Thank you for being in my life

 Thank you for being in my life

A flower a world, a leaf a Tathagata, through thousands of mountains and rivers, feel the true meaning of life, only then know, life in an ordinary heart, the past like wind, has become a recollection, live in the ordinary years of the moment, enjoy that piece of blue, see the blue stars, listen to the wind singing of bamboo Pavilion, is the most beautiful scenery.

I have met many people in my life. Some people come and go to teach you to grow up, and some people walk away and teach you to be indifferent.

Finally understand, the fate of the world, so it is.

In fact, there is no eternal night fragrance in this world. After waking up without trace, it is just a dream of the world of mortals. Its better to be true to yourself, in prime of life, to build a road to Janes heart, flowers bloom sometimes, flowers fall silent, years of quiet good, calm as before.

Those who leave will no longer remember. Those who stay are always in my heart. If you love me deeply, I will cherish it if you understand me.

Vast sea of people, ordinary life, we are looking for a confidant, a understand the feelings.

In the ordinary time, I want to have such a person, when the rain rustles outside the window, accompany me to lean on the withered lotus to listen to the rain, taste the fragrance of tea, dream of a love break Xiaoxiang night rain heart, continue to return to the love of garden, dream dream of love, do not forget not to leave.

I want to be with such a person, indulge in mountains and rivers, return to nature, idyllic, not romantic.

Dont understand the people, say more useless, understand your people, speechless also understand.

Even if life is a swamp, we should also maintain a cloud water Zen heart, with a quiet and far-reaching mentality, quietly understand with peace, and accept the fate of the arrangement. If the heart is dust-free, then the sun is still the same, the feeling is like cutting the wind, and there are fragrant sleeves.

The world of mortals has a dream. My heart is like water, remembering everyone we met in this life. Thank you for being in my life.


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