Glass: there are three basic reasons why the excellent and cool Si Feng was easily moved by Xuanji

 Glass: there are three basic reasons why the excellent and cool Si Feng was easily moved by Xuanji

If the hero Si Feng meets another person, there will be no such effect. You may think what I said is nonsense. In fact, I mean, if he meets a normal girl, he wont be moved so soon.

After all, they cant take off their masks and fall in love with each other. As long as they dont take the initiative, or those who take the initiative are not interested, there will be no unexpected emotional events.

However, Xuanji is the accident in Si Fengs life, which is also a surprise. Si Feng is excellent, handsome, calm, and a little cold. She is also one of the top roles in the palace of Li Ze. She is the one who wants to succeed.

So if it is not a particularly moving girl, he will not be casual. Whats more, he grew up in Lize palace, and no one taught him about love. There were only cold rules and cold punishments, and I didnt know what it was like for them to live.

In this world, even if there is no love, there is at least a friend, brothers and relatives and other emotions, it can also become a kind of warmth, a sustenance, a kind of strength.

In a word, before meeting Xuanji, Si Feng should also be a cold and heartless wood man. So why didnt you avoid the human love when you met Xuanji?

Is Xuanji too beautiful? Not really. Is Xuanji too perfect, too attractive, too good? In fact, they are not. To sum up, we can only say that Xuanji is different from all girls.

These differences make their meeting and getting along uncontrollable, not routine, not deliberately chasing each other, but the kind of unintentional just right.

In the end, how can we move a person like Si Feng? The following is a skill, but it is not a skill. If you realize it, you may not worry about meeting a good person and a good love.

Si Feng cant resist Xuanji, first of all because of her unintentional actions. Xuanji is born with six incomplete senses and does not understand human love. Therefore, she and Si Feng get along with each other without any obstacles and improper thoughts.

If you dont know whether you love or not, you will not be shy or there are other concepts between men and women. Therefore, you can speak and do things simply and directly. For example, when you see Si Fengs face for the first time, you will hold his leg and ask him to take him back.

For example, when she learned to Shun Yi, she moved directly into Si Fengs bathtub and looked for her own things in the water. All the performances are ambiguous and out of the ordinary. However, Si Feng knows that Xuanji didnt mean to tease herself in this way, so that she cant resist from embarrassment and helplessness.

If it is intentional, it is easy to become cute and pure. And it can be embarrassing, even greasy. He had no intention of liking or pursuing, and had no intention of getting anything. Therefore, his performance was all natural, which made people unable to blame and couldnt help thinking wrong.

Of course, this point is not to let you pretend to be careless and dont understand it, but to realize from it that emotion is not too deliberate and not too hard.

Start with friends, or let go of distractions and get along naturally. Feelings may be able to collide and happen slowly.

2u3001 True to pure, can express

Because he has no distractions, he has no burden to get along with, and because he is sincere and his heart is clear and pure, Xuanjis words and deeds are beautiful and comfortable. In terms of expression, there is no place affected by restriction or reflection.

It is the kind of person who laughs when he is happy, gets along with him as soon as he likes, and goes to him when he thinks he can do something for himself. He can say what he likes when he feels that the other party cant help but praise him. He wont suppress him or beat around the bush.

The starting point is simple, and his words are also pleasant to hear. For example, Xuanji wants to eat delicious food, and Si Feng takes her to eat it. After chatting, Xuanji says, you laugh very well. You should laugh more in the future..

Let her say this kind of words, as clear and pleasant as a spring, because she has no purpose. What she says is from the heart, not compliment, not flattery, not routine, not words as a tool to achieve the goal.

Therefore, most of her words are pleasant to listen to, moving, without thinking, without mixed thoughts, it is easy to reach the heart of a person.

Heres what I want to give you: its not for you to deliberately learn the skills of speaking. If so, you will see through the routine and purpose of your way of speaking when you meet such wise and sober people as Si Feng. What is lacking is a sense of sincerity and purity.

From the heart to express your feelings, there is no purpose to praise each other, unmodified to say the truth, sometimes it is easier to move people. Once you say something in order to impress him, it is easy to be detected by those particularly smart people, which leads to rebellious psychology.

3u3001 Righteousness, kindness and courage

Of course, Xuanji is also a girl with good personality. She regards Si Feng as her friend, so when she sees him punished, she will stand in front of him and open her arms to protect him. Even though her strength is still very small and there are few people who can beat her, she is not afraid to retreat.

If we say that she has the love of men and women to Si Feng, then we can not say that she is righteous, courageous and kind, because it is possible that she is just good to this person.

However, judging from her attitude towards the shark and actively rushing to save him, she is a kind little cute, but she does not know that she has love in her heart.

In other words, she just doesnt understand the love between men and women, but she knows the warmth between relatives, friends and lovers. She has no preconceived love consciousness, so it is more natural to get along with Si Feng.

She all from the heart, are Si Feng see in the eyes, move in the heart. Its really hard to be indifferent to her beauty.

On the whole, if you want to get a good partner, you have to be like Xuanji. Dont be utilitarian. Dont rush to express your love. If you can get along with your intention by being a friend or having no distractions, you will be half successful.

Otherwise, if you take a fancy to a person, you will always think about how to pursue it. If you use routine or always think hard to move, the effect may not be very good.

If every thing you do, every person you know has a clear intention, the wise people will see it at a glance, and you may lose your interest.