Being framed for money by the network star anchor? Zhang Yuqis self mockery

 Being framed for money by the network star anchor? Zhang Yuqis self mockery

Because Zhang Yuqis forthright atmosphere, attracted a lot of consumers, the sales volume of that day was very considerable. However, Zhang Yuqi didnt seem to take her promise to heart. After the live broadcast, she didnt fulfill her promise to make up for the difference. Finally, Simba had to make up for the difference of 12 million yuan, which made Simba very uncomfortable.

Recently, during the live broadcast of Simba, Kaimai ridiculed Zhang Yuqi, saying that Zhang Yuqi pretended to be generous in his studio and offered to make up the price difference for fans. As a result, there was no news later. The price difference was all made up by himself, and the fans should remember this favor.

Subsequently, Zhang Yuqis studio also forwarded the live broadcast platform statement in response to the matter, saying that Zhang Yuqi completed the live broadcast work in strict accordance with the commodity price and scheme provided by the platform side, and the specific subsidy distribution details were not informed before and after the live broadcast activity. After the incident, we actively communicated with the platform side to find out the truth, and hereby make a clarification statement. Please respect the objective facts and dont spread false content! Otherwise, we and Ms. Zhang Yuqi will safeguard their legal rights through legal means!

Zhang Yuqi is recommended to be generous? Live call to make up for the price difference, but let the net red out of 12 million. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310