Changed the heart of the man, most afraid of you to ask this sentence

 Changed the heart of the man, most afraid of you to ask this sentence

When I thought of school, Fangfang danced in front of me to tell the details of their relationship. At that time, she was a little princess who was held in the palm of her boyfriends hand.

Said forever, I do not know how to break up.

Fangfang and I are college classmates, and the dormitory is next to each other.

One summer night, I remember very clearly, it was very hot. I was in the hallway with a small fan on the phone with my boyfriend from other places.

After a while, the sky rang out a few sultry thunder, bean big raindrops crackled on the ground.

I saw Fang Fang coming back from the outside. Although her hair was still dripping, her eyes were smiling like crescent.

She said she should have met true love.

It was the first time I felt her happiness so real.


It turned out that they didnt take an umbrella when they went out that day. On the way back to the dormitory in the evening, they suddenly encountered a heavy rain. Originally, they wanted to wait for the rain to stop at the gate of the teaching building, but it was only 5 minutes away from the closing of the dormitory. Fangfangs boyfriend suddenly asked her excitedly, why dont we go back to the rain?

Fangfang didnt think about it, and followed his steps into the rain.

My only thought was to go with him. She said.

So she was held tightly by him in the rain. She was afraid of thunder, so he held her closer, even holding her in his arms and covering her ears with his hands.

He left a light kiss on her wet lips as he parted.

Although Fangfangs body has been cold, the heart is so hot.

She said that was what she understood about love.

In fact, many years later, it sounds like this idea is really childish and ridiculous. But it is also because at that age, our understanding of love can be so pure.


I always thought that Fangfang and her boyfriend could go from school uniform to wedding dress.

But emotion is the most unreasonable thing.

Only half a year after graduation, my boyfriend changed. Become no longer active contact Fangfang, news is also after a long time. The answer is either Oh or MMM or OK.

She wanted to be warm, her boyfriend said to her coldly: can you be independent? Can you be less clingy? Can you give me some space?

These words pierced Fangfangs heart like a knife. She knew that her boyfriend had changed her heart, but she couldnt bear to let go. She was so persistent in the stalemate and expected her boyfriend to change his mind.

She tried to be sensible, not cry or make noise, even when she thought of her boyfriend, she didnt dare to send a message to him. Think about that time Fangfang really poor, little by little begging for each others love.

Fangfang knows that its futile to drag on like this, so its better to break up early.

Before breaking up, Fangfang only asked the boy: do you have me in your future?

After hearing this, the boy faltered and stammered for a long time. Fangfang naturally knew what he meant, that is not.

Because a man who really loves a man has already imagined your future in his mind for thousands of times.


To judge whether he has changed his mind, just ask him if he has you in the future.

The man who loves you must be the one who has you in the future.

The content in it is very similar to the ambiguous conversation between her ex boyfriend and her.

She knew that her boyfriend really didnt love her.

That night, she cried bitterly. It turned out that those boyfriends didnt contact her at night. They were accompanying another girl, chatting with each other.


So to see a man change heart, as long as he has you in the future.

A person who doesnt have you in the future is not worth your waste of good love with him.

A good relationship will make you think of the future, and he will plan the future with you to give you a better tomorrow.

And the future without your boy, will only make you want to end the present quickly.

If that persons future is destined to be without you, then stop in time, for his good, but also for your good.

Of course, if you meet the boy who plans you for the future, please cherish it. Because in this world, everyone is walking in a hurry. We are often lonely, and we are often afraid of going hard alone.

If there is a person, not only willing to accompany us, but also willing to accompany us for a lifetime, that would be great.

I hope we can all find that man.

Time is not old, never give up.

Dont be afraid or regret. Life is so long, a day does not end, you do not know, which person can accompany you to the end.