The national medical staff strike, patients seek medical treatment no way to die, this country completely out of control!

 The national medical staff strike, patients seek medical treatment no way to die, this country completely out of control!

A few months ago, salute the angel in white.

A few months later, the angel in white.

The epidemic situation has not yet dissipated, the merit and name of the angel in white has gone to the sea?

Im really angry. Today, Ive decided to get rid of it. How strong are the so-called foreign doctors?

As of 13:41 on September 3, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in South Korea has exceeded 20000.

This data is very insignificant in the global epidemic situation.

But for South Korea, its the limit.

In particular, in recent years, the South Korean epidemic situation counter attack, rising fiercely.

On August 21, ZF of South Korea said:

South Korea is facing a shortage of medical resources and medical staff.

And that could have been avoided.

According to Yonhap, the Korean Medical Association announced a collective strike.

At first glance, I didnt feel anything. It was just an association strike.

Few people know that the Korean Medical Association has 130000 members.

The scale of the strike was unprecedented.

In addition, the Korean intern Association announced a strike.

The epidemic crisis is imminent.

Affected by the strike, some hospitals had to postpone or cancel operations.

The hospital was packed with patients and no one was treated.

On August 26, ZF of South Korea issued an order:

The maximum penalty is three years, or a fine of 30 million won.

Although it was an order, few people listened.

The Korean Medical Association is even more intensified.

Its just a strike that makes people feel more incredible

In July this year, ZF of South Korea released the plan.

It is planned to increase the number of medical students by 4000 in the next 10 years from the 2022 school year.

ZF voice just dropped, a storm rose.

South Korean doctors feel that the medical staff is saturated.

What they need is higher pay.

Increasing the number of doctors will only increase the industry competition and affect their own interests.

It is the doctors duty to save the dying and heal the wounded.

In the critical period, the safety of patients lives was sacrificed and demonstrations were held.

He went to four hospitals and was rejected.

Unfortunately, he died.

Isnt that a little too much?!

The netizen who said that foreign doctors are strong, you come out! Tell me, what kind of strong is this?

it happens that there is a similar case.

On 23 May, 109 medical and nursing staff were laid off at Ogan ilir County General Hospital in Sumatra.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: the reason for the dismissal is that medical staff are afraid of treating new crown pneumonia patients for 5 days.

The president said their strike was groundless.

All the requirements that ZF can meet have been met.

For example, protective equipment, accommodation, incentive measures, etc.

And they went to the ZF gate to demonstrate.

Photo source: looking at Indonesia

You can be a deserter if you are reasonable enough.

By contrast, Chinas medical staff are impressive.

Regardless of the reward, regardless of the consequences.

At 22:00 on July 16, Urumqi community issued an emergency notice:

Two hours later, the community is closed.

On July 17, the city was completely closed.

Overnight, at the command of the capital city of 4 million people, press the pause button.

Only a group of people in white went up against the current.

They use their bodies to block the virus for thousands of people.

In the past two months, it happens that Xinjiang is hot almost every day.

The medical staff were wearing protective clothing, which was killing people.

On August 8,

There was a medical staff in the break,

When the trouser legs are lifted up,

Sweat was pouring out of it.

When you take off your protective clothing, you get wet all over.


Oh, my God, its so cool.

Or deep or shallow, full of difficulties.

But these are the best testimony to live up to the mission and serve the country and the people.

Changcaihua is a doctor in the peoples Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

She was married in February, but she was caught in an epidemic.

On February 6, she put aside her love affair and went to Wuhan for support.

The fiance quietly changed the date of marriage to August 9.

Because on July 20, the bride set foot on the road to fight the epidemic again.

When you win the battle, you can be a bride.

We stick to it day and night and give up my family for everyone.

She didnt expect much in return.

Only said: when the epidemic is over, take your lover to eat the most authentic food.

Their wishes are simple.

Have a portion of fried rice noodles.

Pull the cops, big plate chicken.

Go home and sleep with mom.

There are I want to take off my protective clothing quickly, have a good hug with my family

The wish is easy to achieve, but the epidemic has not dissipated, they dare not relax.

At this moment, the medical workers who fight in the front line to rescue the wounded and meet the difficulties are the great heroes.

Two forget life and death, cold and warm.

Dressed in white, with brocade in heart.

Dont forget the original intention of doctors, and work together to overcome the difficulties.

Whats more, the female doctors and nurses in the front line are worth mentioning.

They not only treat and comfort patients, but also endure their own physical torture.

Some people say: every time a woman is in a physiological period, it is like crossing the road.

The reality is the same.

Even if their pants are wet, they cant go to the bathroom.

Even, in order not to hinder work, a large number of obedience to drugs, postponing the physiological period.

This is very harmful to the body.

But in the face of their mission and responsibility, they did not shirk.

Because of wearing masks for a long time, their faces have changed beyond recognition.

Can you believe this is, this is a 22-year-old girls hand?

It was eroded by disinfectant, hand sanitizer and talcum powder.

There are many scars, but never a drop of tears.

They shuttle through the virus, in the dark and light staggered.

Never shrink back and go through fire and water for peoples lives.

This is the Chinese medical staff.

They seem invincible, but they also have their own weaknesses.

This is also the most helpless thing.

Her father-in-law, grandfather, grandmother and uncle were all infected.

At that time, hospital beds were very scarce.

Unfortunately, her grandmother, father-in-law and grandfather passed away one after another.

An epidemic has destroyed a family.

But she had no time to grieve, to dry her tears and to fight the epidemic again.

To be a doctor is an endless road.

Even behind them,

No wings,

But there is light in them,

In the dark,

Protect the well-being of one side with ones own strength.

China News Network once reported that a doctor in a critical illness area in Xinjiang experienced epidemic line.

Once, the patient was in a serious condition and needed to establish a deep venous access quickly.

She was in the ward for five hours.

Her goggles were so foggy that she couldnt see clearly.

Only when the sweat drops down and the fog is washed away, can we see through the gap.

The whole process is very difficult.

But no matter how difficult it is, we must persist.

Finally, it worked.

When she saw the patient turn the corner, she felt that everything was worth it.

Just like the medical oath of medical staff:

Perfect health,

For the development of the motherlands medical and health undertakings,

To strive for lifelong physical and mental health of mankind.


They contributed a lot to the rapid control of the epidemic in China.

What is the intention of those who slander angels in white at this time?

They deserve high respect!

Salute, rebel!

Salute, hero of the times!

When the epidemic is over, please dont forget them.

Because it is their hard work that gives us peace and hope.

Chinese doctors and nurses should not be slandered!

Author: Ling Yi