Chinese database can actually hang the oracle bone inscriptions of the United States?

 Chinese database can actually hang the oracle bone inscriptions of the United States?

The market generally believes that this is a rather conservative number. The IPO the ant group is seeking is worth at least $200 billion, or about 1.37 trillion yuan, according to the news agency.

And Chinese shareholders have never been afraid to give national enterprises a higher premium. According to the 200% increase of SMIC on the first day of listing, the market value of ant group will reach RMB 4.11 trillion. Even if the premium is slightly lower, there is a chance that it will surpass Maotai (2.2 trillion), the largest A-share market value.

According to the prospectus, ant groups revenue mainly comes from two sources: digital payment and business services, and digital financial technology platform.

Photo source: ant groups prospectus

Digital payment and business services, short answer is Alipay business, charging users and businesses, the proportion of this business has dropped to 35.86% this year.

The revenue of digital financial technology platform accounted for 63.39%, accounting for the largest share. To put it bluntly, this business is to collect technical service fees from relevant financial institutions according to the percentage of sales scale by promoting the sales of small and micro loans, financial products and insurance products.

It seems that, in the name of technology, ant group is now more like a financial intermediary on the Internet, far less hard core than SMIC.

So, is ant group really just a financial company?

Yang Zhenkun will not agree with this sentence.


Among them, the oceanbase database created by Yang Zhenkun made a big news this year.

Recently, the Chinese government updated the catalogue of prohibited technologies, suspected to be included in the tiktok algorithm, and the computer software system has been upgraded to an unprecedented strategic height. Database is one of the most core infrastructure in software field.

Whats more, different from the multi-national competition in the field of chip manufacturing, the database industry has long been dominated by the United States and Oracle.

Chinese database can actually hang oracle bone inscriptions?

Many people have noticed that Oracle, which ranked third in the TPC-C test, was made a decade ago, in 2010, and therefore questioned the authority of the ranking.

Indeed, since 2010, Oracle has never participated in this test again, because Oracle has been on its own, and it no longer needs to prove its strength with the league tables.

In 1970, Dr. coed, an IBM scientist, published a paper entitled relational data model of large shared database, which laid the theoretical foundation of modern database. However, limited to the computer level at that time, IBM thought that this kind of database had no commercial value, and actually locked the papers into the old paper pile.

But a few years later, the CIA saw the great strategic significance of the database. Since IBM didnt take orders, it had to turn to private experts. Finally, it took on Larry Ellison and his start-up company oracle.

This down and out programmer started his legendary life.

In the following decades, IBM and Microsoft, who saw money view, joined the database market competition one after another. Oracle did not lack challengers. Until 2010.

In that year, Oracle scored 30.24 million in TPC-C test, three times that of IBM in the same year. IBM was no longer able to fight back. Especially in China, where the industry started relatively late, people can only think of oracle bone inscriptions when they mention the database.

Coincidentally, the decline of the Oracle Dynasty also sowed seeds in that year.

In 2018, Ellison was interviewed by Fox Business News to play up the China Threat Theory

In 2010, Yang Zhenkun, a 45 year old Baidu senior scientist, resigned from Beijing and headed south to Hangzhou at the request of Wang Jian, the father of Alibaba cloud. His new job is to develop a database of his own for Ali.

At that time, Taobaos e-commerce business was sweeping across China. The volcanic eruption of user data made Alibaba the largest Asian customer of Oracle and challenged Oracles limits.

Taobao first encountered the problem is that the cost of the database is too high.

In the field of database, there is a saying of IOE, which means that a complete database system, software and hardware, needs the troika of IBM server, Oracle database and EMC storage equipment. In order to ensure that the data is not wrong, Oracle database must run on high-end server and storage hard disk.

The more pressing problem is that the Oracle database is about to collapse. In 2010, the double 11 started second years, the day 23:59 30 seconds, seeing that double 11 is about to end. Alipays core accounting system suddenly reported to the police, and the database resources will soon be exhausted. When the technicians cut off the last non critical application, it was only four seconds before the whole system crashed.

For this reason, Wang Jian, chief architect of Alibaba, proposed a plan to eliminate IOE: replacing IBM minicomputers with cheap PC servers, replacing Oracle databases with self-developed databases based on open source, and no high-end storage devices.

Initially, Wang Jians self research database based on open source refers to self-improvement based on the popular foreign open-source database mysql at that time, which is the most common independent path of Chinas software industry.

This road was later derived from alisql, which was open-source in 2016, with a 70% performance improvement over the original mysql.

But Yang Zhenkun chose a more difficult way to develop a new distributed database.

As it turns out, this choice is extremely wise, because Oracle soon acquired MySQL and was no longer fully open source.

Yang Zhenkun


The so-called distributed database, which is different from the traditional centralized database of Oracle, no longer stores data on a server, but runs directly on the cloud.

This is a disruptive change.

Atomicity: As account is reduced by 100 yuan, while Bs account is increased by 100 yuan. These two things must happen at the same time and are inseparable like atoms;

Consistency: after transfer, the sum of a and B accounts must be consistent with that before transfer;

Isolation: the transfer between a and B does not affect any other account;

Oracle and other traditional databases, known as centralized database, run on a single server, so it can maximize the acid characteristics. Even if the server fails, it can ensure that a task either happens or does not happen. There will not be a situation in which as account is less than 100 yuan, but Bs account is not received.

