Xiong Ling: how to find self confidence and self

 Xiong Ling: how to find self confidence and self

fallen leaves

Fallen leaves, you use logical thinking, beautiful words and levels to clearly express the mental process of your young life, which really reflects the glory and excellent potential you have had. I think your glory may belong to the past, but your excellent potential belongs to your forever. If excellent potential is nurtured by honor and achievement, then your sense of honor will belong to you forever.

In your letter, you have thoroughly analyzed the reasons why you are not confident and lost. Your love and marriage have healed more than half of your inner wounds miraculously! My heart is more and more calm and stable, and my depression is gradually disappearing. It shows that you are a healthy and mature girl. As for you asking me, can you tell me how to get rid of the burden of the past and regain my self-confidence and self-confidence? In the past, I dont have to forget it completely. Because the past (past history) is impossible to leave and forget, it exists in our lives, if we lose or forget it, we will undoubtedly lose and forget my whole person! No wonder you always feel like you cant find yourself.

Secondly, the definition of the past as burden should be replaced by the tempering of suffering. In the past, no matter what it was, we could not change it, but we could choose to change our attitude towards it. Behind every suffering history, there are energy resources that make people awake and rise. When you recall it, it must have a positive significance for you to look at yourself again. Without the loss of the past, there will be no desire for change and self-confidence, nor the present when you seek self realization.

Secondly, please gently let go of your resentment towards the past. Even if there are objects of resentment that bring you pain, they will have more bitter resentment than you. To remove the resentment in your heart is to accept your past and your relatives. The real forgiveness is to accept them without changing them, and they do not have to apologize or make up for something, Maybe you dont ask for it, but you always complain about the past and the original family, which shows that you have too much resentment in your heart and deep resentment. If the heart is full of resentment and hatred, you cant really express yourself in interpersonal relationship.

Leaves fall every autumn, but they dont fall, because its not a lost fall, its just a response to normal climate and life itself. Leaves full of vitality, they have always been constantly regenerating and regenerating And you only see the leaves falling (thats actually another beauty of leaves!) But they have been ignoring the green leaves to the world and the nutrients necessary for human life.

Self confidence is built on the process of respecting the reality and using the power of reality; to find yourself is better to see yourself - you are beside you. But why do you turn a blind eye to yourself for a long time? Is it because your eyes are only infatuated with the past pride, and your heart is filled with hatred for your family ignored you and your classmates robbed you of your honor? So for fallen leaves, its very simple to find your self-confidence and self-confidence, right.

Miss Xiong Ling