Why cant Gong Li be so fat?

 Why cant Gong Li be so fat?

Those who look neither old nor fat, with their appearance and figure online, praise the goddess of youth and represent Zhou Huimin.

But if the state is not so good, whether it is fat or old, netizens are always particularly harsh.

As a woman, it is very hard to see such a public opinion environment. There is always an invisible oppression on womens age and figure, which leads to more women who dare not be fat and old.

Author Li Xiaoyi and Lola

Last November, I went to Paris. When I was waiting for the plane, a French man looked at the magazine reports about Gong Li and her musician husband very seriously and communicated with his companion. My friend who knew French said: he praised Gong Li. He was so beautiful.

Less than a year later, Gong Li and her husband, Jean Michel Yar, had daily reports on the streets of France. She was wearing a pink floral suspender skirt, sunglasses and a mask. She was very casual and holiday-making, but her taste changed: Gong Li became a mother and Gong Li was too fat to recognize

Even worse, they are used in the goddess of youth.

Even in their daily life, they are very free in dressing and body management.

But as soon as the work comes, the role needs to go, and the red carpet has to be taken, and he immediately puts himself back in the shape and aura of Venus and Athena.

Gong Li who is photographed secretly in daily life vs Gong Li on the red carpet of Venice

Body management is a professional need; daily flying is to be yourself.

Just like ordinary people who want to lie down to the end of the world after working overtime, they will dress up in full energy and try their best to finish the project when they want to see the client make a proposal.

The combination of work and rest, relaxation and degree, this is the real human taste of people ah.

Lets talk about Gong Lis fat.

To be honest, it seems to be much more mellow than the premiere ceremony of champion at the beginning of this year. If happiness and fat is a lovely description, then fat and fat and tigers back and bears waist are full of malice.

It seems that there is only one standard for womens figure in the world, that is, whether they are 40, 50 or 60 years old, they must maintain the figure of womens League members to ride the storm.

In 1965, Gong Li, 55 years old, has already passed the age of eating without being fat. Especially, she and Zhang Yuqi, who are big skeleton girls, are more likely to be fat.

Fortunately, Emperor Gong didnt care about the weight of his weight. He still wore his favorite suspender skirt. He didnt mind exposing his thicker arms and shoulders to the sun.

On the premise of maintaining health, one should not have obsession with ones appearance and figure, and not be kidnapped by other peoples eyes and aesthetics, which is the real self-confidence.

The skinny and powerful figures of the sisters who ride the wind and waves are certainly worth admiring. But dont forget, its just a show. Whether its the peace after 70s or Yi Nengjings after 60s, theyve made an over load effort to the stage effect. This kind of explosive force is not only common people, but also difficult for stars to persist in for a long time.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis are often compared.

In 1986, 24-year-old Tom and 29-year-old Kelly co starred in top gun and became famous since then.

But Kelly is completely like a different person. The blondie girl of that time was already gray and bulky, and she was no longer the same.

Another example is Gong Lis husband, who just passed his 72nd birthday two days ago. Last year, when yaer was first recognized by netizens as Gong Lis boyfriend, everyone exclaimed, its too young, just like 50 years old..

In 1981, the couple came to China for the first electronic concert

The two attended the funeral of their common friends in 2019

Just like Andy Lau, 59, who is still called Huazai, Maggie Cheung, 56, has been repeatedly cited as a case of beauty is late.

Kamen in Mong Kok in 1988

Yan Chengxu, 43, is still using his tendons to attract the ignorant girl. But the 45 year old s is used to being teased and searched for her big mothers figure.

Meteor garden in 2001

The big s that has been ridiculed this year

You see, women and men of the same age group have a big difference in the difficulty of keeping fit.

As early as the ancient Greek period of fantasy, Hippocrates and Aristotle believed that women aged faster than men.

In the Journal of the Optical Society of America, researchers from the University of Jena and the Institute of biomedical technology in Fraunhofer confirm that women do age faster than men in middle age.

At the age of 40, womens metabolic capacity drops dramatically.

A British study found that the metabolism of middle-aged men is 20% - 30% faster than that of women of the same age.

Muscle is one of the important organs to maintain the basic metabolism. The muscle content of women is generally less than that of men, because of the lack of testosterone and more and more years of quiet, muscle loss is more likely.

Moreover, with the increase of age, especially before and after menopause, female estrogen secretion will also have a cliff like decline, not only the rapid loss of collagen in the skin, the bodys basic metabolism is also getting lower and lower, fat is actually the natural result.

But even so, women are still required to grow up against freezing age. Its better to have children and have children. Half of their lives are still like girls.

But to the mans body condition is very tolerant.

Among the actresses, 52 year old Yi Nengjing, 51 year old Xu Qing, 49 year old Yan Ni, 48 year old Jing Jing, 46 year old Zhou Xun, 44 year old Zhao Wei, 42 year old Liu Tao, are extremely self disciplined all the year round, in good condition to be no less than the 20-year-old girl.

On the other side, Guo Tao, 53, Chen Jianbin and Zhang Jiayi, 50, Huang Lei, 49, pan Yueming, 46, Sha Yi, 42, and Shen Teng, 41, were not critical. They looked down and couldnt see their feet.

The rapid development of military art school

Can you guess who this is?

Although pan Yuemings fat and heroic spirit has been halved, we still think his acting skills are online and like it very much.

It seems that as long as a mans career is successful, all other shortcomings can be understood and accepted; while a woman, as long as she is old and fat, is not in a good state, all the other successes she has worked hard to achieve will lose its color in an instant, which is not worth mentioning.

Gong Li offers another model.

It is to respect your age, enjoy your age, and enjoy the natural appearance and state of each age.

Those women who are really independent and powerful in their hearts do not feel like they are at war and eager to prove that they are powerful, but that they keep a relatively peaceful attitude towards everything.

Gong Li is really powerful. She defines the roles she wants to play, who she wants to marry, what she wants to express, how she wants to live, and even how many pieces of meat she wants to grow.

Nothing is standard.

Must get married? Must you succeed in your career? Do you have to train womens team legs? What should I do at what age?

Who made it.

If you like girlish feeling, just like your sisters, try to get it; if you enjoy comfortable and comfortable, you will have more confidence and automatically block those bodyshapes.

Its no problem at what age and what kind of body to keep, if you like it, rather than be defined as such by other peoples aesthetics, forced to live in a kind of extreme age and body anxiety.

The coolest time for you is when you dont care how to be cool. Thats what I always want to stick to.

Your life, you customize it.

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