The beloved wife in the circle of friends is crazy and cheating: how many marriages are destroyed by this matter

 The beloved wife in the circle of friends is crazy and cheating: how many marriages are destroyed by this matter


My friend, recently divorced.

When hearing this news, the University wechat group exploded directly.

At that time, she pursued her wife with great vigour. She spent money to buy all kinds of love secrets. After 4 years of chasing, she won the beauty after graduation.

I thought it would be a good couple on campus, but I was disillusioned after only one years marriage.

His wife postpartum a month, he was afraid to disturb the rest of his wife put forward a separate room sleep.

Postpartum a year has been trying to avoid sex life, even if a person to see a film to solve, also do not want to close to her.

Everyone thought he was crazy, but his reasons were as follows:

Last year, I gave birth to a child with my wife, which left a psychological shadow. I had to cheat.

Hearing this, no one can believe it. That night, I opened his wechat and saw the circle of friends who showed their love. For a moment, I felt dazzling.

I thought a friend was an example, but I just felt cold when I searched the word accompany production.

Ever since I saw with my own eyes your legs are wide open, your face is ferocious and bloody, I have felt disgusted and scared, hard to forget, even more difficult to accept.

Even in the month, I help you wipe the body, see pregnancy marks, often also a cold sweat.

Do you think your wife is disgusting to have children for you?

Seeing her bloody baby, the man filed for divorce a week after delivery

I cant bear it. I dont want to see her.

A woman risked her life to give birth to a child. Did the man mean to say that he looked at it and left a psychological shadow?

As the old saying goes:

When you eat meat, you say its delicious, but when you wash it, its dirty.



Some people say that the accusation of paternity is too biased.

After all, it has been a long time since a man saw his wife give birth to a child.

But I dont think so.

Cruel and bloody is the reality, but these are not your excuse to say you dont love.

With a little empathy, you wont say I think youre disgusting when your wife risks her life and gives birth.

There is an episode of the bankrupt sisters, which shows Sophie giving birth to a child.

My husband Oleg is afraid of mucus, but he still insists on giving birth.

When Oleg heard about it, he fainted without accident.

But when he heard babys born! But he got up from the ground.

Looking at her newly born daughter, she didnt dare to move. She praised and kissed Sophie.

Yes, Oleg is a timid and worthless man.

But she never let Sophie face the important moment of having a baby because of her cowardice.

Even after Sophie gave birth to the baby, he did not have any psychological shadow because of the mucus, and even loved her more.

Dont say its a TV play. Go outside the delivery room and youll see it.

Where a man loves, his heart will go.

A friend said that when his wife gave birth to children, his role in the delivery room was to act as a human flesh grabbing board.

My wife is in good labor and holds my arm when she is exerting strength.

By the third hour, her arms were covered with fingerprints and scratches that she had sunk into the flesh.

Finally boil to open ten fingers, suddenly heard the doctor and midwife said: the child is too big, below still want to cut.

Its too painful to have a side cut!!!

Finally, my dying wife gave me a hand to comfort me

Hearing him say this, I feel sad and want to laugh.

Can husband accompany into delivery room, should not be like this?

Hold the mothers hand tightly, accompany her side, cheer her on.

Instead of widening your eyes to supplement poor physiological knowledge and complaining about psychological shadows.


At the end of the day, it is men who know nothing about the pain of womens childbirth.

Once upon a time, I have only heard such understated words as eclampsia and coma on and off about the perilous birth of large s.

It was not until recently that I saw Wang Xiaofeis real and heart piercing record in born in 1981 that I was shocked

At that time, my wifes whole face was red. She was almost suffocated and could not breathe. I quickly broke her mouth. On the one hand, I was afraid that she would bite her tongue, and on the other hand, let her breath come out.

But before I could pray for Gods blessing, the crisis came again. Suddenly, the bed began to shake. My wife twitched again. Soon, her face turned purple and swollen like an eggplant. I called her name. She couldnt hear and almost lost consciousness.

I went to break her mouth and suddenly found that she was no longer breathing.

I decided to give her artificial respiration Suddenly, her mouth gushed out a black thing, almost splashed on my face, I saw, is a mouth of muddy blood.

At that moment, her breath recovered, and she woke up.

Wang Xiaofei also mentioned that because of the allergy to anesthetics, she didnt take any more anesthetics for two weeks.

But the cesarean section wound is very big, after the ICU came out, she had to give more than ten injections of painkillers every day, all over her body.

When Xu ruoxian was pregnant, she was already an elderly woman. She stayed in bed for 142 days, took more than 300 injections and swallowed 2106 pills.

Because the placenta is too low, she needs to keep her feet above her head every day.

Huo Siyan was born, um, hum. At 12 oclock in the middle of the night, Huo Siyan stopped bleeding with more than 30 pieces of gauze covering the floor of the operating room.

Its no exaggeration to say that one foot has stepped into the gates of hell.

You cant take medicine because you are afraid that it will affect your child.

After giving birth, they may have to endure various low back pain, mastitis, swollen milk pain, and cracked nipples

And these pain can only endure slowly by themselves and carry them hard.

Womens childbirth is a gamble of life and death. They gamble with their lives and measure their love.

But the head twist, men know nothing, will also think that the key word of your life is shit fart.


Chen Weijun, director of the birth gate, once said that childbirth is a matter of two people, a matter of husband and wife.

In fact, its not. Its women who really face everything. Men are more calculating animals.

Women risk their lives and cross life and death in exchange for the crystallization of their love.

They may be like the husband of the mother who jumped from the building in the news. They will only complain about his wife: if you dont go to work, you cant even bring a child.

It may also be like the husband who is the shopkeeper who quarrels with his wife constantly in a Korean reality show.

Dislike wife fat, lose face in front of colleagues;

He even insulted his wife in front of her, and gouged out her heart recklessly.

I dont know from when, women are just for their mothers and beautiful for their wives.

But the man for the father is paralyzed, becomes natural.

If you look at the men who cheat during pregnancy, they can be found everywhere.

Chen Sicheng, who cheated during Tong Liyas lactation, Lin Dan, who dated Xie Xingfang during her pregnancy, and who cheated when Ma Yili had her second child.

There is also Zhang Danfeng, who pretends to be deaf and dumb, who still dare not admit that he is cheating

You say, women take life to give birth to children, for what?


Writing here, I am not asking you to keep the peace without marriage and infertility.

Its the hope that more girls, not muddled into pregnancy and having children.

We should fully understand the risks of childbirth before making decisions.

Just as Ma Yili said: the uterus is your own, and the birth is up to you!

If you have a child, you dont have to worry too much. Its good to face up to and treat these reproductive sequelae.

As for men, pay more attention to the emotional and physical changes of their wives after giving birth, and do not regard raising as a womans bounden duty.

I always believe that:

If people were less cynical about bloated bodies, they would no longer be biased against stay at home moms.

Then the number of jumping mothers, hysterical wives and girls afraid of marriage and childbearing will be less and less.

I believe that they will give more and more love to fill a home.

Theres nothing wrong with having a baby, just see if that person is worth it.