No proof of death 9.18 release Douban 8.4 points layer by layer reversal

 No proof of death 9.18 release Douban 8.4 points layer by layer reversal

In the annihilation version poster, in the secluded environment, the figure of a person pushing into the lake alone contrasts with the rear of the car flashing red lights, which seems to be the final warning of human nature going to the abyss of evil.

In addition to the brilliant plot of the story, the actors Micro expression, small movements and other details are also full of profound meaning, which is worth pondering over and over again. Directed by Stefano mortini, the film stars Ricardo scarmachio, Miriam Leone, Fabrizio bentivorio and Maria Piato. The director has been nominated by Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival before, starring in famous Italian actors, and won the Venice Film Festival pacinetti award, Italy David award and other awards. The golden lineup of the three European awards and the performance skills of the strength school will add more points to the film.

The Italian suspense masterpiece no proof of death was imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., and translated by Shanghai film translation studio of Shanghai Film (Group) company. The film has been confirmed to be introduced and will be shown in theaters across the country on September 18.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020