If parents are here, there is still room for life

 If parents are here, there is still room for life

Everyone will experience life and death, to the end of life, but too many peoples end point is not perfect. There are too many things, we have no time to do, there are too many people, we have no time to cherish, there are many regrets, forever become a regret, can only dream back at midnight.

A person is not how much glory you have achieved and how natural and unrestrained you play, which is worth it. It is worth saving less regrets in your heart and giving more warmth to relatives. It is also not a single money satisfaction, but a spiritual pleasure to let the family live comfortably.

When they still have the ability to accompany you to be happy and laugh together, we should be good filial piety. In fact, parents who really love you do not need much, just warm company, not loneliness.

Parents sometimes like a child, hoping to stick to you. When we were young, we felt secure when we adhered to our parents. However, as we grew up, we gradually found that our parents became more and more attached to us, because they also longed for the sense of security from their children. Because they are afraid of loneliness.

In life, even though we have endless work every day, our parents spend less and less time with us. Therefore, in addition to normal work, we should all take time to accompany your elderly parents. Think of those great people who, even if they have every opportunity, will spare time to accompany their parents, and why cant we?

Are we really that busy? Busy with parents to eat a meal, watch TV, chat do not have time?

In the shorter and shorter time of parents, I hope we can accompany them more after work, so that they are not alone. Be a filial piety to your parents and extend filial piety to your children. As the saying goes, filial piety is the Scripture of heaven and the righteousness of the earth.

Be kind to your family and your parents, just as the old saying goes: you should be careful when you go in and out, and dont be tired of serving every day and night. No matter how your parents treat you, you should try your best to be filial to your parents.

Dear me, filial piety is not difficult; loving and hating me is filial piety. For the rest of our lives, may we live a good life and never forget our original intention. In his whole life, he should be filial to his parents and set up the best example of filial piety for his children. He should not wait for the tree to be quiet but the wind is not going on, and the person who wants to be filial but his parents are not there. Because parents are here, life still has its place.

Parents present is our future.

Author: Xiangchu Yanli is a simple and small businessman in her life. In the miscellaneous world, free in the favorite words of Eden. The official account is xcyl1208.