A teacher of Hainans part-time postgraduate examination was twice rejected for the first time and twice: hope to give fair opportunities

 A teacher of Hainans part-time postgraduate examination was twice rejected for the first time and twice: hope to give fair opportunities

A few days later, on January 10, 2020, Chen was told that part-time graduate students did not meet the schools recruitment requirements before participating in the interview of Hainan agricultural reclamation middle school.

However, according to the education information provided by Chen to the surging journalists, she graduated full-time from Nanchang University with a bachelors degree in management, and a masters degree in discipline teaching (ideological and political) of Southwest University. Chen believes that even if his part-time graduate degree is not recognized by the recruitment unit, but his undergraduate degree should also meet the requirements of the recruitment unit, reading graduate school even without undergraduate, so that he can not understand.

Chen left a message to the leaders of Hainan Province on March 19 this year on the message board of the leaders of the peoples network: in the open recruitment of Hainan middle school in 2020, a part-time graduate student went to Hainan middle school office to inquire about the registration qualification before applying for the examination. He got a reply according to the number of candidates and the result of the school discussion Hainan middle school and relevant departments did not obtain the consent of the student, inform him of the relevant rights, listened to the defense, did not go through the review procedure, did not make a decision on the handling of violations of discipline and regulations in public recruitment, and canceled the qualification without legally delivering it to the handled candidates I hope the Secretary and relevant leaders will understand the situation and intervene in the investigation. Thank you.

In response, Hainan middle school in Hainan Province replied on April 26 this year that the recruitment work of our school is carried out in strict accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated in the recruitment announcement. The conditions of the recruitment announcement clearly state that: full-time education, 2020 fresh university graduates, recruitment procedures: online registration - Qualification Examination - written examination - Interview - physical examination - Investigation - Publicity - employment. You do not meet the recruitment requirements and belong to the part-time graduate student. This condition has been confirmed with you and the school where you are studying. It is a fact and does not meet the recruitment requirements.

Hainan middle school in Hainan Province also denies the discrimination against part-time graduate students: the design of our schools recruitment announcement is discussed and approved by the schools Party committee and approved by the relevant personnel department. It does not belong to the same field as the notice of the general office of the Ministry of education and other five departments on further improving the employment of part-time graduate students. The setting of recruitment conditions in our school is in line with the employment needs and standards of our unit and in line with the legal provisions. There are no laws, regulations (policies) that make full-time education a condition of recruitment is discriminatory.

Hainan Middle School of Hainan Province also said: in view of the work error, which has caused certain transportation expenses for the party concerned, our school agrees to bear the loss of transportation, food and accommodation expenses incurred by the party in the process of applying for employment. I hope you can understand

According to the inquiry of surging news reporters, on December 30, 2019, Hainan middle schools official website published Hainan middle school open recruitment of full-time education, 2020 college students organization work announcement (4), which also explained the above netizens Reflection: in the implementation of open recruitment work, the applicant is a part-time postgraduate majoring in subject teaching (ideological and political) of Southwest University u3002 According to the relevant provisions of the announcement on open recruitment of full-time education graduates in 2020 in Hainan middle school and the implementation methods for public recruitment of staff in public institutions in Hainan Province (qrsf [2018] No. 516), Chen did not meet the requirements of this open recruitment of our university. After consulting the opinions of the higher authorities, Chen decided to cancel his application qualification, At the same time, we will cancel one political teacher post plan in our school.

In the Hainan middle school open recruitment of full-time education 2020 fresh university graduates organization work announcement (3) published on the secondary schools official website on December 22, 2019, the candidate Chen was successfully selected with the first total score. However, the announcement mentioned that the recruitment target is full-time education, 2020 fresh university graduates.

On September 3, Chen, the party concerned, told the surging news reporter that he had not obtained the transportation, food and accommodation expenses that Hainan middle school side was willing to bear. Moreover, Hainan middle school makes its real name known to the public through public notice without consent, which will make others who dont know the truth think that they have cheated to take the exam, which will damage their reputation. Therefore, Hainan middle school is required to apologize.

Chen also disclosed to the surging news reporters that on December 30 last year, he had reported to the relevant staff of Hainan Provincial Education Department that he had been rejected because he was not a full graduate student, but did not get a satisfactory reply.

According to public information, Hainan middle school, located on Longkun South Road, Haikou City, Hainan Province, is a famous school with a long history. Its predecessor is Hainan modern educator Mr. Zhong Yanlin, founded in 1923 private Qionghai middle school. After the founding of the peoples Republic of China, the school was changed from private to public. In 1959, it was identified as one of the first batch of key middle schools in Guangdong Province. After the establishment of Hainan Province in 1988, Hainan middle school was identified as the key middle school in Hainan Province.

Hainan Nongken middle school was founded in October 1972. It is an enterprise running school. At that time, it was called the childrens Middle School of production and Construction Corps of Guangzhou Military Region. In 1975, it was renamed Hainan agricultural reclamation middle school and was subordinate to the General Administration of agricultural reclamation of Guangdong Province. In 1988, Hainan Province was established and renamed as Hainan agricultural reclamation middle school. In 2014, with the reform of agricultural reclamation, the school was officially transferred from Hainan Provincial Bureau of agricultural reclamation to Hainan Provincial Department of education, becoming one of the five key schools directly under the Provincial Department of education. The nature of school running was transformed into government investment.

The notice on further improving the employment of part-time graduate students published by the Ministry of education in February this year mentioned that employers should provide equal employment opportunities to workers when recruiting personnel. Recruitment of civil servants at all levels, public institutions and state-owned enterprises should reasonably formulate recruitment conditions according to post requirements, provide equal employment opportunities for graduate students with different forms of education, and shall not set qualifications unrelated to job requirements. All localities should formulate reasonable conditions for the settlement of talents, simplify the registration certificate and procedures, and provide equal opportunities for graduate students with different forms of education.

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