Being abused! Hilton, the worlds famous actress, revealed that her boyfriend raped her

 Being abused! Hilton, the worlds famous actress, revealed that her boyfriend raped her

Ive been through a lot of abusive relationships, Ive been strangled, beaten, Ive been caught violently, said Paris, 39, who has been in multiple relationships recently with her boyfriend Carter reum She did not disclose the identity of her boyfriend who abused her, saying only that the abuse made her think the relationship was normal. And those boyfriends were kind to her when they didnt show their nature. They would be jealous or defensive or try to control me, she said. And they would abuse me physically, verbally and emotionally. Looking back, I cant believe that I would let others treat me like this.

Although she has experienced many times of sadistic love, she still does not give up on men. During the interview, she praised her current boyfriend Carter for giving her a sense of security, and she was glad that she had found the perfect partner.

It is reported that Paris Hilton was born in 1981. She is of mixed blood from Norway, Germany, Ireland and Italy. She is a famous model, actor, singer, writer and businessman in the United States. Her most prominent label is the successor of Hilton Group. She is the great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Group. Paris Hiltons grandfather was the founder of the hotel, while his father and grandfather were both New York businessmen who inherited billions of dollars.

Paris Hilton was born one of the groups successors with a market value of 3 billion pounds. Her surname dominates more than 2000 hotels in more than 50 countries and regions in the world. In a few years, she has made billions of dollars for herself and her family. In addition to the huge wealth of her family, she has multiple roles as a model, an actor and a singer. She has created a brand named after her own name. She operates a variety of products, and her fortune is estimated to be 3 billion.

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