This is the only food you can eat in Korea? The Korean Embassy in China is really

 This is the only food you can eat in Korea? The Korean Embassy in China is really

Lets feel these special foods that can only be eaten in Korea.

Yellow bean sprouts. Other countries use mung bean sprouts to replace soybean sprouts..

Are you talking to me? Not to mention the extensive use of soybeans in China, it has gone from food to anti flood, only soybean sprouts, as early as in the Southern Song Dynasty Shanjia Qinggong. Zheng He also sent bean sprouts on board to supplement vitamins for the crew.

I cant blow my hair at home.

Then look at: Su Zi Ye.

Does this unique green leaf mean that it grows in the north and south of China and is mostly wild and widely distributed in the East and southeast of Asia?

muskmelon. South Koreas unique summer fruit, in 2016, was awarded the international common name by Codex Alimentarius Commission - Korea melon.

Public information shows that Oriental muskmelon is not unique to South Korea, but may have originated in India, and then spread to China through the Silk Road, and then to South Korea and Japan.

Netizen: scared me to eat two mouthfuls of melon that can be bought everywhere.

Acorn jelly.

The last one, the Styela and the conch. Since the description of the South Korean Embassy in China has admitted paradoxically that this kind of seafood is also found in many places, we will not present the evidence that is found in the coastal areas of China.

After watching these unique special foods in the world that can only be eaten in South Korea, some netizens were filled with emotion.

On the morning of March 3, @ the South Korean Embassy in China deleted the microblog.

However, this is not the first time that an official agency in South Korea has overturned on Weibo. In 2012, the official microblog of buzzkorea activity of South Korea Tourism Development Bureau once boldly opened the website, saying that there was a imperial examination in the Korean era. Did China also have it?

Three days later, @ buzzkorea posted a respect drawing post: Well, the imperial examination system started in China, so wed better discuss new topics next time.