Hu Xijin: India will never gain an inch of land from the border between China and India

 Hu Xijin: India will never gain an inch of land from the border between China and India

The red column on the far right is Indias GDP in the second quarter, tuyuan: the times of India

At this time, the Indian army and the Chinese army in the border area on the South Bank of Bangong Lake and near the reqin pass. From the tonlong crisis in 2017 to the serious conflict in the Galvan Valley in June this year, India has been taking a radical line on the border issue between China and India. The system for controlling the border situation of the two countries has gradually collapsed over the past few decades, and the border friction between the two sides has a trend of normalization, which will consume the strength of both countries.

We cant help but say that Indias national security concept is a little deformed. Indias military expenditure will reach 71.1 billion US dollars in 2019, ranking the third in the world, accounting for 2.4% of GDP. A large part of the military expenditure is spent on unnecessary border frictions with neighboring countries. For example, India recently deployed a large number of troops to high-altitude areas of China and India, which would have consumed countless winter supplies, and the border areas could have achieved peace and security through control.

India is exerting pressure on China and playing geopolitics by strengthening its strategic cooperation with the United States, but this is an evil path taken by India. Because the United States and other countries can not really help it, but will only use it, making it invest more and more in the security of the north, the United States will not pay for it. Whats more, if China and India are truly all-round hostile, will it be much more convenient for China to pull Pakistan and other countries to deal with India together?

China does not want to be an enemy with India. Chinas development is far ahead of India, but we still believe that continued development is the primary content of Chinas national strategy. It should be said that Indias modernization has just started, and there are still a large number of destitute people in India. However, it is strange that Beijing has always been more enthusiastic about the development of Sino Indian cooperation than New Delhi. The latter is full of national security. However, it seems that there are not so many homeless people and people huddled in slums to shelter themselves from the wind and rain. They forget that the main task of India at this stage is to reshape the current situation Peoples livelihood is at a very low level.

China is a neighbor that India cannot move away from, and its national strength is several times that of India. We are suitable to be Indias partner in seeking common development, but if India is to turn China into its long-term strategic opponent, it needs to be prepared to pay a lot of costs, and it will never acquire an inch of land from the Sino Indian border area in the end.

Author: Hu Xijin, Global Times