Two beauties: being different

 Two beauties: being different

When most people follow the trend, the few who stop to think become strange.

What if most people choose the wrong direction? If the direction of most people running in a swarm cant bring us happiness?

How many people have seriously thought about the relationship between love and marriage system? Is this marriage system keeping love fresh or destroying love?

In other words, in fact, most people go into marriage system, not to pursue love, but to pursue the bubble sense of I am like everybody else.

2. Im a different kind of woman

A few days ago, I was very glad to see a picture of my favorite Japanese actress Yoshi Tien. As if I saw myself before. In order to express my love for her, I put my previous photos together with her.

Am I as handsome as Yoshi?

When Im neutral, people think of me as a man. But when Im feminine in my clothes, people think of me as a woman.

That shows that my gender can be changed.

I also have my own thoughts on gender. Why cant men wear skirts? Why do women have to make up? Why do we find it unacceptable for girls to shave their heads?

On Weibo, a mother bought a beautiful skirt for her son. Her son liked it very much and was very happy to wear it. But other family members were against buying the boy a skirt. Isnt this the bondage of human nature? My little nephew also likes to wear skirts and go around in circles. He was dressed in pink, and he looked lovely.

To tell you the truth, the way I dress now is also the result of social discipline and following the trend. Most women wear that, so I have to keep up. But I dont make up much, and I refuse to be bound by similar rules. Sometimes, I think its very complicated to be a woman. If a woman doesnt make up, others will say that you dont know social etiquette. Why do you want double label? Why not ask men to make up?

Maybe one day, I dont want to be a girl anymore. I want to dress up as a straight man. I want to have cool, short hair, black shoes and a black suit. If I told others that I was a man, I would cheat a lot of people.

My friend Han Bing is a performance artist. I see his photos in the circle of friends, which are changeable. I think its new and fun. He is a man who dares to try and be himself.

Cool and handsome Han Bing

Everyone has a lot of plasticity. Now we are just the result of being shaped. Try to change it.

I think the highest level of human life is that there is no gender limit. The physical sex, its a combination of genes that we cant change. But a persons gender should has the final say, rather than being bound by outside.

If I feel happy living as a woman, Ill be a woman. If Im tired of being a woman, Ill experience being a man. Im so excited to write here that I want to shave my head. Im constantly getting to know myself and looking forward to a new self.

3. I may be a stranger about sexual orientation

Some people ask me if I have a partner and come up and ask me if I have a boyfriend. Why do I have to find a boyfriend by default? Cant a girlfriend?

Now I wonder what heterosexuality is? If you like a person, TAs dress is similar to that of straight men, but in fact, TAs physiological gender is female, whats sexual orientation?

If you like a person, TAs dress is like usual beauties, but TAs physiological gender is male, whats sexual orientation?

Why do I ask, because I like such people. I also like the beautiful women with long hair, but they only love men. Alas, I had intended to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch.

If I fall in love with someone, it must be because they have certain characteristics. For example, humor, loveliness, beauty, fun, wit Anyway, gender is not the most important thing for me.

If people ask me about my sexual orientation again, I will say: not sure, not easy to say, no limits. If a persons gender is unknown, but I just like TA, I will go to like it. I care what gender he or she is.

I know that this society is not inclusive enough for LGBT people. But I know many lesbian friends who are willing to share their stories, their joys and sorrows with me. Maybe I look straight and crooked, but can be male or female, can be human but demon?

4. I may fall in love with an alien

If one day, an alien appears on the earth, for example, Professor Du really appears, then I will definitely fall in love with him. Even if he doesnt meet the standards of earthman, I just like him. If I must he does not love, I am very happy with him. Then I will be a stranger in the eyes of all.

People who follow the rules will be afraid of me when they see me. Once upon a time, I sent some bold poems and opinions in a certain poetry group, which caused panic among the people and made me quit the group. Im just writing poems and talking. Ive scared a bunch of people before I act.

However, some people specially added me wechat and confessed to me that they just like me and said it was a surprise to know me. They like me not to play according to the routine, like the savage poetry I write, like the domineering power of my words Ha ha ha ha, just like me.

Birds of a feather flock together. A stranger like me, perhaps only when I love another one, will have a soul resonance. Its hard to understand me for those who are not different. People who are too polite will also feel that they are boring people. I am too lazy to pay attention to them.

5. Im just exploring myself

Since childhood, I have 100000 reasons in my heart. I just like to ask questions, think and question. My curious nature remains to this day.

Im exploring how one can live to experience happiness, freedom and happiness? How should a person live in order to make life in the state of blooming? This is a life topic that Im asking and exploring, and its also a subject being explored by the discipline of positive psychology.

In pursuit of truth, freedom and happiness, I dont care if I am a stranger among the different. Because, since my life has come to the world, I cant be a puppet blindly following the crowd. I must try my best to live my own life.

I hope everyone can pay more attention to themselves and ask themselves how to live in order to be truly happy?

Dont force yourself to be like everyone else. Everyone should be truly free and happy.