Skyscraper: Yang Yings supporting role? Zhang Ziyi praised Zhong Meibao

 Skyscraper: Yang Yings supporting role? Zhang Ziyi praised Zhong Meibao


In the skyscraper, Yang Ying plays Zhong Meibao. This character, at the beginning, appears in front of you as dead man. Who killed her? Its impossible for you to think about it. However, the scene did not seem to have any clues that it was homicide. As a result, everyone in this building is suspected. Who is the killer? Its up to Guo Tao and Yang Zishan. Zhong Meibao, a supporting actress who didnt appear for a long time, connected the whole online drama. Some netizens described Zhong Meibao as winning the ending and losing his life. Heartache, but helpless.


And this unforgettable role, the actor turned out to be Yang Ying. Shes not the main character, isnt she? Such a supporting role is really similar to the guest star. At the very beginning of skyscraper, almost all of the tribe was on Yang Ying. I think this is biased. But it is also undeniable that Yang Yings acting skills can be called rapid progress. Its no longer just staring at you, or that Yang Yings image is in line with Zhong Meibao. Therefore, when we watch the drama, we are impeccable to Yang Ying. Its the real acting.


Even Zhang Ziyi, the movie queen, tweeted and recommended skyscraper. In addition, Yang Ying was praised all the time

Skyscrapers are cold and merciless steel and concrete. Seemingly luxurious rooms with little temperature hide all kinds of Secrets of dying in the light. Suspicion, hypocrisy and jealousy are full of public relations with no neighbors to speak of.

Thank you for the courage and backbone of the drama team. Whether you run or die? Right or right? To fight against the ugliness and powerlessness in reality, we really need to condense the energy of all individuals! I hope you and I can see, this world that hasnt been seen for a long time is a little better than before.

Finally, I would like to say that we can put aside the doubts about angelababys performance for the time being. Her sincere and natural performance of Meibao makes me feel inadequate. Her devotion and presentation of this role are worthy of recognition.


Yang Ying also immediately replied to Zhang Ziyi:

To tell you the truth, Zhong Meibao concentrates almost all the tragedies that women can encounter. Is this her fault? Not all of them. But didnt she try? Not suitable. So, why did it happen? This tragedy, really do not want to happen again.

As for Yang Yings acting skills, even Chen Xue, the original author of skyscraper, gave full affirmation

Yang Ying is in line with Zhong Meibao in the novel. I have to say that her image is really quite in line with the appearance of Zhong Meibao in the novel. She is actually very beautiful, but she does not pay much attention to her own beauty. She is not very dressed. She may be tied up with a ponytail and a braid. She is very fresh, which seems to be very bright on the surface and always smiles. Maybe some segments, she shed tears or she thought, those paragraphs I saw were very moved.


In this complicated world, Yang Ying brings the simple Zhong Meibao to us. Well, thats her acting. fabulous!