Men love the way a person is grade 1 to 10

 Men love the way a person is grade 1 to 10


Dont miss any of your circle of friends.

The second level of love

Will take the initiative to say good night to you.

He always repeats the good night he said at the end of your chat, not because he is wordy, but because he wants to take all the sense of loss from the interruption of his speech to himself.

Love, let thick line seven feet man, become gentle incomparable, because in the heart has you, therefore cares.

The third level of love

You chase love beans, you like to do, you love all, he respects.

Maybe he doesnt understand your excitement every time, but he knows that your happy appearance is the existence he wants to protect most.

The fourth level of love

Willing to pay for you.

Eileen Chang once said that women are not any mans money will be used to spend, the same is a careful choice to make a thousand sails.

When a man is willing to spend his money on the woman he loves, its not just like talking about it, but a real romance.


Level five love you

Get involved in your life.

In his heart, you have always been an outsider, a stranger, so about your things, he is left ear in, right ear out, turn around to forget.

You really love the man, your every move he is very concerned about, perhaps he did not have too much sweet talk, but action will never let you down.

If you meet such a person in your life, dont miss it.

Level six love you

Take the initiative to make peace with you.

When two people live together, they cant help but quarrel. After all, the tongue always touches the teeth, not to mention two flesh and blood people.

Stumbling and stumbling is inevitable, but every time he makes a contradiction, he will be angry, but he will not lose his temper to you, will not yell at you, be vicious and have a coward in his heart.

Because he cares about you and loves you, even when he quarrels, he will control his emotions and tighten the arrow of rage ready to be launched.

Level seven love you

Many girls are prone to worry about gain and loss. They think that there may be someone who is really too busy to reply a message, so they often equate non response with lack of love.

But to tell you the truth, they just want to wait until they have enough time for you and him to respond to you after the task at hand is finished.

Level eight love you

Learned to draw a clear distance from other opposite sex.

Its better to have a good time than to have a good time. Time can often prove whether a boys love for you is on the spur of the moment or his preference. At this level, he knows how to keep a proper distance with other girls.

Love you, will give you enough certainty at ease.

Level nine love you

The most senior love for a person is not to say a lot of sweet words, nor to accompany you madly, but to arrange you in the original future.

Will fight for you, for the future you can embrace.

I dont know where Im going.

Honey, there is no uniform standard for anything, but in love with you, action is always superior to everything.


You see, its predestined to love someone. In addition to you, I do not want anyone, just want to use all the deep feelings to protect you for a lifetime.

A man, only when he really likes a woman, will put her on the top of his heart, everything is based on her.

Say to her what you have never said and do what you have never done. As long as the other party is willing, he will always love her.

Point a look wish every woman, can meet a man who loves you to the bone, loves you into the soul, really loves you.