Do young people with a monthly salary of 5000 dare to talk about their dreams

 Do young people with a monthly salary of 5000 dare to talk about their dreams

This generation of young people, has been nearly crushed by life, it seems that the most correct choice is to become a money making machine without dreams.

But some people do not admit defeat, adhere to the public welfare, resign to take the postgraduate entrance examination, change careers to pursue dreams. Today, we had a chat with some young people who dont admit defeat to see how they can resist the lifes shock with their dreams.

The choice between dream and reality is not a new topic.

Your good friend is a senior middle school senior middle school student. He wants to apply for the History Department of a key university. The head teacher and his parents hold different opinions. He was puzzled and distressed. He wrote a letter and wanted to hear your opinion. You should write a reply to him.

This is the composition topic of the college entrance examination in Beijing at the end of the 1980s. Today, more than 30 years later, the discussion in the composition of the college entrance examination has become a reality, and the left behind female students in Hunan apply for the entrance examination of Peking University archaeology.

To become a favorite of the archaeological community is a later word. The public debate is still focused on the money way. The keywords left behind children and Archaeology touch peoples worries about material and reality.

On November 4, 2019, the archaeological team officially excavated the Langyatai site for the first time

Indeed, in 2020, money has become the biggest source of security.

In the introduction of enrollment information, it is difficult to find out what courses the major is studying and what direction the tutor is good at, but the employment rate must be placed in the most prominent position.

The other side of persuading left behind girls to have no money in archaeology is the status quo of popular majors such as finance. Among the majors with the largest number of Postgraduates in Jinan University last year, finance undoubtedly ranked first; among the masters enrollment ratio of Nankai University last year, the enrollment ratio of the school of finance was as high as 14.1:1 [1].

At the end of the day, you will find that the netizen who complains about how the college entrance examination has not cancelled mathematics is likely to be the same person as the one who sharpens his head and wants to squeeze into the financial major. In the face of reality, making money is the most important thing.

A survey of Shanghai graduates in 2020 shows that more than 80% of the graduates value salary and welfare when looking for a job, and the second factor is development prospect, accounting for more than 60%. By contrast, less than 40% of the college students choose matching interest and personality [2].

Although I dont know whether money can make the devil move the mill, but money can definitely make young people work well.

A study in 2018 collected the work data of employees from December 2016 to December 2017. After quantitative research, it was found that salary has a positive and significant impact on peoples work motivation. On the contrary, if the remuneration obtained is not enough to meet the needs of employees, the work enthusiasm will be reduced [4].

On May 4, 2020, workers work overtime on the construction site during the May 1 holiday in Huaian, Jiangsu Province

Nowadays, talking about ideals and freedom seems less useful than talking about money.

However, some people do the opposite. It seems that young people who just want to make money in pursuit of their dreams will lose their blood in the eyes of young people who just want to make money.

This year is Li Kexins 12th year of public welfare for left behind children.

In 2008, Li Kexin, who was still a freshman, went into yejuao, a mountain village in Huanggang City, Dabie Mountains, while doing field research.

Here, young people go out to work, old people and children stay in the mountains. The road from the county road to the countryside is still a muddy land where vehicles are hard to walk. The children in the mountain village have not played online games or contacted computers. Education equity was folded up in the world of these children. Music, art and science classes were out of reach for them at that time.

Before parting, a child asked Li Kexin, sister, when will you come back? the childs question poked Li Kexin.

After three months of deliberation, Li Kexin made the decision to suspend school for a year. Im afraid there will be more practical problems to worry about when I graduate. Im afraid that I will not be firm and courageous at that time.

In Jianshi County, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, volunteers carry out public welfare activities / Sun studio

At the time of graduation, Li Kexin refused the guarantee research quota offered by the University. In the six years since then, she has been working in the media, public welfare and education industries. She has repeatedly asked herself, what kind of problem do you want to solve, what kind of value do you want to create and how can we do it - she hopes to find an answer for planting the sun.

In 2017, Li Kexin resigned from the teaching management of the Affiliated High School of Peking University and returned to the full-time public welfare road. Her monthly salary is only one third of her original income, but for her, there is something more important than material feedback..

Open mouth and shut up is the age of money. Young people who talk about dreams and public welfare are rare and precious.

However, it is no wonder that todays young people live as a money making machine without dreams. If you can, who doesnt want to be a free and easy dreamer?

