After one months marriage, pan Weibo was exposed to divorce. Did he finally know that he was cheated?

 After one months marriage, pan Weibo was exposed to divorce. Did he finally know that he was cheated?

Even though Wang Sicong was identified as a female professional, netizens picked up a number of concave photos with high coincidence with other online celebrities.

Luna has always kept quiet, and even clarifications ended with a lawyers letter sent by Pan Weibo.

Let netizens call pan Weibo cheated, hoping that he can clear his eyes and look for someone.

But recently, it was revealed that Mrs. Pans black history was too solid.

The former king of heaven is secretly transferring his property. If the transfer is successful, he is going to divorce.

The informant also vowed to be absolutely true.

But looking at the full text did not appear once the name of Pan Weibai and Luna, are pronouns.

Sure enough, pan Weibai appeared in person to respond to questions recently.

Boring, false rumors are a little too much during this period. I dont respond to false rumors any more.

Friends Cheng Lin Yang and Jay Chou also came out to say good things for Luna, saying that she was very good to pan Weibai, suggesting that they were stable in their relationship.

I thought he was born a prodigal son. Finally, he always wanted to find a woman of equal strength to love and kill each other.

Pan Weibo is obviously a precocious boy. In the sixth grade of primary school, he has already compared with his elder sister who is one year older.

When he was a student at California State Polytechnic University, pan Weibai was a young man in love.

One of his girlfriends, pan Weibo, is one of the most impressed.

In fact, it also established pan Weibais view of mate selection

No matter whether he is playing coffee or not, the girl in his heart is absolutely gentle and obedient, which is the most consistent with the traditional definition of women.

He himself once said the ideal girlfriend: will she be good when Im away.

At the end of the day, pan Weibo, who is not short of money and fame, is just an ordinary person.

Perhaps not necessarily, she is like a warm spring breeze, suitable to be a wife, sometimes, suitable already very good.

Even though Wu Xin, Zhang Shaohan, Cai Yilin and others who have had an affair with Pan Weibai are excellent.

But they are fundamentally not in line with Pan Weibais view of spouse selection.

These three have their own independent career, and have the ambition to create a world in their own professional jurisdiction.

It is completely the standard of contemporary independent women.

Its hard to imagine that they would be humble for Pan Weibo and wash their hands to make soup.

Lunas capture of Pan Weibai is not just like what netizens speculate. Men always love young and beautiful faces.

Even if its packaged with heart, you have to say that every move of Lunas chess almost accurately pokes pan Weibais aesthetic point.

From Lunas vlog, she can arrange flowers, bake, read and draw.

You cant see her ambition. She is always indifferent.

I just think that she looks like a full-time wife who is well respected.

Her every move conveys to people that she is young, beautiful, excellent and clever.

In addition, she is pregnant and has a good relationship with Pan Weibos family.

To meet pan Weibais male chauvinism in an all-round way, and to run a family with internal children.

It can be seen that ordinary people have no way to win down the sea king who has been through the battlefield for a long time.


He is 185 in height and 7% in body fat all year round. With a handsome face, Haiwang has the potential to play football since 1995.

Whats more, Ronaldo still has money. He is a big star in the sports industry. He earns almost 200 million yuan a year.

Private planes and yachts are standard equipment for high, rich and handsome people.

And he has his own underwear brand and chain hotel, plus a variety of advertising expenses.

C Luos life seems to be the life that many men and women are eager to see.

However, such a man recently proposed to his girlfriend on the social platform with a sweet and honey appearance.


Georgina Rodriguez is also a beauty.

According to media statistics, there are as many as 51 girls who have been in contact with Ronaldo.

Supermodel, host, actor, net star, which profession he has set foot in.

And each plate is straight, no matter from the appearance or occupation, in fact all deserve c Luo.

One of the most well-known is Irina Shayk, a supermodel who has been dating C Rowe for five years. She is one of the few girlfriends that he has publicly acknowledged.

She was once considered by netizens to be the most likely candidate for Mrs. C.

After all, Chloe and Irina are a real match. They are both talented and beautiful. They often attend cocktail parties and show their love.

And then suddenly one day they collapsed.


C Luos side is as quiet as a chicken, but Irina is not afraid: C Luo has cheated, and more than a dozen.

It can be said that the establishment of prodigal son is stable.

And who was Georgina who took him?

Born into a poor family in Spain, she worked as a salesman, a waiter, and even a nanny. Finally, she worked as a cabinet sister in Gucci.

She and Ronaldo met at an event, and she was announced as the palace lady at the FIFA awards ceremony in 2016.

If you study carefully, you will find that she and sister-in-law Luna have amazing similarities across nationalities.

Before facing c Luos unmarried son, and a pair of surrogate twins.

Besides, Ronald was famous for her filial piety. Georgina was so kind to her mother-in-law that she stood up for her

Were not married yet, but were already a family.

Is it like Mrs. pan Luna that she is obedient, clever, orderly at home and unconditionally supporting her husband?

A sea king who has seen all the prosperity of the world, has played enough and is tired. Finally, he is just a mortal.

Always looking forward to the warm harbor where he can dock without worrying about it and will not leave the harbor in any case.

Its hard to determine whether theyve made love.

After all, when they first appeared in front of the public, they had already listed virtuous and clever keywords.

They seem to lack their own ambition and independence.

However, they wait quietly, to be a loyal wife, in a sense, for these tired sea king, provides a high emotional value.

C Rowe and Georgina

Luna and Georgina go up the hall, go down to the kitchen, have children, and have little desire for their husbands property.

Think of the tired sea king, come home, see their gentle and quiet good appearance, a days fatigue, can be swept away.

Once upon a time, there was a precise word for them: economical and practical wives.

But this word is somewhat disdainful, as if practical and economic, not worthy of being used as a pronoun for evaluating womens excellence.

Even though people have emotions, love, hate, anger and ignorance.

Some people are vigorous, others are calm like water. Only when they see their lovers, can they ripple.

This privilege.

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