What is more disgusting than the Japanese trolleyman is the top clan in China

 What is more disgusting than the Japanese trolleyman is the top clan in China

In China, this insane group of sexual harassment is called dingzu. In Japan, there is a well-known name: the trolleyman.

Thanks to the popularity of island love action movies in China, even conservative and pure girls should have heard of the infamous name of trolleys.

Japan is an open-minded country. On the one hand, the trolleyman is a link in the sex industry, on the other hand, it is also a serious public security problem in Japan.

In order to attract customers, some custom shops and 18 banned game themes will set up a special experience area for crazy men to simulate the scene of sexual harassment in public transportation, focusing on taboo, stimulation.

At the same time, the increasing number of tram sexual harassment also made the Japanese people aware of the seriousness of the situation.

According to a survey conducted by Japans semi official organization Research Association for the prevention of spooks in trams, about 13.7% of girls suffer from sexual harassment by spooks every year.

In order to reduce the occurrence of crazy men, Japanese officials have come up with various methods. Not only have warning signs such as pay attention to the crazy man and crazy man appear on the subway, but also set up special subway cars for women.

In China, these measures related to the prevention of sexual harassment are not only pitiful, but also outdated.

In order to improve the success rate of indecency, Chinas top clans have long been involved in QQ groups and post bars for discussion. Through careful observation of women, they have summed up a variety of heinous methods of committing crimes.

1. In terms of object selection, the top clan will prefer girls with professional clothes, literary styles and soft looks, while girls with relatively gorgeous looks are safer. Because in their view, gorgeous girls are more daring and may shout for resistance, while literary and artistic girls are introverted. Even if they are toppled, they will not easily resist.

2. In terms of clothing, top people prefer girls who wear jeans tights and skirts. In terms of age, the young students aged 15-20 and mature women around 30 are the targets they choose to start with.

3. In the period of time, the top people prefer to rush to and from work. When there are too many people, they will deliberately close to you. Even if they reach the peak, they can pretend to be crowded. You have no substantive evidence to sue him. When there are too many people, girls are not willing to shout and become the center of the surrounding groups to watch the heat.

4. The top clan will observe around the target. If there are skinny boys around, the top clan will think that these boys have no fighting power and no fighting power, which means that they will not damage their good deeds. If they fight, the other party will not take advantage of them, and they will have the strength to escape.

5. In the bus position, the top clan will choose to sit next to the girl by the window, or next to the girl sitting in the last row, so that the case will be more hidden and will not be found by the surrounding people. On the subway, according to the investigation, more than 60% of the people commit crimes between two opposite doors.

6. In the way of committing crimes, some top clans will act or dig birds to molest, and some will choose to shoot short videos, which will be uploaded to the forum to show off or sell money.

In short, compared with the Japanese tramcar geeks, the fighting capacity of the Chinese dingzu is that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the front waves die on the beach.

There are two main reasons for this situation, one is the lack of response and punishment measures, the influence of unhealthy sexual culture, on the other hand, women generally dare not resist.

In terms of sexual culture, with the popularity of Japanese spooky novels and short films in cyberspace, some lecherons often want to experience the pleasure and stimulation in the virtual world in reality.

In the virtual world, the harassment, tailing, peeping, raiding and other abnormal behaviors in the tram scene make it easy for many men who are hard to control themselves to have sexual fantasies in the car, especially when their genitals are rubbed by the crowd under crowded conditions.

This kind of potential fool and top clan may commit crimes in reality.

In terms of punishment, one is the difficulty of obtaining evidence, the other is the lack of punishment, which is education or spiritual compensation at most.

Finally, womens shame, dare not shout resistance, will make the crazy men more and more bold.

Last year, in order to crack down on spooks, Japans police station even launched a fool prevention app - digipolice.

According to the introduction, after opening the app, click the crazy man repel button, and the mobile phone will send out there is a fool, please help me! For help.

If the other party pedals his nose on his face, he can click further on the screen, and the mobile phone will repeatedly send out please stop! Please stop! Please stop The voice of.

Because under the pressure of shame and fear, although I feel uncomfortable, I still choose to be silent. They even fantasize that after shouting, the other party will jump over the wall in a hurry, follow me or even retaliate with a knife.

These female characteristics often make them unable to resist.

However, the app also received great controversy, supporters think: This is great, the girl dare not shout, let the mobile phone shout for her. But there are also boys: Tucao: under crowded conditions, the probability of make complaints about normal boys is even greater.

Its a long way to go to fight with sex wolves. Here to remind you men, remember to protect the girls around you, girls should also strive to break through the psychological limit, when encountering sex wolves, dare to resist.

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