His son and daughter-in-law died unexpectedly, but the elder asked his granddaughter to take care of his grandmother. Each had his own abacus

 His son and daughter-in-law died unexpectedly, but the elder asked his granddaughter to take care of his grandmother. Each had his own abacus

The elders in the family said, let Grandma take care of Xiaoxiao and live together..

It is said to let Grandma take care of Xiaoxiao. In fact, the elders in the family have their own ideas.

My father has three brothers and sisters, the eldest, and the next are two younger sisters. That is to say, Xiaoxiao has two aunts. They have already married, and they dont want to take over their grandmother. They dislike trouble.

Therefore, since the death of her parents, grandma has been living in Xiaoxiaos home and taken care of by Xiaoxiao.

One of the details is like this: Xiaoxiaos father is a housewife and lives in her mothers house.

In this way, her parents died, and the responsibility of raising her grandmother fell on her head again.

The grandparents and grandchildren lived on a sum of money compensated by others and their grandmothers pension.

The two aunts didnt care much about their grandmothers. They started their own families and started their own businesses. They only cared about their own small families. They didnt take money for their grandmothers living expenses.

Especially after my aunts son was born, she never came to see her grandmother. They were determined to buy a house in the city for the sake of their young children.

As for Xiaoxiao, she is more than 20 years old. She is too old to become a family.

For her grandmother, Xiaoxiaos feelings are very complex, not to mention depending on each other.

Just living in the same room roommate, by the way, to take care of grandmas life.

The relationship between the two granddaughters was not as good as others expected.

Maybe because dad was a burden at that time, grandma was not so receptive to Xiaoxiaos mother.

Xiaoxiao has always complained about his two aunts

It is clear that the responsibility of supporting the elderly should be borne by two aunts. Why should she be responsible for it?

Grandma and she lived together for many years, and neither aunt gave Xiaoxiao any money as living expenses.

Everyone only cares about their own small family, but no one thinks about the future for her.

In this regard, Xiaoxiao asked me what should I do?

The first duty of supporting the elderly should indeed be the two aunts, who are ranked first.

As a granddaughter, Xiaoxiao is willing to be kind to her grandmother and filial to her grandmother. That is her affection, but it does not mean that it is her duty.

Even if its a quarrel, we should talk about the money. We should never be afraid of being pointed at by others.

Dont be afraid to be called unfilial by others. You should know that Xiaoxiao does no less than two aunts in supporting the elderly.

If two aunts disagree, we must know how to use the power of public opinion to cry in the family that they do not undertake the responsibility of supporting the elderly, and there will be retribution.

Secondly, they seldom visit their grandmother, so they take their grandmother to live with two aunts in turn from time to time.

Its called grandma misses her grandson and wants to hold her grandson. After living in her aunts house for a period of time, they naturally know how hard it is to take care of the elderly. They should take care of the old peoples taste when they eat. They cant make too salty or hard food, and they cant eat spicy food.

After a period of plain living, they couldnt stand it, and naturally they didnt dare to have any more opinions on Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao, in her 20s, whether she chooses to form a family with others or to be single in the future, she should let herself have money in her hand, so as not to be very passive.

I suggest Xiaoxiao carefully check his financial situation, set a goal to make money, do a good job in bookkeeping, make good money, learn how to manage money. A single girl needs to face many potential risks in her life, whether it is for buying a house in the future or for a larger goal.

Only when you have savings when you are safe and smooth, and when you are in a crisis, you can not be trapped by the problem of money.

In addition, it is also the most important. It is suggested that Xiaoxiao should take a health examination on time every year, be responsible for his body, take active exercise, develop good living habits, and make himself healthy.

Every family has its own difficulties. To maintain a harmonious and friendly atmosphere is the result of joint efforts of all parties. If everyone wants to evade their responsibilities, it will naturally cause internal turbulence.


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