Duterte: we dont follow us orders. We need Chinese investors

 Duterte: we dont follow us orders. We need Chinese investors

According to the report, the group became the only bidder for the project in February 2019 and is currently cooperating with Chinese contractors who have been blacklisted by the United States.

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In a sense, this decision is an example of the Philippines independent foreign policy, a senior Philippine government official familiar with the issue was quoted as saying. Although we seek to maintain friendly and cooperative relations with the United States, this does not mean that the Philippines will follow the United States in any case. It will depend on our national interests.

Moreover, the Philippines has no legal obligation to follow the U.S. decision to ban these businesses. The decision of the United States is binding on American enterprises. Its up to us to decide whether we should follow America.

According to the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs, at a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 2, spokesperson Hua Chunying said that President duterte pursues an independent foreign policy in line with the national interests of the Philippines and is worthy of appreciation.

A few days ago, China has clarified its position on the US sides announcement of sanctions against Chinese companies involved in the construction of islands and reefs in the South China Sea, Hua said

Hua Chunying pointed out: we have noted the statement made by the spokesman of the Philippine presidential palace. President duterte has made economic recovery, safeguarding and developing the well-being of the people as the top priority of the Philippine government. Proceeding from the national interests of the Philippines, President duterte pursues an independent foreign policy, which is in line with the fundamental interests of the country and people of the Philippines and is worthy of appreciation.

Hua Chunying stressed: practical cooperation between China and the Philippines has always been based on mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results, and all projects conform to the laws and regulations of the two countries. In particular, one belt, one road initiative and the deep docking of Philippiness big construction and special construction plan have achieved positive results, and are increasingly benefiting the two countries and two peoples. We are willing to continue to deepen practical cooperation in various fields with the Philippines.

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The Philippines draws a conclusion after assessing the consequences of the use of force against China over the South China Sea dispute

Duterte said the Philippines could not afford the cost of war.

Philippine President duterte delivered his fifth state of the Union address at the Philippine parliament building in Quezon on the afternoon of 27th. According to the press release provided to reporters by the Press Department of the Philippine presidential palace, duterte said that the Philippines should calm down and that the South China Sea dispute can only be resolved through diplomatic efforts and political framework, rather than through war. China has a military power unmatched by the Philippines, and the Philippines cannot afford the cost of war. Maybe other Philippine presidents can fight, but I cant, I wont start a war.

According to the national conditions of the Philippines, the weak news of the Philippines was no longer published on the state of the union of the Philippines. Since becoming president of the Philippines in 2016, duterte has mentioned the South China Sea in five state of the Union addresses so far. In his 2019 state of the Union address, he even said that Chinese missiles can reach Manila in seven minutes..

Since becoming president of the Philippines, duterte has largely shelved the South China Sea dispute with China, Asias largest economy, and has instead actively sought to expand trade and attract investment between the Philippines and China, the Philippines abs-cbn27 said. The report quoted dutertes 27 th state of the Union address as saying that although the president has no intention of opposing the United States and China, he does not support the establishment of foreign military bases in the Philippines. If we set up a military base in the Philippines, we need to set up an atomic bomb depot. Once there is a war, it will bring disaster to the Philippines. Duterte said the Philippines will strive to defend its rights in the South China Sea, but will neither yield nor be a pawn to anyone.

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a key part of the national conference. Duthel Te also focuses on the new governments response to the new crown pneumonia and social economic initiatives. He said he would focus more on environmental protection in his second two years in office.

Speaking of China novel coronavirus pneumonia, he said that he asked the Chinese leaders a few days ago whether China could get the vaccine to Philippines as soon as possible. Duterte said that as a result of the governments timely measures, the Philippines has reduced the number of infections by 1.3 million to 3.5 million people. The government is still trying to improve its detection capability. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Philippines on, 1657 cases were confirmed, and 82040 cases were confirmed by the 27 total number of deaths, the total number of deaths was 1945.

It is understood that dutertes state of the Union address this year lasted for 1 hour and 41 minutes. Affected by the epidemic, although the speech is still held in the Philippine parliament as usual, the number of participants is strictly limited and the social distance criterion must be observed.