Two beautiful poems: elope with me

 Two beautiful poems: elope with me

a cloudless blue sky

White clouds

Today is a good time to elope

Longmen Inn Group

Jane Eyre is questioning the meaning of life

Dont you know

The meaning of life

Its with people you like


Put down your ten billion dollar business


Jane Eyre

Put down your shoes that sell all over the world

Big bug

Put down the skyscraper youre building


Two beauties

Dont write any poetry

Lets be willful

Take advantage of the good weather

Lets elope together

Go to Delingha in Haizi with Jane Eyre first

And then the wandering Maybach wanders across the world

Then go to live in the Xiaoyao pavilion built by big insects

Finally, follow Ermei to dream

Choose the day as the collision day

Right now

Lets elope

Go to the top of the mountain, play the piano and watch the moon

Go to the desert and sing with wine

Go to the ocean and ride the wind and waves

Dear friends

Let go of everything

Elope with ER Mei

Elope to heaven together

Photo photography: two beauties