Who did a 30-year-old woman do to anyone? There are TV dramas with 30 +!

 Who did a 30-year-old woman do to anyone? There are TV dramas with 30 +!

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In 2020, I dont know who thirty year old women have offended. From TV to variety shows to interview shows, they are always on hot topics in cue, and its enough to sell some anxiety. After all, anxiety, even if no one is selling it, will naturally appear, but it is frequently stereotyped into domestic female theme works, which is a bit excessive.

This is the living situation of 30 + women. Let alone miserable, in short, its not so easy. Even if the parents dont urge them to get married, they have enough money to spend, they have many friends, and their work is stable. They will also want to give themselves a kind of stability from the level of home in the dead of night, and occasionally envy the small family of a family of three.

This years hot topic drama just 30 gives three life states of a 30-year-old woman: the one with money and family seems superior, the one with money and the other with family problems, and the other with no money and no family. To tell the truth, these three kinds of life conditions are not only in TV dramas, but also everywhere in life. Therefore, the plot, to a certain extent, is heart piercing. Although we do not need to have such a high pursuit of our own life goals as Gu Jia, everyone is similar to the want to give him the best mentality of children.

Lets just say that part of the plot of only thirty expresses the feelings of a 30-year-old woman, but now I dont know what to say in the new he doesnt love you so much.

Only 30 tells the story of three women, and he actually doesnt love you so much suddenly came to four, very much like little times in sisters of the times.

The story still takes place in Shanghai. Shanghai is really a place for some stories, but Im afraid its an accident this time.

Similar to the setting of thirty just, it tells the story of four women who are just thirty. However, in terms of human settings, it is obviously more than one rank higher than that in thirty only. I mean high here, not high quality, but high class.

Lets see what kind of Four Golden Flowers are?

Song Xi plays sun Yihe, a kiwi TV producer with strong business ability. Yes, its Song Xi. Please refer to happiness is the next stop for acting skills.

Ren Ran, played by Li Chun, is the vice president of DMA company. He is young, has exquisite makeup and walks with wind.

Ding Ding, played by Zhang Jianing, is a trainee agent, but she is a rich second-generation little princess in her life.

These four women, to tell the truth, are much better than the three in just 30. They can be said to be the benchmark of successful women. Apart from the lack of love, I really cant see anything to worry about. However, since they are TV series about urban women, they cant escape from two aspects: one is emotion and the other is career.

Emotion is naturally the most important part of the play. You can see the name of the play. Its hard to find a career. Such Four Golden Flowers still have the heart to do business.

On the emotional side, the four women are all worrying about men.

Although sun Yihe is vigorous and vigorous in his work, he is submissive, cautious and has no courage in the face of her boyfriend. Even her boyfriend didnt dare to admit that she was his girlfriend in front of his colleagues, never showed love on social platforms, and didnt take her to see her parents.

Although she is a single mother, she has a peaceful break-up with her ex husband. She keeps a friendly relationship with her friends. She does not impose too much on her sons education and lives in a comfortable way. For her, love is not a necessity, but a luxury.

As long as the four sisters get together, its not chicken soup or dregs. In short, two words cant escape: man. As long as one of the four people is in a bad mood, it must be because of the man; after drinking a few drinks between sisters, they begin to talk about breaking up; when they break up, they will have a party, saying that they are their lovers, but they still cant turn away from the topic of men. This play, ah, without men, there will be no plot. Every time the plot is promoted, it is related to men.

What pursuit of self, what self growth, how independent, all did not see, in addition to the topic of men or men, but also, career, money, beauty online, there is nothing to worry about, in addition to choosing men.

But these things are not the exclusive affairs of 30-year-old women. Why do they have to pay attention to them according to their age? Isnt it the same reason that parents of that generation tell their children what to do at what age? This is moral kidnapping and moral bondage in the sense of compulsion. It seems that a 30-year-old woman is useless without a boyfriend and family, no! They also have their own, have their own life, their own pursuit, their dreams!

Whether it is 30 or 40, women should not be labeled overdue, because the age of 30 has never been a special stage. Everyone will experience 30. It is just a number, but it has been imposed some real anxiety. It is 2020. Isnt the idea enough to enlighten everyone? In the age of information flow, do you still have time to care about other peoples love and marriage? Please, see if your work is saturated, whether the bank card money is enough to brush!

I can still accept the plot setting of just 30, but he actually doesnt love you so much is a little plaintive. In this era, women never need to rely on men to define themselves. They are the best to flaunt. When they meet each other, they will be happy. If they have not met, dont be discouraged, dont worry and be happy. Every day, you will be able to attract the attention If you are attracted, appreciate your nature.

So, my friends, its more important than anything!