The pilot rushed to the toilet and got off the plane illegally. Unfortunately, he was injured and amputated by the propeller

 The pilot rushed to the toilet and got off the plane illegally. Unfortunately, he was injured and amputated by the propeller

According to public information, Beidahuang General Aviation Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and is subordinate to Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of agricultural reclamation. Its headquarters is located in Songbei District of Harbin City, and its two main flight bases are located in Jiamusi City and Zhaodong city respectively. The company has 330 employees, including 95 commercial pilots and 125 maintenance personnel, with assets of 1.4 billion yuan. At present, there are 102 aircraft and 81 aircraft put into operation.

After the accident, the No.1 blade of the involved aircraft was damaged. Photo source / civil aviation Investigation Report

According to the investigation report, at the time of the incident, a member of Sui was conscious and had no life danger. After being treated by the hospital, the middle finger and ring finger of Suis right hand were broken and could not be replanted. The injury of index finger was too serious. Amputation was adopted, and the wound suture from the tip of the nose to the lower collar of the face, abdominal trauma was sutured, and other parts of the body were not damaged. After inspection, it was found that the No. 1 blade of propeller was broken from the middle, the blade surface of No. 3 blade was torn, and no other parts of the aircraft were damaged. On the day of flight training, the aircraft has no other faults.

Upstream news reporters noted that after the accident, the civil aviation regulatory authorities rushed to the scene to investigate. When investigating the scene, the investigators found that the broken blade No.1 had fallen off about 6 meters on the right side of the aircraft, and there were traces of blood left in front of the aircraft. Field monitoring showed that after getting off the plane from the front of the left wing, Sui walked about 3-4 steps along the fuselage to the nose of the aircraft, and then scraped and collided with the propeller.

Article 22 (5) of the trainee Manual of the relevant training branch stipulates that for the aircraft with propeller in front, it must approach or leave from the rear of the aircraft along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft, and it is not allowed to jump off the aircraft from the front of the wing at any time. Sui, a pilot injured by a propeller, told the investigators that he was thinking about the next step of teaching content while he was in a hurry to go to the bathroom when he was walking off the plane, causing the loss of situational awareness. According to the investigation agency, the injured Sui got off the plane directly from the front of the left wing and moved towards the propeller direction. He did not walk according to the companys prescribed route of getting off the plane, which directly caused the collision with the propeller.

According to the investigation agency, it is not ruled out that the preparation quality of the party before flight is not high. The party concerned has been performing training tasks in the right seat for a long time, while the training task was carried out in the left seat on the day of the incident. When leaving the aircraft, the right seat departure procedure was subconsciously substituted into the left seat, and after getting off the aircraft, he habitually turned right to walk to leave the aircraft, resulting in direct scratching and collision with the propeller.

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The pilot went to the toilet and got off the plane illegally and was injured by the propeller, and the airline involved was punished (source: original)

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