In the name of family Lingxiao: growing up is an instant thing

 In the name of family Lingxiao: growing up is an instant thing

Maybe one second you still think of yourself as a child, the next second, you must shoulder the burden of life.

Recently, in the hit drama in the name of the family, the grandmother in the sky is seriously ill. Her mother decides to return home to visit her. However, she did not expect to encounter a car accident on the way to the airport. Her stepfather died of invalid rescue. Her mother also went to the hospital, and her grandmother died here.

No matter how much he didnt give up his wife, Li Jianjian, he finally chose to give up his life in China, gave up the key universities in China and went to Singapore to study in order to take care of his injured mother more conveniently there.

When I was a child, I didnt know why adults always like to eat balsam pear. Later, I realized that it was the taste of life. If you chew a mouthful, you will not only feel bitter, but also have five flavors.

I think you should also in a casual moment, suddenly understand that everyone, is an island, has their own insincere.

A few nights ago, my best friend called me in a hurry, saying that she would leave Beijing for a few days and wanted me to take care of her cat.

Her father was hospitalized with a sudden cerebral infarction, and her mother took care of herself in the hospital.

While crying, she ordered the fastest flight home flight. Her mother took care of it at home. At first, she thought she would cry, but she didnt. She quickly ordered the fastest flight home and wished to fly to them immediately.

Contact her today and ask her how her father is doing.

All right, she said.

She told me that before, she always felt that she was a child, and her parents were responsible for everything in the family. She thought that as long as you take care of yourself, you can do whatever you want, and live a natural and comfortable life. But on the way to the airport that day, she took a look at the balance of her bank card, and suddenly felt that since she had not saved any money in the past few years outside. She couldnt help anything except go home to take care of and accompany her.

Haizi wrote: we all have to travel far in the end, and we all have to say goodbye to our young self.

These two days I went back to my hometown and met my grandparents. I used to think that I was a child in front of them, and my grandparents doted on everything. Now I suddenly found that they were old and thin.

Yeah, Im going to be 30 soon. Can they be old?

But in fact, growing up has nothing to do with age.

In the old soul, Han Songluo said:

It seems that we will always grow up, realize and know the truth in a certain year, making the meaningless scale of time become a dividing line.

Maybe its the moment when I cant catch up with the last subway after the extra shift.

Or, on the night of your loved ones death, you suddenly feel that no one will love you again.

It is also possible that a person with luggage to a strange city, chasing dreams, after the size of the decision, have to come by themselves.

Parents white hair, bank card balance, rising house prices, and more and more clear loneliness, as well as people around you began to regard you as an adult, these very trivial moments, are the evidence that we began to grow up.

A friend told me that she started growing up when she was 18 years old. Her parents divorced after the college entrance examination. She went to study in a strange city and decided to start her own business after graduation. During this period, no one helped her. She lost a lot of money. No one was her God. She had to carry everything on her own.

But even when it was the most difficult time, she never thought of giving up. She insisted on staying in the basement for 500 yuan, went to the convenience store to work part-time in order to make a living, and drank hard at the wine table in order to get the list

I asked her, is growing up bitter?

Life is a long journey. The meaning of running all the way is to be a better adult.

Independent, strong, tough, these words will come to you with growing up. All we need to do is to accept calmly.

No matter what kind of situation you are in, whether its smooth or difficult, you should keep up your spirits. Theres nothing wrong with becoming an adult. When you get through it, youll see light in front of you.