His dregs, are you used to: good girls, are so cheap

 His dregs, are you used to: good girls, are so cheap

What is 58 Jin? Its about the weight of a 10-year-old.

The reason why she is so thin is to cater to her boyfriends preference. Because her boyfriend told her that he liked a girl who was as thin as Luyu.

When the host asked the girl: are you sure the man you like will love you?

In a word, the girls long-term pay, all obliteration, became a joke.

Liu Tongtong once said in your loneliness, though defeated, you are still proud:

Paying with results is called paying, and paying without results is called price.

However, there are many girls in life who are deeply in a wrong relationship. They dont know and understand themselves. They love cheaply and humbly.


When I look in the mirror, I cry because Im ugly

20 years old, student

However, he is introverted and unsociable. In order to accommodate him, QQ and wechat in my mobile phone never add heterosexual friends. I have pushed both parties of classmates and dinners of student union departments. After a long time, even my roommate doesnt want to call me when he goes out.

And he really likes to be jealous. He doesnt like me talking to boys, he doesnt like me wearing shorts and I dont like my makeup.

Every time I go out on a date with him, I always wear long trousers or long skirts, with a plain face.

I looked at his hand with the knife, and I felt very scared, so I could only make a joke to get through.

I have no doubt that he loves me. After all, no one will waste so much effort on someone who doesnt like it.

But one morning I got up and stood in front of the mirror, and suddenly I was ugly and cried in the mirror.

Whats more, I cant do without him.


A leaf he gave me is regarded as a forest

25 years old, company white-collar

He is my colleague. His hometown is in a remote mountain village. His parents are not in good health. There are four brothers and sisters in the family. In popular words, he should be a phoenix man.

For example, sometimes he would suddenly buy a cake I like and come back. When I thought today was an important day, he replied, its not a special day, its a day when you want to eat cake..

Or every time I go back to my hometown, I will bring a very unique specimen of leaves with love words written by him.

But his home is a bottomless hole, according to his salary, he is not satisfied at all.

Looking at his depressed appearance, I often subsidize him with my own salary, and even ask my parents for money. Although I sometimes feel that I am a thief at home, I really cant help it.

Once this happens, it will be two years.

I looked at the small gifts he gave me, and I thought I was too cheap.

Just a leaf, a cake, it is easy to buy me, complaining will not be cherished.

But later when he came back to ask me to get back together, I found that my heart was still affected by him.

I really hate not being able to forget himself like this.


Its worth it to get sick with someone you like.

He said, as long as I dont care how hes out there, hell come back home.

And I really dont want to get divorced. Even for a moment, its worth it to get sick with someone I like.

I fell in love with him at first sight, but he already had a girlfriend at that time. I just wanted to like him silently, but God still favored me. He broke up with his girlfriend.

From then on, I would appear in front of him every day, like a brown candy, cook for him, clean up the room, and be on call.

His good brother around him has been coax, let him quickly accept me, finally, even his parents were moved by me.

After my marriage, I quit my job and devoted myself to his daily life. Everything in my life revolved around him.

I cant help asking myself: what am I paying for?


In red rose, Eason Chan has a lyric:

What cant be obtained is always in turmoil, and those who are favored are fearless.

So, in the world of love, there will always be one who is willing to be humble?


But what is love?

Willing to give everything, no bottom line is love?

There is an impressive dialogue in Zhong Wuyan

Xia Yingchun said: love is to sacrifice unconditionally for your sweetheart and just want her to be happy.

However, Zhong Wuyan, who says that when there is something wrong, Zhong Wuyan has nothing to do with summer and spring, has made a very subversive note

Love is to occupy, destroy, and destroy, in order to get each other by any means. Dont hesitate to let the other party sad, when necessary, a pat two scattered, jade and stone burned

Yes, the form of love is giving, but the essence is still possession.

It seems to be moving to pay, but to take possession of each others love, even in this process, lose themselves.

Most of the time, the so-called dregs of the other party are actually used to it.

Therefore, when you are aware of the problem and dont know whether you should give up a relationship, you dont have to stick to what you have paid in the relationship, and you dont have to count what the other party has done for you. You can ask yourself:

Because there is only one person in the world who needs you to please, no doubt, it is yourself.