Marriage Apocalypse: how much courage does it take for a woman to have a second child?

 Marriage Apocalypse: how much courage does it take for a woman to have a second child?


Perhaps the safety measures were not in place, and suddenly came out the news: The hostess is pregnant with a second child. Just pregnant, the male host also specially looks for someone to calculate. In this belly, it should be a boy. The host was so happy that he said, my wife is pregnant again, boy. At the beginning, the hostess just complained a little: its not three months, low-key. These days, whenever you hear a child crying, you will call her husband. A neighbor secretly said: this woman, is it postpartum depression ah? Maybe.

I havent started school yet. My neighbors hostess will talk to me at the door. She didnt dare to leave home for fear of crying. She didnt want to keep looking at the girl doll. I asked why. She said, the husband said that the second child was a man. I hope so, but what if its still a woman? Do I want it or not? If you dont, I feel so bad. If I want to, Im afraid my husband doesnt like this doll any more. Im very ambivalent in my heart, besides the economic situation of our family. Oh, two children. I need money everywhere. Im worried. She cried as she spoke.


The hostess is more depressed than I thought. Being a mother is a glorious and proud thing. And that girl doll is so beautiful, like an angel. But the hostess did not dare to have a second child, full of unprecedented fear. She looked at her stomach, which had not yet bulged, and was at a loss. This kind of mood, for a pregnant woman is not good. Besides, she is the mother of a child. It is said that in order to take care of the baby girl, the hostess also resigned to stay at home. You said, this man has to support a few people in a family - conceivable difficulties.


1u3001 Spiritual support

2u3001 Material support

Now it is not easy to educate children. We should cultivate them carefully from kindergarten. Let children master all kinds of skills and skills if they can. Then, there are all kinds of classes. The cost of education alone is countless. In addition to food and drink, all can not be careless. How much is it, you say?


Of course, some women who are willing to have a second child really love the husband and the child. Whats more, this child will not bring any burden to himself. Moreover, if one son and one woman is a good word in the future, it will be perfect. But now, even if you can afford it, you may not be able to afford it. Unless it is the husbands strong demand, or especially hope that the second child is his son (daughter). Otherwise, I really dont have the courage to have a second child.

Getting married and having children is always a problem