Now, will you still be irritated by the phrase strike hard?

 Now, will you still be irritated by the phrase strike hard?

Corresponding to this, after the frequent appearance of variety shows, there have been a lot of bad comments on her on the Internet, and a large part of them are attacking her fat.

For example, typing Yang naivete in the microblog search box shows that nine out of ten of the automatic matching content is related to her figure.

Of course, it can be said that this is because she does not avoid talking about these things in the program, but it can not be denied that if a womans figure exceeds the audiences expectation and breaks the traditional aesthetics, she will inevitably be attacked.

This reminds me of another woman who made her mark this year - Zhang Weili, the 2020 UFC world champion in combat.

After she won the championship, most peoples first reaction was to be surprised at the strength of the womans physical strength, and to love that her future boyfriend could only be domestic violence by her.

According to the standard of Chinese relatives, it is extremely comprehensive.

In a word, no matter Yang Tiantian or Zhang Weili, there are always people who like to wear that pair of glasses to look at women in society and examine them habitually. Are they fat or thin? Strong or soft? Can you make a boyfriend? Just dont care about their expertise.

For such women, there is always a set of humiliating words for them - tanks, boxers, dinosaurs.

Interestingly, all these insulting words are full of violence and power: big men, military weapons, well-trained and destructive.

The reason why these words are used by men as insults to women has something to do with the discipline and expectation of women in patriarchal society.

Compared with the slut humiliation represented by whore (women are too women, it is wrong), such heavy words reflect the other side of misogyny

Its also wrong to be a woman.

The ideal female in the society of disgusting women

Whenever and wherever, the patriarchal society always constructs a so-called ideal female image, and takes this as the criterion to examine the real women in all aspects.

In Japan, the standard is Dahe Fuzi.

Daiwa Fuzi is not a personal name, but an ideal woman created under the illusion of male chauvinism.

People who have the character of Da he Fu Zi tend to behave elegantly and cultivated, treat people peacefully and gently, act steadily and cautiously, but they are very natural and not rigid.

Japanese mens standards for Daiwa Fuzi circulated on the Internet include: black hair, wearing black shoes with high soles, not too beautiful, not too much talking, not too quiet, not saying evil words, not too vulgar.

The most ridiculous criterion is: smile at 60% of the time every day..

Nowadays, Daiwa Fuzi is more widely used in Japanese ACG pop culture. The role with this attribute always uses a soft smile to resolve conflicts. Therefore, Dahe Fuzi is a type close to the cure system.

Female characters with big and caressing temperament are common in animation

Similarly, Indian feminist scholars have proposed a term respectable feminity (literally, respectable femininity) to refer to the ideal woman in Indias patriarchal fantasy.

In India, the most important characteristic of respectable women is to attach great importance to family (and country), especially family honor (and national honor). Therefore, Indian women must sacrifice their pursuit and demand of individualization in terms of study, occupation, marriage and love.

Even with higher education, if they reach the marriage age required by the society, Indian women often give up the opportunity to continue their studies or enter the workplace, and choose to enter marriage as housewives, and the object of marriage is often decided by their parents.

In contemporary India, this kind of discipline based on ideal women affects high caste women who are born in middle-class families, educated and capable of finding independent jobs, even though they are already privileged people in terms of education and origin.

Women should be three obedient and four virtuous. They should respect their husbands and teach their children. They should be flexible in their work. They should not be too much. They should do what they should do at what age.

Break the rules, start with active failure

Because of the standard of ideal female, when men want to insult women with words, they will subconsciously adopt images and descriptions that are contrary to the above standards.

You see, Yang Tiantian and Zhang Weili are not in line with the traditional aesthetic appearance of women, but also like to fight in their own professional field and become the first. This is simply not a woman, and it is worth being humiliated by heavy words!

In fact, advocating the ideal image of women and humiliating women with heavy words are two sides of a body in which mens power is in danger

For women who suffer from such evaluation, it is very difficult to completely desensitize. Under the vast amount of vicious words, many girls suffer from it.

What should I do?

To be honest, what cant be done. Unless you admit your failure.

The failure here is not to comply with the standard of self denial, but through active choice failure, which makes the standard of ideal women fail.

How to do it? In fact, some netizens have given the answer:

From being ridiculed be careful that she will sit down on your ass to be careful that I will kill you with my butt, in fact, is a kind of thinking that takes failure as a strategy and turns defeat into victory.

If the former is based on fat body shaming, then the latter is the body proud statement to take the initiative.

In this reversal process, the initial humiliated people reverse the bullys standard, turning you fat, you scare people into Im fat, Im strong logic.

Im fat, Im strong, Im boxing, Im happy


Another example of active failure has something to do with rural feminism.

Many feminists, when attacked and opposed at the beginning, do not want or like to be called idyllic womens rights and boxers, and they do not want to be criticized as fighting hard when they are reasoning. They hope to be separated from such heavy words.

However, after a long time, we will find that responding to such attacks can only stop at the stage of self justification, which not only consumes itself, but also fails to promote dialogue.

As a result, many feminists will take the initiative to choose failure and embrace stigma, instead avoiding a lot of energy and time entangled in the definition.

On active failure, Judith haberstein wrote a book called the queer art of failure. In this book, haberstein studies queer theory in a way that is anti traditional (not serious works, but childrens animation), anti orthodoxy (less academic approved literature, more unorthodox Archives), or failure to study queer theory.

Haberstein wants to convey in this way that failure can sometimes provide more creative, cooperative potential and more amazing ideas, with a kind of courage of persisting in retrograde and the belief that he will die and survive.

It is such courage and belief that brings more possibilities.

Gradually, idyllic womens rights got a lot of hugs, and boxing was given a new meaning.

Some people have made bags with the words rural womens rights sewn with their own hands to express their support; the employment gender discrimination monitoring team has also redefined the term rural womens rights.

All of these new vitality start from active failure.

New rules are taking shape

For many women, the words tank and Boxer are not even insulting at first.

Does power belong only to men?

Of course not.

In the international trade subway station outside the initiative to help the female passers-by who was molested by girls, more powerful than the male indecency!

The two women who stopped a man suspected to be picking up corpses at the gate of Shenzhen hotel are more powerful than the man who scolds them!

Yang Tiantian, who doubts the social unity of aesthetics, is much more powerful than the people who laugh at her fat!

Zhang Weili, who says that men have many faces, can be gentle and cry, is much more powerful than those who say they will only be beaten if they fall in love with her!

I hope all those who want to defend that male exclusive world will understand that new rules are being formed, whether you like it or not.

In the new world, being like a girl is neither praise nor belittle.

In the new world, there will be more Yang Tiantian and Zhang Weili. They can be themselves without being examined.