Why is the younger brother in in the name of family more worthy of marriage?

 Why is the younger brother in in the name of family more worthy of marriage?

Although Li Jianjian liked Lingxiao since he was a child and finally chose to fall in love with him, we cant help but fall in love with my brother. His smile is sweet and his behavior is warm. He is a man worthy of marriage.

I dont know if there is such a man around your life. Anyway, I dont have one around me. Ill count the five most valuable reasons in my little brothers personality. If someone around you repeats three things with my brother, you should marry him.

First, love is true, but there is no pressure

Its needless to say that I love Li Jianjian. I earn money while working outside. When I come back, I send a brand-name bag. Although Jianjian thinks it is expensive, she thinks that her younger brother is a rich second generation, so she happily accepts it.

This is also one aspect that the younger brother has not told the truth. He wants to use all his money to give Li Jianjian who has never been abandoned, but he doesnt want the other party to worry about himself, and doesnt say anything about his suffering.

Meet on the smile, ha ha, sunshine, big brother Lingxiao do not allow to eat ice cream, lollipops, puffed food, the younger brother secretly brought sharp.

The best love is, I have no request for you, support you to do everything you want to do, you are happy.

Second, do not get into the top of the heap, a great mentality.

When his mother, He Mei, broke the appointment unilaterally and didnt come back to pick him up. After the real reason was revealed, the three brothers and sisters sat under the tree and talked about He Meis guilt for manslaughter and imprisonment. The younger brother said, as for not forgiving him, its meaningless at all, because I have never hated him.

A five or six-year-old child who was thrown away by his mother to a stranger said, who can understand his hardships over the years? He took the initiative to help Li dad work. Although he paid all his efforts to love him, he was still cautious.

Without the love of his mother, my brother must be sorry in his heart, but he said that he didnt hate his mother. What is that? It should be pain.

The pain to their own, but can put themselves in other peoples shoes, such a man is broad-minded, encounter anything will not harm others.

Third, warm and sincere, also know how to give back the love of others.

Some people say that the elder brother Lingxiao loves Li Jianjian, while the younger brother Ziqiu loves Li Jianjian and Li PA, and the rivalry between him and his adoptive father is full of love between father and son.

In modern society, none of our own can do it. Choosing to go abroad to study is also heartache. He wants to lighten his burden. When he comes back, he wants to stay with him all the time, and he falls in love with cooking and opening a dessert shop. He is a proper father.

After his mother, He Mei, asked his father to call Ziqiu for a million yuan, Ziqiu went to find him when he was injured, ran off his shoes, and after finding him, he wiped the dust off his feet with his hands and put on shoes for him.

Ziqiu instantly red eyes, tightly embrace the sharp, at that moment he clearly felt the tip of his care, he felt, he will double the reward.

This kind of man who knows how to capture the moment of love and how to give back more is a treasure in the world. Its almost impossible to find it.

Fourth, humor and humor, to solve the problems of lovers.

Most of the comedies in this play are contributed by my brother. He inherits Lis optimism. He doesnt care about what he does and complains. He gets together with his sharp friends and bickeres. Its very interesting.

Humorous man must be a bonus item. If he is also understanding, it will be better.

After Li Jianjian and Tang can have a conflict, the younger brother joked that you can make her, how to do it, tickle ah, this is also a side to tell Jianjian, this small contradiction is not a big deal.

After Jianjian fell in love with his elder brother, although he was angry and frustrated, he didnt ignore them. Instead, he said boldly that when a boy friend conflicts with his brother, he should stand by his brother and take the initiative to compete for favor.

This also makes the three inseparable brothers and sisters after the emotional change, the main reason for the relationship is not divided, if the sharp choice, Ziqiu did not choose Lingxiao, I guess Lingxiao must be more silent.

Fifthly, be affectionate and righteous, and do things in a proper way.

It goes without saying that basketball is good and cake is so good. It must be smart in a few days.

After returning home, Lingxiao sister Xiaocheng said that she was half of her sister. She didnt have any special antipathy and aversion to Xiaocheng, which is quite admirable.

After all, we dont want to take care of oranges outside the TV.

When the second uncle was ill, the second aunt came to borrow 20000 yuan, but he took 40000 yuan to his second aunt. Although the second aunt had not raised him, she loved him unsophistically. She often sent local products to the past, which was also love, and Ziqiu felt it.

He really did everything, no big ups and downs of love and hate, this stability is a mans great advantage.

After the analysis, I think the younger brother must be worth marrying. The effect of this character on the TV is wonderful.

Of course, this is inseparable from Zhang Xinchengs acting skills. Thanks to him, he didnt act Ziqiu as a bitter and bitter feud, but it was so sunny and warm that this autumn was not so bleak.

Hell go after other plays.