But reality doesnt allow them to. Earlier this year, a study of 7000 British teenagers found that the arts, culture, entertainment and sports industries accounted for the largest proportion of their dream jobs. But the reality is that the proportion of real job demand is only about one fifth of the proportion of young people who want to engage in these occupations [5].

That is to say, when you grow up, it is the normal life that dreams fail.

In real life, in addition to dreams, there are many things that young people need to pursue or undertake. When you walk out of the ivory tower, you will find that most of the beauty in the world is the taste of money.

According to a report released by lily Jiayuan, by 2019, the monthly income requirements of women for lovers have reached 9903 yuan [6]. In Beijing and Shanghai, more than half of the post-95s require their lovers to earn more than 10000 yuan a month [7].

On February 19, 2012, parents watched the information of blind date at the blind date corner of Shanghai Peoples Park for their childrens blind date.

After working, you will find that the reason why you cant fall in love is not that you are not handsome enough, but that you are not rich enough.

However, the label of money worship is wronged on these young people. After all, the young people who are as light as chrysanthemum also want to live. The money they should spend will not be discounted if you are indifferent.

The most realistic problem is the house. In Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, where young people are flocking to, it is basically an extravagant hope to realize the whole rent freedom. The proportion of one bedroom rent to income is more than 90%. Even if you choose to rent together, the rental cost in first tier cities should also reach more than 30% of the income [8].

When you get older and start thinking about getting married and having children, buying a house will be put into the process of life. To be more precise, it is the trouble of being unable to afford a house and being put on the agenda.

For this generation, house slaves are not a distant urban myth. Among married and married young people with children, 30% and 38% of them carry mortgage [9].

On September 22, 2019, commercial buildings under construction along Beiyun River in Tongzhou District, Beijing.

When you take on the mortgage, you may suddenly realize that in the first half of your life, you have had five passes and six generals, you can work smoothly, get married and have children. What is waiting for you at the end is not flowers and applause, but a long and arduous repayment life.

In the face of the irresistible pressure of reality, the dream seems to be negligible, and after the end of the flag, there is only a helpless sigh.

A few days ago, some researchers investigated the stress level of people after the reopening of Wuhan. The results showed that the work pressure of male participants increased significantly, and the financial pressure of female participants increased significantly.

Last year, people who still Tucao 996, even now 007, dare not make complaints about it.

However, in June this year, Luo Yue resigned when many people were struggling to find a job. The reason for her resignation was that she wanted to become a philosopher and get a postgraduate majoring in philosophy.

Luo Yue, who has just passed her 31th birthday, most of her contemporaries are married and have children. She has entered a new stage of her life. However, she is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. She gets up at 7 oclock every day, goes to the library to endorse and brush questions, and studies with students 8 or 10 years younger than her.

On September 1, 2020, Luo Yue reviewed the history of Western Philosophy in the library

By the beginning of August, Luo Yue had already started the second round of review of professional courses. The step-by-step life of her peers did have some impact on Luo Yue, but she felt that everyone has their own timetable.

Now, Luo Yue has saved enough tuition for three years of graduate students, school subsidies and part-time income during his study, I can support myself visually.. Luo Yue said that his self-awareness came too late and did not have the courage to pursue his dream when he was 20 years old. But fortunately, after entering the society, she picked up the Moon which was delayed by sixpence again.

You can admit it, but you cant lose your dream

In front of their dreams, there are many young people who admit to be counsellors.

However, in reality, the helpless is that after a few years, young people who give up their dreams will find that they have neither realized their ideals when they were young nor become rich people. The more likely outcome is to live as an ordinary person.

Researchers have found that intergenerational mobility in China is still very low today, and most people belong to the same class as their parents [10]. Its not that when you grow up, you become omnipotent.

On June 6, 2018, senior three students of Changsha Tongshenghu experimental school are reviewing their lessons in the classroom.

When you get to a certain age, you will find that only age increases, not wealth. A statistical analysis of the income of people of all ages in the United States found that the proportion of people with income of $50000 or more from the age of 35 to retirement will not change much [11].

Poor but stubborn dream poor boys, and secular but rich middle-aged villains, only exist in TV dramas. Most people in life are small supporting roles who do not even have names.

Accept their own ordinary, is the real answer to growth.

