34 year old Ronaldo proposed successfully: how does Cinderella, the real version, conquer the king in the hearts of fans

 34 year old Ronaldo proposed successfully: how does Cinderella, the real version, conquer the king in the hearts of fans

Once the proposal is successful, he will enter the palace of marriage.

In the face of this pair, it was the feeling that everyone did not approve of, but got the most satisfactory result.

From the beginning of their relationship to the success of their proposal, they expressed shock, but all fans were willing to send their blessing.

What kind of experience is this? A shopkeeper sister, the real version of Cinderella, counter attack into a princess.

The reason why Georgina is said to be a princess is to create a rich and handsome man with superb skills and a handsome face.

Such a man around the most women.

Over the past few years, the media has specially counted more than 50 gossip girlfriends of all sizes.

Because of the frequent change of girlfriends, Ronaldo has been called the prodigal in love by the media and all fans.

Ex girlfriends from supermodel to star have, and each is a human beauty, body, appearance are first-class.

So at the beginning, when Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina were together, they were not favored by the media and fans. They thought it was just a moment of fun for c Luo.

But this year, this prodigal son, proposed to Georgina, gave Georgina a marriage and a promise. Fans finally sighed and said, the prodigal in love is going to take heart..

What kind of a woman can make the lover willing to go ashore.

What is more shocking is that it is not a supermodel or a big star, but an ordinary Cinderella.



Georgina grew up in an ordinary family in Spain in 1995. Her father was a football assistant and her mother ran a convenience store.

Later, he went to learn ballet, but because his parents were just ordinary jobs, they couldnt afford to pay for the study.

So Georgina began to learn to work, through such an experience, while working and learning dance.

As I grew older, I also wanted to broaden my horizons, so I flew to England alone.

But because of the unfamiliar English, listen to the advice of friends to become international mutualist, can learn English, and can earn money.

For her dance dream, she lived in a foreign country, but in the end, the employer left England, which meant that she had to lose her job and her income source. Georgina, who was almost penniless, returned to Spain.

Back home, it happened to be a brand store that wanted to know English. It was because Georgina had such a British experience that she successfully applied for the job.

As a response to that sentence you just need to quietly top-notch, you can surprise everyone..

Seeing Georgina in the crowd, with her beautiful figure and dancing background, Georgina is full of temperament and femininity, and then c Luo launched a passionate pursuit.

Always believe that you just bloom, the breeze comes.

If Georgina had not been working hard for her dream to study English in a foreign country, she would not have got such a job, and would not have met Ronald.

She will not become a princess from Cinderella and become a handsome woman.

There are times in life when opportunities come, it must be that you have made all the preparations, in order to withstand such a status mismatched love.

In real life, many girls hope to become princesses and get the love of Gao Fu Shuai or prince charming.

However, one premise is ignored: growth.

Georgina can be said to be a classic love success story worth learning.

In order to her dream, any difficulties can not defeat this woman, constantly study hard, enrich herself, and make herself more and more excellent.

Both IQ and EQ are very high, which is not only recognized by c Luo, but also recognized by Luo Ma and other three children.

It is not difficult to see that this womans behavior, as well as communication, get along with peoples ability is very strong.

Otherwise, it wont let a prodigal son turn back, so its worth every woman to learn some good qualities in Georgina.

Growth is a lonely process.

In this process, we all have to swallow a lot of pain, swallow a lot of grievances, bear a lot of pain.

This process is also a process of self-improvement, self repair, and persistence in patience, so that their inner quality and external value have been greatly improved.

And Georgina, it is this growth process that makes her get the love she wants, the wealth and status that ordinary people cant get, and becomes the unique self in C Rowes mind.


Never lose attraction

Let the lover is to lose the visual attraction, so that it is easy to be absorbed by some beautiful things from the outside and take away the original own vision.

Georgina, of course, has done the best.

After being with C Rowe, there have been a lot of criticisms on the Internet about Georgina, saying that she is not worthy of Ronaldo. There have been fans looking forward to their break-up, but in exchange for c Luos proposal.

Slowly, we have a question: why Georgina can get the identity of C Luo Zhengs girlfriend..

Facing the pressure of public opinion, Georgina chose to face it and treat it correctly. Instead of making trouble, she kept a good attitude and faced it bravely.

But Georgina still insists on going to work, keeping fit, maintaining her independent personality and charm.

Because the more attractive women tend to have their own personality and their own ideas.

Never give up your hobby for love or anyone else, because only when you live and become the best you can get the best love.

Never lose charm, an attractive woman must have: independent personality, have their own aesthetic..

Attraction is a magical thing.

Women should understand that women are like a blooming flower.

If you want to stay forever and attract the opposite sex, you should learn to turn your fragrance into a long-lasting fragrance.

To always change their own smell, rather than long as one, continuous growth, so that men can not let go of you, always concerned about.


Know how to love each other

Know how to love each other, in order to get the true love of each other.

Many women want to be the unique self in mens mind, get that unique love, but ignore what men want.

When these are ignored, naturally can not get mens true love, because every love is conditional.

Many people say that Ronaldo is a prodigal son in love, but he really goes into his inner world.

As we can see, in fact, c Luos childhood was born in a poor family with a complicated family environment.

Love for parents is less, but also extremely lack of security, very eager to have a happy and stable family and love.

Georgina gave him everything he wanted and contained everything he had.

To satisfy c Luos potential emotional needs, give this man some respect and worship in any occasion.

When the media interviewed Georgina, her reply tone was always full of love.

Take care of C Luos children with all ones heart, give love to children, go into the heart of children.

Because of this, she got more recognition from C. Rowe, and everyone understood that Georgina had paid so much love behind her back.

Instead of criticizing Georgina, fans agreed: this is what this woman deserves..

For C Rowes mother, Georgina is also dedicated, holiday greetings, gifts.

He did a lot of things that the younger generation couldnt do, so he also helped Georgina. Naturally, he praised Georgina in front of Ronald.

Luo Ma

It also made C Rowe more firm in his idea: Georgina will be the rest of his life..

When you want to get love, dont forget to give love and praise. Dont forget to give praise.

If you want to get a mans unique love, you should know how to love each others everything and love each others love.

All the perfect love and marriage in the world are skillful.

If your marriage or love is still in the mire, its better to calm down and think about it.

Love each other in the way they want to love each other. May we encourage each other together to become a happy person.

Author: Luo Mingyans emotional counselor, who has focused on the emotional field for 6 years, is good at restoring and repairing love and healing the original family. He helps the visitors get rid of the victimization mode brought by the original family, grow and get along better in the relationship between the two sexes, save themselves and their loved ones, and become a person with the ability of happiness.