Looking back on the Anti Japanese war with the general secretary

 Looking back on the Anti Japanese war with the general secretary

In the modern history of China

The voice of peace stirred the hearts of the people

Looking back on the road

After the outbreak of the September 18th Incident, the enthusiasm of the people in Northeast China to resist Japan and save the nation was growing. In Shenyang, there are nine patriots, known as nine gentlemen. They do not hold swords and guns, but use patriotic fighting spirit as spear and desperate courage as shield to expose the truth of Japanese invasion of China with a camera.

From late November 1931 to the end of January 1932, during more than two months, the nine gentlemen photographed as many as 300 pieces of evidence of Japanese invasion of China in their adventures. Each time, the evidence collection was thrilling and dangerous. After collecting evidence, they translated all the evidence into English and compiled it into a volume, named truth. Until February 1933, in its ruling, the general assembly of the League of nations regarded the truth as important evidence and held that Japans launching of the September 18th Incident was an act of aggression.

After more than 80 years of wind and frost, this camera has long been retired. However, in the lens and shutter, the patriotic feat of the nine gentlemen and the determination of the Chinese people to unite as one and resist foreign aggression together are fixed in the eternity of time together with the truth recorded by this camera.

The Japanese aggressors brazenly launched an all-round war of aggression against China, which brought unprecedented great disasters to the Chinese people. President Xi Jinping said at the ceremony of the national public memorial ceremony for the victims of the massacre in Nanjing.

On August 13, 1937, the battle of Songhu began. On October 26, in the final stage of the campaign, Xie Jinyuan was ordered to lead more than 400 officers and men, known as 800 strong men, and held fast to the warehouse of the four banks to cover the westward withdrawal of the main forces overnight. They fought hard for four days and nights, defeated six Japanese sieges and killed more than 200 enemies.

After Xie Jinyuan was ordered to leave the warehouse of Sihang and return to the concession, the authorities detained him in a prisoners camp under the pressure of the Japanese army. Xie Jinyuan wrote this letter to Zhang Pingzhou.

President Xi Jinping thousands on thousands of million people united as one man, fighting against death and fighting death, and all the people are united in heart and soul, and they have played a heroic song of victory against Japanese invasion. In the 77th anniversary ceremony to commemorate the outbreak of the war of resistance against the whole nation, the president said: no matter whether it is a frontal battlefield or a battlefield behind enemy lines, thousands of patriotic soldiers are fighting blood and dying.

On September 25, 1937, at Qiaogou on the east side of Pingxing pass, 685 regiment of 115th division of the Eighth Route Army was responsible for blocking the enemys vanguard troops. The second battalion and the fifth company were at the forefront of the combat forces. The weapons and equipment of the fifth company were extremely simple, but they beat back the enemys attacks again and again with the will of steel.

At the end of the battle, the headquarters and Political Department of the 343 brigade of the 115th division presented the medal flag, which is called Pingxingguan war assault company, to the fifth company. This heroic flag witnessed the battle of blood and fire, and condensed the spirit of the Eighth Route Army in bravely fighting against Japan. Why is the flag as beautiful as a picture? The heros blood dyed it red!

Anjiang cotton mill has a batch of European style furniture. Why not borrow it first and return it afterwards? Thinking of this, Chen yingzhuangs thatched cottage suddenly opened. He rushed to the original Qianyang County (now Hongjiang City) Anjiang cotton mill, and borrowed decent tables, chairs and sofas to Zhijiang. After the surrender ceremony, the European furniture was engraved with fire seal inscriptions and returned to the original factory.

Today, this nine drawer desk is the only desk with inscriptions preserved in the venue at that time, with the words commemorating the surrender ceremony and in Zhijiang on August 21, 1994. It is a witness of history, witnessing the moment when countless compatriots cheered for the victory of the Anti Japanese war.

Chinese President Xi Jinping refuse to be cowed or submit to war against the aggressors. He defeated the Japanese militarist aggressors, defended the achievements of the Chinese nation in the past 5000 years, and defended the cause of human peace, and created the wonders of the war history and the Chinese nation. The president of the 70th Anniversary Conference of the Chinese peoples resistance against Japan and the world war against fascism was held up. Great feat.

After returning home, Gou Jitang devoted himself to the Anti Japanese war. With his outstanding military talent and heroic fighting performance, he was promoted and praised many times. Finally, he was invited to participate in the Nanjing surrender ceremony. He witnessed the historic moment when the supreme commander of the Japanese army, Okamura Ningci, signed the letter of surrender. In the past 14 years, Gou Jitangs humiliation was finally washed away, and the Chinese people finally ushered in the dawn of peace.

Chinese President Chinese President extremely hard and bitter struggle, the Chinese people have won the great victory of the Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan, declared the victory of the world anti fascist war and the peace sunshine again shining in the 70th anniversary congress of the victory of the Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan and the worlds anti fascist war, Xi Jinping said at the victory conference of the Chinese peoples victory in the war of resistance against Japan and the worlds anti fascist war. The conference was held in memory of the victory of the Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan and the worlds anti fascist war. The conference said: the Chinese people have won the great victory of the Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan for 14 years.

Fourteen years of Anti Japanese War

The unyielding Chinese Red boy

Go to the national disaster

The ancient Chinese phoenix has been reborn from the ashes,

It started the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

A new historical journey.

September 3, 2020

The Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan

Remember the history and cherish the memory of the victims

A prosperous world for peace building

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