May your eyes be clear, your hands warm and full of stars

 May your eyes be clear, your hands warm and full of stars

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Growth is nothing more than a drunken, brave people do first for respect.

This summer is over. It seems that nothing has been done. After reaction, a year is almost over.

All the sudden recollection in the world is always in the bottom of my heart.

May your eyes be clear, poems forever hidden, and your palms warm and full of stars.

There are many beautiful things in the world, such as the sunset, the gentle wind, the dinner of lovers. Dont be confused by the darkness in front of you. You should believe that you are worthy of all the beauty in the world.

Not all girls are made of sweets and spices. Some girls are born with adventure, wine, wisdom and fearlessness.

Dont be afraid, difficult things will happen to everyone, endure the past to grow up, all experience is not a pity, miss is not a pity, lost who does not matter, because there will be a lot of people with you in the future.

I still understand that no matter what I did or could have done, these gossips will never stop, they will never shut up and walk away, never, said the rumored girl in milkman

There are too many malice towards women in the world. Women can be judged at will. Language violence. If you dont get married at the age of 28, no one wants it. Its useless for a girl to read so many books. Its better to find someone to marry while shes young. Looking after her husband and educating her children is the end result. If you dress in a revealing way, youll be careless. If you make up, youll attract the attention of the opposite sex

So, today, lets talk about what kind of language violence have you experienced as a woman?