still exist.

Official account is growing harder and harder. The websites of illegal novels have begun to turn dark and tiktok, disguised as ordinary micro businesses. As for drainage advertisements, they are mostly put on platforms like micro-blog and jitter.

If ordinary people enter this number by mistake, they will not have the slightest suspicion, and those who have obtained the password from the advertisement can see the true face of the website.

From the perspective of a normal Internet product, there are too many times to jump from the first level advertisement to the novel website. Each jump will lose a large number of users, and the user retention is bound to be worrying. It must be a failed product.

But it succeeded in a sense. Why?

Because it gives a lot of people a reason that they cant refuse, a reason for everyone not to bother to jump over and over again and be more willing to pay for it - it can make people cool, whether its the bossy president Wen for girls, Xiuxian shuangwen for boys, or Xiao Huang Wen for everyone.

I cant see the level of the planners of these wonderful advertisements, but they have a thorough study of human nature and can accurately grasp what is the most attractive thing, which is the most terrible.