However, for distributed databases, if accounts a and B are on different machines, and one of them fails and the other continues to perform tasks, atomicity and consistency cannot be guaranteed.

In 2010, this is a road that no one has ever succeeded in. Ali knows how difficult it is.

It was reported that Wu Yongming, the technical director of Ali group at that time, told Yang Zhenkun: Mr. Yang, I can give you two years to prove that distributed database is feasible.

Yang Zhenkun, who has only a dozen people under him, actually made oceanbase0.1 in only one year, which was used in Taobaos favorites and successfully withstood the test of double 11 in 2011.

Throughout 2012, Yang spent most of his time selling his products to other departments - yes, even with the success of favorites, no one dared to use them.

Source: History

The method of oceanbase to solve the acid problem is to increase backup and bind three sets of oceanbase together, one main database and two standby databases. Only when at least one standby database has completed the task can the master database complete the task. In this way, any task is saved on at least two servers, which greatly reduces the accident probability.

Although this theory seems simple, we still have no idea whether it can guarantee no mistakes in hundreds of millions of transactions.

The situation makes heroes, and the opportunity for Yang Zhenkun came unexpectedly in 2014.

In 2014, double eleven, Alipay decided to hand over 1% of the water to OceanBase, and the remaining 99% used Oracle.

But in the pressure test near double eleven, the Oracle database crashed several times, and only reduced the amount of data to 90% to run steadily. Alipays body weight has exceeded the limit of Oracle.

Naturally, oceanbases share is raised to 10%.

On the evening of November 10, Peng Lei, CEO of ant financial services, came to the combat room of oceanbase and asked Yang Zhenkun, is Mr. Yang confident?

Yang Zhenkun pointed to the window, the leaves in late autumn were whirling in the wind. If we dont succeed, well jump. He said calmly.

Oceanbase certainly succeeded. In 2015, Yang Zhenkuns team won the heaviest award of ant financial services, superma.

Yang Zhenkun team won the CEO award of ant financial


As early as the 1990s, Oracle monopolized the telecom industry and IBM monopolized the financial industry. The Snowden incident in 2013 made the Chinese government aware of the huge security risks of using the US database, and vigorously promoted the de IOE, but the actual progress was slow.

So far, although many large banks have replaced the non core business based on MySQL and other open source systems, the core business is still using IBM DB2 system.

As of 2019, foreign manufacturers still occupy more than 80% of Chinas database market. In the traditional relational database market, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP occupy 60% of the market share, of which Oracle accounts for more than one third.

Share of domestic traditional relational database market in 2019 source: Minsheng securities

On the one hand, the advantage of Americans is too great.

It has been more than 40 years since sashixuan opened the Introduction to database system course in the National Peoples Congress in 1978. It has been more than 40 years since Chinas domestic database industry has been formed, which is represented by the four suppliers of National Peoples Congress Jincang, Wuhan Dameng, NANDA general and Shenzhou general, relying on scientific research institutions.

According to the public data, the National Peoples Congress Treasury, which was selected as the nuclear high base project, was approved with at least 120 million yuan of government funding support in 2011 alone.

On the other hand, database is a complex system that needs downstream supporting. For many years, all kinds of office systems have been developed by relying on Oracle and IBM, which are incompatible with each other.

Therefore, even Oracle, which is technically advanced in all aspects, is often difficult for banks to give up the original IBM system. Mark Hurd, Oracles CEO, has complained that if its so easy to migrate a database, DB2s market share may be zero.

In this case, it is more difficult for Yang Zhenkuns distributed database to gain the trust of major financial institutions.

For many years, oceanbase has been questioned by the outside world. The most common view is that distributed computing cannot achieve the same acid as centralized computing, so it can not be applied in the financial industry.

Oceanbase took part in the TPC-C test in response to this query. One of the most basic requirements of TPC-C testing is to meet the acid principle.

Therefore, the biggest challenge facing domestic databases such as oceanbase is how to build their own ecosystem.

Fortunately, personal efforts are important, but choosing the right position in the course of history is the decisive factor.

Today, history is on the side of cloud computing. In the United States, new players in databases such as Amazon and Google are also taking over Oracles territory with the help of distributed computing. Due to the limited scale of offline business, traditional banks can continue to be conservative, but any enterprise with internet ambition is switching to distributed.

Oceanbase has provided external services since 2017, and has won many financial customers. For example, China Merchants Banks Internet business has adopted oceanbase server. Oceanbase also serves its own e-commerce banks, as well as dozens of commercial banks and insurance institutions such as Bank of Nanjing and Changshu rural commercial bank.

In 2019, Tencents distributed server tdsql is also applied to the traditional core business of Zhangjiagang rural commercial bank for the first time.

Whats more, different from the traditional state-owned enterprises which enjoy the policy dividend and are far away from the market, they are fighting in the most fierce market competition, using their rich commercial profits to blood transfusion for scientific research, and are wading out a more efficient technology attack road for China.

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