Pay for something! Three days before Anhui yitinggan was detained, he asked for bribes to cheat

 Pay for something! Three days before Anhui yitinggan was detained, he asked for bribes to cheat

From 2005 to the first half of 2006, shengbilong accepted the request of enterprise boss Jiang for many times to provide help for its real estate development projects and company separation. To express his gratitude, Jiang put a handbag containing 100000 yuan on Sheng Bilongs desk In the face of the bribe payment, Sheng Bilong was also nervous at the beginning, thinking that it was a time bomb, but he soon found various reasons to comfort himself.

On the one hand, I feel that Jiang is a good man and can be a friend in the future. I cant help but give him the face. On the other hand, I think his project has a good prospect and a big profit. A little reward is just a drop in the bucket for him. Its nothing great. Sheng Bilong said in his confession.

From being the county magistrate of Quanjiao county to the time before the investigation, Sheng Bilong took advantage of his position to ask for or illegally accept property from 9 enterprise owners, equivalent to more than 9.6 million yuan, including 11 times of demanding bribes, with the amount of bribes as high as 6.84 million yuan, accounting for 71% of the total amount involved.

After Sheng Bilong went to Quanjiao for a post, his classmate and fellow townsman Zhu Mou also followed suit. Shengbilong has repeatedly provided assistance in engineering projects, capital lending and other aspects. For Zhus request, Sheng Bilong does not directly greet people, but introduces his relationship with Zhu on the wine table, and then asks Zhu to go directly to them. When the subordinates report with the work suggestions that are beneficial to Zhu, Sheng Bilong will agree again.

Zhu made a pot full of pepper, naturally to Sheng Bilong to repay, to respond to every request. Sheng Bilong received 320000 yuan of cash from Zhu for three times, and asked Zhu for 140000 yuan in cash three times. Sheng Bilong needs money, his friends need help, his family repairs his old house, renovates his new house, and even applies for the house property certificate. Zhu has become Shengs housekeeper and cash dispenser.

At the beginning of 2016 and the second half of 2017, when he was the Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Chuzhou Economic Development Zone, Sheng Bilong asked for a bribe of 70000 yuan and 300000 US dollars (equivalent to 1.974 million yuan) from the enterprise boss Zhang twice, and asked Meng Mou, the enterprise boss, for a one-time bribe of $300000.

Why are they willing to bleed? What he is interested in is nothing more than the power in the hands of Sheng Bilong. From the end of 2015 to 2017, during his tenure as secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Chuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Sheng Bilong repeatedly accepted the request of Zhang, who asked for bribes, and provided assistance in project payment and other matters. Meng, the bribe demanding object, moved the general department to Chuzhou Economic Development Zone under the personal coordination of Sheng Bilong, and obtained a large amount of enterprise rapid growth subsidies and headquarters relocation in the economic development zone Subsidies.

Taking the antenna to run for an official and buy an official

Where have these huge properties gone after asking for bribes? Among the more than 6.84 million yuan demanded by Sheng Bilong, 2.6 million yuan was transferred to Professor Chen, a specific related person, by him.

After working in the economic development zone of Chuzhou City, Sheng Bilong completely forgot that the reason why he was able to step up to the leading cadre position at the department level was the result of organizational recognition, peoples trust and hard work. He began to be keen on running the door and building the antenna. He started the business of running officials and buying officials, and finally fell into the trap of swindlers.

In 2018, in order to seek the post adjustment, Sheng Bilong entrusted a person to introduce him to Beijing and met Professor Chen who pretended to be working in the Central Party School (actually a unemployed person named Cheng, who has been filed for investigation by the public security organ). Professor Chen repeatedly implied that Sheng Bilong could help him in his promotion. Sheng Bilong was so confused that he presented Professor Chen as a guest of honor. In October of that year, Professor Chen proposed to Sheng Bilong that he was short of money to buy a house in Beijing. Sheng Bilong immediately demanded 2 million yuan from the enterprise owners Zhang and ma. After investigation, it was found that Professor Chen was unemployed, and the purpose of his contact with Sheng Bilong was to defraud money under the guise of helping Sheng Bilong buy officials.

Whats more ridiculous is that in March 2019, Sheng Bilong realized that when the organization was investigating its violation of discipline and law, he didnt believe in the organization and believed in cheaters. He didnt choose to confess to the organization. Instead, he turned to Professor Chen for help, hoping to evade organizational review through his personal relationship. Naturally, the swindler will not let go of the business opportunities delivered to the door. He asked Sheng Bilong to provide funds to find relationships.

On April 1, 2019, just three days before the organization of the review of shengbilongs lien, shengbilong staged a final madness, and asked the enterprises boss Ying so and so for 600000 yuan to give it to Professor Chen. This is also the last bribery fact of shengbilong confirmed by investigation. On April 4, 2019, Sheng Bilong was detained by the supervision commission of Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection for suspected serious violation of discipline and law.

Meditate and regret. In the past decade or so, my main problem is not to study. Sheng Bilong wrote in his confession that the learning tasks arranged by the organization are often formalized and formalized; for the learning materials issued, they are just looking at the topics and looking at the outline..

There is no correct armed thought and no correct guidance in behavior, which eventually leads to Sheng Bilongs estrangement from the organization and his unfaithfulness to the organization.

Take buying a house in Hefei as an example. This is a very normal thing. However, it is a typical act of estrangement from the organization by looking for someone to hold it for a long time and not declaring it for a long time. This is especially true of Tianchangs house, which even fabricates false information to deceive the organization. It is a serious violation of rules and political behavior. Sheng Bilong regretted in his confession.

In addition, shengbilong also violated the spirit of the eight Central regulations and integrity discipline, repeatedly accepted gifts and cash gifts that might affect the fair performance of official duties, repeatedly used public cars for private use, and violated the discipline of life.

I am deeply aware of the seriousness of my own corruption problem. It not only destroys my own future and good family life, but also seriously affects the image of Party members and leading cadres among the masses and destroys the local development environment and political ecology. At this moment, I am filled with remorse and pain. Sheng wrote at the end of his confession.

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