Sanmaos most beautiful 9 sentences, about love, about growth, about life, read, let people calm

 Sanmaos most beautiful 9 sentences, about love, about growth, about life, read, let people calm

As a character lover, I have never expected everyone to like my words. I just hope that some people can meet here. So similarly, I also hope that you who like Sanmao characters can find resonance here, others, just let it be.

Today, Id like to share my favorite 9 sentences with you.

About love, I like some plain words, such as Sanmaos.

In fact, love is very real, except for the perfect and tall disguised when two people are not familiar with each other at the beginning, they need to live a real and grounded life in the future.

Therefore, dont think its romantic to talk about money and housework. These are the reality that a love needs to face after it takes root. Before these problems, if you can turn your life into a poem, Congratulations, this love will last for a long time, but the reality is that most people will feel confused, painful and even anxious when facing these problems.

I want to tell everyone that this is the only way from love to marriage, from romantic passion to long-term happiness. No one can escape. Face it with a good attitude and manage your feelings well. I believe that as long as there is love, you can cross the thorns.

About growth: growth is a kind of metamorphosis, the loss of the old must be due to the new, which is fair.

Some people say that the best way to cure love injury is time and new love. In fact, its not just feelings. Everything in the world is like this. You think youve lost something important, but in fact youve got something more important. Life is slowly moving forward in this constant change.

As Sanmao said, this is the transformation of growth, which is also the fairness of life. So, no matter what you lose now, dont think this is the end of the world. God closed a door for you, and naturally opened a window for you. As long as you dont give up, the world will compensate you in another way.

Sanmaos dream of this sentence, I have used many times, because I particularly like that sentence: if the heart has no habitat, where is wandering.

In this fast-paced era, we all live a very impetuous life, busy making money, busy success, busy being famous, and dare not relax at all.

In fact, we cant say that we cant enrich ourselves by hearing these things.

At such a time, I feel that we must ask ourselves what our dream and original intention are. No matter how far we go, no matter how fast we go, we should not lose the purity of our hearts, let alone the place we want to go at first.

Just like now, I began to learn to abandon some extravagance and complexity, and make my life simple. I found the ease and happiness that I had not seen for a long time, and I also found the most suitable life for myself.

Must remember, suits oneself, is the best.

About time: the beauty of time lies in its inevitable passage. Spring flowers, autumn moon, summer, winter snow.

In another September, only one third of the year 2020 will be left. Many people are lamenting why time is so fast. I am also the same, even sad.

But after looking at Sanmao, I suddenly feel that only when I dont fear the passage of time can I really feel the beauty of the years. No matter its spring, summer, autumn or winter, in fact, it has its own beauty. Instead of fearing the passage of time, I always observe a few wrinkles around the corner of my eyes. Its better to remember the unique beauty of each stage of the years, and then make myself stronger and stronger More and more full.

A few years later, when you are gray, you will find that what you have tangled with is floating clouds, but what you have at the moment is the truth.

About reading: when you read too much, your appearance will change naturally. Many times, you may think that many books you have read have become a thing of the past and no longer can be remembered. In fact, they are still latent. In temperament, in speech, in mind boundless, of course, may also be exposed in life and words.

Your temperament is hidden in the books you have read and the road you have gone through. This sentence has always been firmly remembered by me.

For women, reading and traveling are indeed the simplest ways to improve themselves, and compared to traveling thousands of miles, reading thousands of books is more simple and effective.

Therefore, dont despise reading. Dont think that reading will not improve you at present. When you accumulate more and more, you will find that your life has become different because of reading.

About confusion: sometimes, how I wish I could have a pair of wise eyes to see through me and understand everything about me, including all the beauty and barrenness. That pair of eyes can penetrate my most essential soul and reach the real self in my heart. Her words can solve all my puzzles, or can have a penetrating evaluation of what I have done.

A lucky person, in every stage of life, there will be a life mentor, she can see through your confusion, give you timely guidance, let you out of confusion, to the light.

However, not everyone can accept that someone is instructing their life, especially when it comes to pain points, you may retort and even get angry.

But I want to tell you that in this era, there are few people who can tell you the truth. If you meet them, you must accept them with an open mind. Only by doing this can you make your life more smooth.

About friends: the most beautiful relationship between friends is to add to the icing on the cake; the most valuable is to send charcoal in time of snow; the best among friends is like good tea, which is light but not astringent, fragrant but not pungent, slowly floating in like a long stream.

The more you grow up, the more lonely you are, and the fewer true friends you have. But I think its a good thing. As we grow older, our time becomes precious, so we must spend less time on ineffective social intercourse, and more on sincere friends.

This friend can guide you when you are confused, can make progress with you, can help you in time of crisis, can accompany you to cry and laugh with you, maybe you will not be together every day, but occasionally meet, still cordial, you dont need to think about how to maintain this relationship, but think of her is very reassuring.

I hope you can also have this kind of friend that Sanmao said, even if only one is lucky in life.

On the conduct of people: calm manner, compared with aggressive attitude, can make people more broken.

I especially like to watch the strong women on TV series, Su Mingyu in everything is fine, Zhang Yi in white moonlight, Andy in Ode to joy, and Gu Jia in just 30. They all have a common feature, that is, they are calm and not aggressive no matter how angry they are.

Looking at Su Mingyus three word solution to workplace problems, Zhangs calm attitude towards his junior, Andys ability to convince everyone, and Gu Jias not impatient and impatient in the face of difficulties, I feel that this is a powerful womans spirit, not angry but powerful, calm.

Years give us wrinkles, but also give us mature temperament, when you can calmly face all difficulties, and easy to solve, this is the best gift of years to you.

About life: people cant understand life without the long nights pain. We regard these pains as a kind of lesson and study. Until one day we really feel grown up, we will thank this pain for our teaching.

I remember looking at this sentence, I sat alone on the windowsill, looking out of the window lights, can not help but a little sad.

I am a very cowardly person, never dare to show my sadness in front of others, so I always look happy in the daytime, but one night, I will take out those emotions that can not be released and taste them slowly.

But slowly, after a night alone of pain and thinking, I found that I have become a lot stronger, those who can not think of the problem slowly figured out, slowly, those who think they can not cross the ridge, also so passed.

Growth is a very painful process, but you must know that, whether good or bad, time will give you the answer. When these pains are over, you will find that you have grown up and become stronger. At that time, you will appreciate these pains, and your life will be happier because of such accumulation.

There is still a lot to say about Sanmao, but there is still a long way to go in the future. We still have a lot of time to taste and chat together.

I hope that after watching todays these, can solve your life in a bit of confusion, but also can let you have a clearer understanding of life.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.