Joker Xue hot pot dishes found coli group is not the first time not qualified.

 Joker Xue hot pot dishes found coli group is not the first time not qualified.

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Bluntly: music is his favorite. Joker Xue said he did not experience his debut. Joker Xue talked about his experience.

According to the 33rd provincial food safety random inspection information released by Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau on September 2, hot water cups and seasoning bowls used for disinfection in the first branch of Shanghai Jinqian Catering Management Co., Ltd. were sampled and unqualified, and coliforms were detected in the products.

The sampling information involved 8 categories of food, including condiments, frozen food, catering food, food additives, etc. a total of 783 batches of samples were sampled, including 780 qualified batches and 3 unqualified batches. In addition to the above two batches of products were not qualified, the total number of colonies of Taiwan flavor rice cakes (egg yolk flavor) produced by Huaian sweet food Co., Ltd. and sold by Shanghai Tianli e-commerce Co., Ltd. were also detected to be unqualified.

For the unqualified products found in the above random inspection, Shanghai market supervision bureau has required the relevant district market supervision bureaus to investigate and deal with the unqualified food and its producers and operators in time, investigate and deal with them according to law, further urge the enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations, and record the relevant information into the food safety credit files of food producers and operators.

It is understood that E. coli group is one of the commonly used indicators of food pollution at home and abroad. The detection of coliform in food indicates that it may be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella and pathogenic Escherichia coli. The excessive coliform may be caused by the contamination of raw materials, packaging materials, personnel and equipment, or improper storage and transportation conditions.

Nandu reporters learned that the first branch of Shanghai Jinqian Catering Management Co., Ltd., named Xu Tai, was the famous restaurant of Shanghai Shanghai restaurant. The famous fashion artist was involved in the investment of Shang Qian fashion hot pot shop and the brand of the company. The shop which was unqualified was found to be the upper humid hot pot (Changning store). Relevant information shows that shangshangqian hotpot is mainly engaged in authentic Chongqing style chuanchuangxiang hot pot restaurant, and currently has three branches in Shanghai.

And this is not the first time that Shanghai Jinqian Catering Management Co., Ltd. has been spot checked by regulatory authorities. On August 4, Shanghai Changning District market supervision and Administration Bureau reported the situation of food safety supervision and random inspection in July this year. A total of 178 batches of various food samples were sampled and 10 batches of unqualified samples were found. Among them, coliforms were detected in 2 batches of hot water cup (plain black cup) and seasoning bowl of the first branch of Shanghai Jinqian Catering Management Co., Ltd.

Prior to this, the company engaged in fresh juice business activities without obtaining food business project permission. In January this year, Shanghai Changning District market supervision and Administration Bureau imposed an administrative penalty on the company, confiscating 2244 yuan of illegal income and imposing a fine of 10000 yuan.

Source: Hu Mengyao, editor in charge of Southern Metropolis Daily_ NK5655