Xu Zheng enjoys eating in a private room

 Xu Zheng enjoys eating in a private room

Many netizens said Xu Zheng is too cute after seeing it. Some netizens also said that enjoying this kind of service is a height that I cant reach in my lifetime and this small mouth is the top of my salary for a month. Although it is somewhat exaggerated, the price of such exquisite cuisine and high-end dining environment must not be cheap. Xu Zheng is also very able to enjoy life.

On August 20, Xu Zheng was photographed to have a dinner with his friends in a hot pot restaurant. He was dressed in casual clothes, very simple and simple, but his beer belly was amazing and his weight was obvious, which caused heated discussion.

Later, Xu Zheng wrote an article on the social platform in response to the controversy, saying: sometimes fate is so wonderful. Sometimes far or near, big or small, seeing is not necessarily true. Some netizens said that if they were female stars, they might be suspected to be pregnant. Xu Zheng responded: cherish life, treat pregnant women well, and refuse to take photos!

Make complaints about Xu Zhengs Tun Tsui landing. No one was stopped. Star wants to be taken care of. The movie embarrassed Mom was boycotted by the cinema. Xu Zheng responded: everyone has his own position. This article is from NetEase entertainment editor: Xu Mei Yu. NBJS11310