It is found that there is a significant statistical relationship between positive and optimistic attitude and individual performance. An optimistic attitude towards ones own ability is a key factor to realize ones dream [12]. Under the hindrance of reality, believing in ones own ability is the key to realize ones dream. Those who successfully pursue their dreams will not give up easily.

On May 10, 2019, Anhui Xiaohuo luqianbao sees the business opportunity and starts a business to make creative candy

Another study also found that entrepreneurs with emotional stability are more likely to succeed in the workplace. If you want to realize your dreams, you need stable emotions to face pressure and uncertainty [13].

It is said that 2020 is a year of despair, but ordinary people who insist on their dreams are still shining.

Xing Yu, a nine to five office worker, still insists on his dream of becoming a musical actor. He practices his voice and plays hard. He takes advantage of the weekend to go to another city to perform, hoping that every stage can make progress.

Li Xing, a French major, has only the sketch foundation of the childrens palace. However, she imitates the illustrators of the internship unit to see how they draw a picture. At the same time, she practices human body, color and sketch with the God on the Internet. In August last year, she successfully changed her career as an illustrator.

In October 2018, Li Xing, who has just been exposed to illustration, practices painting according to Xinyuans painting

In every era, there is a lot of outside noise. There are always front waves, can not help but tell you the right and wrong life, people always follow the tide, but the success is often not advised after the waves.

Just like the Swiss American scale wants to tell you, daring and not following the tide is the background of youth.

Half a month ago, we jointly launched the big vision and make a difference dream collection activity. In the activity, 931 readers wrote down their heroic dreams of ordinary life. Even under the epidemic situation, they are working hard for their big dreams step by step.

Every twists and turns, there will be a wave of obstruction, but statistics and data can never be used to judge the right or wrong of individual choice, and the experience of the front waves can not be the reason to prevent you from sticking to your dream.

Mido hopes to see young people boldly pursue their dreams with a positive and positive attitude, never set limits on themselves, and never be afraid of external obstacles.

In order to encourage young people to pursue their dreams boldly and be fearless of challenges, in addition to the dream collection activity, Mido has also launched an online interactive H5 activity, which invites you to make dream posters, so that you can ride through the wind and waves on the road of pursuing dreams.

By scanning the activity QR code below, you can create your dream exclusive poster, share your big dream, and you will have a chance to win a beautiful choice watch.

Medoc UGC winning list

First prize (3) Neteases top up cards with a value of 500 yuan

Li Kexin (nickname: Koala): want to become a respectable anthropologist in ten years!

Zhang Le (nickname: mouse falls in love with cat): since childhood, I hope to become a professional player, but this is a distant dream. But last year, I got the d-certificate of China youth training coach, which is close to my dream.

Second prize (5) Netease cloud music annual card members:

Li Xing (nickname: yqz): changed from non art design major to illustrator.

Xing Yu: if you have a chance, I would like to complete the musical stage again.

Givelove: after watching sister riding the wind and waves, I remembered my singing dream. After my husband went to bed, I secretly got up and sang invisible wings in the balcony for a while.

Naining sauce: I want to raise a tender and lovely lamb. I lead it to the community to gnaw grass every day.

Cosmonaut: turn Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday into Friday.

Third prize (10) Mido customized gifts:

Zheng Tu Tu Tu: my dream is to be a baby machine owner and watch the young lovers fall in love!

Long winged cat and cat: there are more handsome men in life. If you can, give me one.

Dayao: Im 30 years old. I set a big goal - I took the CPA exam in three years. Now start to step-by-step online classes, take notes! come on.

Xiaoxiyi: living in a house with a single garden, you only have to worry about building flowers and plants every day~

Morrio: Im young enough to earn enough pension money, and then Ill take the independent bookstore that I loved most when I was in college. I sell books and CDs, and occasionally play movies without going to work.

Hu Xiaowu Moda: double your hair!!!

First heart small sugar beans: can quickly forget unhappy memories and memorize words will not forget the super ability!

Kanto cooks: when a pet blogger, he does not work at home every day.

Liu ximeizi: the dream is to find your own value. No matter where you buy a house, you can eat, drink and sleep with your family.

Zhang Xinqi: next year I will take the middle school entrance examination. It is very difficult to take the first place in the provincial capital middle school entrance examination. Even the first place in this countys high school entrance examination may not be able to enter. But it doesnt matter (= ^ ^ =), go all out! I hope that in the near future, I can fight for the University in the middle school!

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