Being photographed without a mask? Pelosi: I was set up!

 Being photographed without a mask? Pelosi: I was set up!

During the outbreak of the new coronavirus, hair salons in San Francisco were closed and limited outdoor operations began on Tuesday. Pelosi often tells American citizens to wear masks and follow guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of the new coronavirus.

Security cameras obtained by Fox News showed that Pelosi, the speaker of the house of Representatives and the most powerful democratic party in Washington, was pulled to the neck when she was in the hair salon.

Erica kios, the owner of the salon, said one of her hairdressers rented a chair from the company to open a shop for Pelosi alone. When she went in, it was like a slap in the face, you know, she felt like she could go on her own when no one else could go, and I couldnt open a business, kios told Fox News. We have been closed for too long, not only me, but also most small businesses. It is a kind of Depression, helplessness and the feeling of being really defeated.

The company offered to let Pelosi come on Monday and told her that the city government would allow such stores to receive only one customer at a time, Pelosis spokesman drew Hamill said

After the incident, trump tweeted that Pelosi is being destroyed because she opened one beauty salon and all the others closed, and because she didnt wear a mask - despite her constant preaching to others..

A lot of people are annoyed by this trap, it has nothing to do with ending the crisis, she said Ms. Pelosi said she wore the mask around her neck because she was just washing her hair.. She said, I dont wear a mask when I wash my hair. Do you wear a mask when you wash your hair? I always wear a mask That picture is what I looked like just after washing my hair.

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Trumps daughter-in-law let the dog bite Pelosi doll in front of the children, saying shes hot in my house.

On the 17th, Trumps daughter-in-law, Laura, posted a video on twitter in which her Beagle held a doll of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her mouth and asked her two-year-old son what the dolls name was. When the child answered Nancy, Laura couldnt help laughing. Youre right!. Laura also wrote for the video, Nancy is a hit in my family.. However, the video attracted the disgust of many netizens. One netizen said: Pelosi is already someone elses grandmother. You should teach your children to respect the elderly and people with different opinions.

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