If parents are here, there is still room for life

 If parents are here, there is still room for life

We often spend money when time is still abundant. When time shortens our life, we forget our original intention and what life looks like when it comes. Suddenly, I found that what I had been searching for was not so important. In the beautiful youth, we lost too much.

Work hard, stay up late, follow a group of people who dont cherish life, squander their lives and neglect their families. The rapid end of life is often hidden in your excessive consumption of life. We always have too many excuses to convince ourselves and make ourselves become people who dont cherish time and life.

In the short rest of life, filial piety should be put in the first place as the mission of life. When parents are there, home is. To establish a family and business, to explore the world. First you have a home, then you have an occupation. Parents get along with us less and less, and their health will be worse year by year.

When they still have the ability to accompany you to be happy and laugh together, we should be good filial piety. In fact, parents who really love you do not need much, just warm company, not loneliness.

In the shorter and shorter time of parents, I hope we can accompany them more after work, so that they are not alone. Be a filial piety to your parents and extend filial piety to your children. As the saying goes, filial piety is the Scripture of heaven and the righteousness of the earth.

Dear me, filial piety is not difficult; loving and hating me is filial piety. For the rest of our lives, may we live a good life and never forget our original intention. In his whole life, he should be filial to his parents and set up the best example of filial piety for his children. He should not wait for the tree to be quiet but the wind is not going on, and the person who wants to be filial but his parents are not there. Because parents are here, life still has its place.

Parents present is our future.