The boundaries between science and religion will soon disappear

 The boundaries between science and religion will soon disappear

If we dont get the information, its not always because the message hasnt been sent out, sometimes we dont pay enough attention. Although you have nothing to do with some people, your destiny is destined to cross and even influence each other.

Even if the wires are too worn to use, they will never be completely disconnected. Sometimes the most important connection point, right now, is like youre reading my words.

I cant help thinking, what kind of influence can one person bring to the world?

We examine and question whether we have the ability to make some changes to the planet. Or create influence locally.

In fact, our every move has an impact. Every action is affecting the people around us. Every decision ripples a little bit for the torrent of time. Even a small act of kindness can bring unpredictable benefits to a person who has never met before. We may not see these results, but they always happen.

When we make a choice or move, everything is possible.

There are 31.53 million seconds in a year. One second is 1000 milliseconds, one million microseconds, and one billion nanoseconds. From atoms to the Milky way, the universe is in an eternal state of flow. But people dont like change. We fight against it. Change is frightening, so we create the illusion of stillness. We want an unchanging world, a world in its current state.

But the paradox always exists. We should seize the moment of the present... Now is the past. We like to take selfies. Every nanosecond is different from the last moment. Time forces us to grow and adapt. Because every time we blink... The world under our feet has changed.

Its not easy to change. More often, its painful and difficult. But maybe thats a good thing, because change makes us stronger, keeps us resilient, and teaches us evolution.

Before we take the first step, we take a deep breath. The longest chain reaction triggered by these moments, actions and choices usually starts with love.

After reading the above paragraph, is it a bit muddled? In fact, the second brother is also the same. The popular point is that everything is uncertain.

The so-called time and space, in fact, are mostly peoples illusion, Einstein said. Many phenomena, feelings, emotions, if you look deeply, you will find the absurdity of your logic, that is, its unreal.

There is a term in Buddhism: nothing comes or goes. Thats the truth.

Oh, forget it. Its too complicated and boring. Wed better understand it in the way of chubby. Please cheer up. Im starting to play hard.

You think you know how the world works, but the reality you know is just the tip of the iceberg.

Second brother likes to study Buddhism, and many practitioners who have witnessed Buddhism have experienced the incredible things of Buddha and Bodhisattva personally passing Dharma. There are also examples of curing cancer with the Dharma period, and even meeting a mage with high accomplishments has the negative effect of subduing dark matter.

Of course, many Buddhists who have not had any accomplishments have experienced this experience: when they encounter extreme danger, they immediately recite a certain mantra, or recite the name of Avalokitesvara, and immediately save the danger.

In the eyes of ordinary people, especially ordinary people, this is completely against the laws of science. Unless physicists pay close attention to the progress of science, many people can not accept it, so they denounce it as superstition.

In fact, in real life, there are a lot of similar remote sensing and interaction, which makes people feel incredible. As like as two peas or twins, when one is experiencing pain, another person will instantly feel the same pain, even if there is a similar pain. Some couples or fathers and sons can quickly feel the pain when one side suffers from great pain.

In the past, none of these could be explained by science, but now it has a reasonable basis, that is, quantum mechanics.

Buddha said: to know the world truthfully is to be out of the world. In fact, the Buddhist circle has studied it thoroughly.

So the question is, whats the use of quantum mechanics? For example: if there were no quantum mechanics, there would be no atomic bomb, no atomic bomb. Maybe now your name will be Meichuan kuzi, or steel plate richuan.

So, what kind of people are studying this? Let me give you some popular science, such as the following famous figures.

Master Chan Xing, Ph.D. in fluid mechanics, Tsinghua University;

Master Xianqing, Ph.D. in Engineering Thermophysics, Tsinghua University;

Mr. Xian Wei, PhD, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Master Xianqi, Ph.D. in nuclear and thermal physics, Tsinghua University;

Master Xianqing is a graduate student of Philosophy Department of Peking University.

They are all from the most famous temples in China. As for which one is, you can search online.

Why do people with high IQ become monks? These examples show that Buddhism has been popular for thousands of years, which is really a science rather than a religion.

Buddhisms all things have Buddha nature should be the result of practitioners careful observation of the universe. Consciousness transcends the four-dimensional space and time that we can see and feel.

Therefore, the second brother suggests that you do what you can, even if it can not create wealth for you, but at least it will live a meaningful life.